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Right....I couldn't help myself I said months to a certain someone *shifts eyes*. But the draw to buy plastic was too strong. So I bought the tyranid codex, read up on the 7th edition genestealer codex AND did further research online. Now I always believed the reason why they changed Necron's is because they did it to give them character in order to write stories about them and develop the race. Orks also have character, but Tyranids were in a somewhat precarious place in my opinion, the point is that they lack character but at the same time this has reduced them to a somewhat fodder like enemy in my opinion. They never truly get a "win" against major forces unlike chaos. Yes..I believe the hive mind is the opposite of chaos. Why? In the tyranid codex one of the first images is daemons vs tyranids and a short blurb describing their similarities and their clear differences. Now they describe how utterly terrifying the tyranids are...but GW never really show it.

Now in comes the genestealer cults, after reading cult of the spiral dawn...(GO READ THE BOOK IT'S GOOD!) I saw that they have a lot of character, the genestealer cults are the "face" for the tyranids so to speak. They are their character, since they are just part of the tyranids in just a different way so to speak. Now I hope people like this story, yes I will be dividing my time between three stories. (I have no idea how I am going to manage it.) But at the same time I felt that because I was thinking of this story and writing notes, I felt it was affecting my other work. (If you are reading emperor's children or idoneth so far.) So I decided just to go for it. Now here we go!

“An alien threat has risen from beyond the abyss, a swarm so vast that it blots out stars. This horror fights neither for power nor territory, but rather to feed a hunger so insatiable that it will eventually devour the entire galaxy.”

-Inquisitor Kryptman

Faith….they all seek it, crave for it. So I give them faith, I give them something to believe in so they can ready their minds and bodies to join the Coiling Dragon. All of this...would not exist without her hard work. My daughter, my first daughter who showed me in her fervoured mind...in that dark recess I saw the true state of the galaxy. The true enemy that seeks to topple our vision...I will not let them. I won’t allow it, the true faith must grow to bring an end to the great enemy. The seed must be planted in every mind and every heart. This seed...will blossom into faith, to be assured of something, to know that in death they are serving a righteous cause. For in death will be the end of the great enemy, this….is our crusade. This is our war. Our war of faith.

Chapter 1

Ak-Ynath swung his feet as he sat on the chair. He tapped his talon on the table, he was eager to start the lesson. He could feel the star father reassuring him with each thought, layering his wisdom and his knowledge upon him with each passing second. He looked around the small room, it was dimly lit but the incense made from the blood of those belonging to the first constellation made it bearable. He started to hum the song his brother used to sing to him, it was a hymn he made for church and each time he hums that song to himself, a strange sadness grips him. But the emotion flutters away after a moment, the star father wishes him to be happy. For it is in happiness that faith can grow strong. As he reached the end of the tune, the door opened. As the person entered the room he had to try hard not to rush from his seat.

They wore purple and red power armour, and the helmet had a golden sigil of the coiling dragon embedded upon it, also a prayer chain was wrapped around their waist that ended with the same coiling sigil. But what held his eyes is the book they are holding. Ak-Ynath smiled “So...what are we learning today grandmother?” She chuckled and walked to his side, she placed the book in front of him. It was leather bound and covered in words of dedication to the coiling dragon. His grandmother opened the book onto the first page. Her voice purred through the vox of her helmet. “Since your brother dedicated himself to spreading the word of the void lord in another sector you are now the speaker, the Magus of our faith.” As she mentioned void lord he recalled that the coiling dragon has many names, void lord is one, the lord and lady of the stars is another. But the news of him being the new Magus surprised him. “B-But...I am only eight.” ““Age doesn't matter when it comes to faith Ak-Ynath, you will study this book for years with me. Then you will be truly ready. Now you must understand something important. It’s the appropriate time for you to know.”” She turned the page to display a strange bestial creature with a purple carapace lining it’s back. Staring at it for a moment it felt familiar, like he knew what it was. “These are the star children my grandson.” “Star Children?” “Yes, they are unfettered by the failings of humanity, they do not hate, they do not conspire nor are they cruel. They just are.” “They just...are….” he repeated. His grandmother nodded “One day these children might grace us...to end our lives so we can join the coiling dragon.” “So the coiling dragon can gain the power to end the great enemy?” “Exactly. But such a time hasn’t come yet so we must seed our faith on as many planets as we can.” He slowly nodded in understanding “Is this why the star father is on the ship all the time? He never leaves.” “Yes my dear boy, there might be times we must get away quickly hence why he is always here. It’s also why your brother remained in the last the last sector. Maybe you might have such a way with your words that you can outdo him.” “I want to make people better grandmother.” “I know, that’s why we do this. So at least they can die pure and know they are serving a higher cause.”

