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I have been working on a Ancient Greek Army, and thought it would be easy to spin it off into a warband for Osprey's of Gads and Mortals game as well. In this game, the "gods" are about twice the size of the normal troopers. Since my Greeks are 28mm, I would guess a nice 54mm model would do the trick.

Ideally, I would like the goddess Artemis or Athena to lead my force. Any ideas on a good 54mm model for this purpose?

Also, the Heroes are a bit larger than the regular ranks-and-file, so any suggestions on 32mm Greek heroes would also be great. I imagine Artemis would have Adonis and possibly a giant stag/hart. For Athena, we could use Jason and the Fleece, or a Medusa (the Medusa is available from North Star) Your thoughts on these would be helpful too.


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From the Ukraine ...


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Looks,like,someone painted her up for wargaming here:


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If you don't mind the material, maybe check out the various Reaper Bones giants. Their Male Storm Giant has strong Greco-Roman stylings, and their Yephima, Female Cloud Giant might be close enough for a Greek goddess (though you might want to replace her mace with a bow Artemis).
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Mythic Battles Pantheon would be my first choice excellent models with great variety.

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If you do not mind nudity, Hasselfree have a 40mm female with a Hoplon, Sandals, Corinthian Helm (resting) and a sword.

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Some new releases from Crocodile:


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Irked Necron Immortal

While the new demigods are nice (I bought Athena & Artemis for my KoW Macedonians), they are only 28mm heroic, so they will not tower over your hoplites as desired.

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Irked Necron Immortal

These "Halodynes" from Godslayer are 30mm fantasy Classical Greeks, so while too small for deities might serve as mythic heroes such as huge Telamonian Ajax from the Illiad as they are larger than 28mm historical Greek Hoplites. There is also an animated statue which could be used as Talos, and Cerberus.


EDIT 1: 54mm figures. Greek, Egyptian, Roman, and Hyborian (Conan)

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Kings of War: Abyssal Dwarves, Dwarves, Elves, Undead
Kings of War Historical: Macedonian
Dropzone Commander: PHR
Blood Angels Necron [WiP]

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