She turned the next page, the picture hurt his eyes slightly. It was a drawing of a large man in spiky armour. “What is he?” he asked. “This...is a servant of the great enemy.” Ak-Ynath could detect the disgust in her voice, it was on the edge of fury. “They will seek to undo us the larger we grow, since our faith denies them what they need, it starves the false gods. The whole galaxy becoming one with the coiling dragon is the ultimate victory and that is our aim.” He mumbled slightly, all of this was so much to take in but he can’t let his grandmother down, his faith demands that he needs to save everyone, to end the great enemy. “I won’t let you down.” he said firmly. “I know you won’t.”

She continued going through the book, Ak-Ynath digested all of this information greedily.


He puffed out of the smoke from the thick lho-stick, he sighed slightly and sat back in his chair. “Work is slow…” He looked around his office in annoyance, it was tiny but it was enough. His eyes drifted to his case files cabinet placed at the corner of the room next to the door. His mind ran through his previous investigations, from kidnapping, gathering information and to aiding the arbites. All of it is legal due to him having an official writ from the judge of the hive city. The only reason why he assumed that he received such a thing was due to his old mate who is a cog-boy. He was always strange but after saving him in the trenches they strangely stuck together until he lost his right arm and leg. His old mate being him also made sure he had a proper cybernetic arm and leg to replace them.

He sat forward and leaned on his desk slightly. He pulled up the sleeve of his leather jacket. His old mate even engraved his own name along the forearm. “Glaven Dalenport…” he mouthed slowly. Glaven shook his head, unfortunately afterreceiving his new limbs he was forced to retire but he did not want to stop his work for the throne. He sighed “looks to be another long night…” He twisted his chair to the window, he looked out to the lower hive. He was close enough to the upper hive to sometimes get work from nobles, when they want something done. He chuckled “The “proud” and “noble” citizens of Primus Alpha would never walk such disgusting streets!” he said mockingly, he knew it was all hogwash. Many of them come down here to enjoy the city life the lower hive provides. He removed the lho-stick from his mouth and held it, he just stared out of the window. He had to admit being on the fourth floor of this building has its advantages, seeing all the lights, the people going about their lives. He knew that the peace all of them are enjoying is due to the fighting men of the Astra Militarum, a part of him missed those days. Being with the spitfires and at times he misses his home world.

He sighed as he placed the lho-stick back into his mouth. He removed his custom made revolvers from their holsters, one was named cult ender, the gun had a silver sheen and the other held the name of Sigma and was the colour black. One interesting note is that his old mate is called Sigma, he named his favourite gun after him due to their time together, campaigning to take planets in the name of the god-emperor. He placed the revolvers back into the holsters. Deep down he also knew the reason why the mechanicus was so interested in his old regiment and that reason was due to how they handle their guns. They are told to make their own weaponry with tech priest supervision as a coming of age ceremony. Once it’s completed that’s the gun they will use from now on, next to the standard issue lasgun.

Glaven removed Sigma from it’s holster again, he flicked the cylinder out and removed the ammunition, after that he turned the cylinder and in a quick motion rapidly reloaded the gun again. As he flicked the cylinder back in place he heard a knock on his door. He got up from his chair still holding his gun, he kept it around his back since you can never be too careful. His work has also taken down many gangs in his long career. Glaven then approached the door and slowly reached for it’s knob. As he turned the handle, he opened the door to reveal a finely dressed man wearing a hood, he was backed by two bodyguards. A noble… he tried hard not to grunt in annoyance. He placed Sigma back into its gun holster and opened the door fully. The nobleman almost pushed past him and entered his office with his bodyguards. Glaven closed the door and faced them. “What can I do for you?” He could spot the noble had a somewhat aged face under their hood, they also wore makeup and he seems to be trying to be discreet, but his clothes still seemed at odds with the dreary room. “I have a task that can use...your talents.” Glaven turned the lho-stick in his mouth. “What sort of work do you want me to do?” The noble gestured his head to the guard, he could see they wore carapace armour and held hot-shot lasguns. He eyed the sigil on the weapon, it was shaped like a lion. The guard then approached him and handed him a picture of a young man.

Staring at the picture Glaven could see he had brown hair, blue eyes and his face looked like he did not have a care in the world. But with this single picture he had a good guess what this is about. “Your boy has gone missing?” The noble shifted, just slightly. He found it’s normally better to be blunt so they reveal information. “Yes...a very important one.” Glaven rubbed his neck “Right, so do you know his general movements? Where he was last seen?” “He frequents the...perverse gatherings and establishments of the lower hive.” Glaven nodded “Uh-huh...you are aware if he crossed the wrong people he might not be alive? The gang’s of the underhive even have sway here.” The noble became agitated “If...he is dead bring me some evidence. He has a family ring, but I need him alive.” He made sure to stress alive, that tidbit made it clear that if he is dead he won’t be getting paid. “Don’t worry I will find your boy, where do you want him delivered?” This time the nobleman handed him a piece of paper, it was a small map detailing the location of a discrete lift. Glaven knew that many of the noble families have such lifts dotted around the hive city. It’s normally from such elevators where he gets payments from nobles for his work. “Take him here, the guards will handle it from there and give you your payment. Now...” he began to walk to the door, Glaven opened it for him, he did not want to sour relations because many times the upper class has refused to work with him due to him not opening the door for them upon leaving.

As the nobleman briskly walked out of his office with his guards, he closed the door and looked down to the picture again. “By the emperor what have you gotten yourself into?”


She stood at attention in front of the precinct-fortress, in a line with her fellow cadets. She was just fresh off the gunship from the Schola Prognium, she held her shotgun tightly as the judge walked up and down the line. He had a stern and somewhat square face, but according to rumours Judge Gustav is known for his harsh treatment of criminals. If he could not get a confession he would force it out of them, no matter the means. “Everyone...is guilty of something.” he said coldly “each one of you might of done a crime in the past, even a small innocent one. But that ends here. Not on my watch. We are the epitome of the emperor’s law, his enforcers and his executioners. No-” A chimera drove up to the great golden doors of the courthouse. Cutting the judge off, he smiled. “How fortunate, it seems the emperor will allow me to teach you how we do things here.” The door of the chimera opened and two arbitrators dragged out a man in a white robe. But her eyes were drawn to a strange charm dangling from his belt. It looked like a coiling beast. “I-I haven-” the man stammered. One Arbite punched him in the face to silence him. She tensed slightly. Gustav gestured “bring him over.” The robed man was dragged in front of them. Both arbitrators held him tightly, she could see his cheek was bruised by the punch. The judge gestured to him “This man is guilty of a crime. He wouldn’t be here otherwise.” He punched the robed man in the gut. He gagged and coughed “So tell me...why have my Arbitrator's picked you up?” He shook his head wheezing and gagging. “I...I..d-d-” Gustav punched him across the face, the robed man cried in pain. “Everyone says they don’t know.” he punched him again. “You are trying to make yourself look like a victim. But you must of broken the law.” he said firmly.

The man coughed up blood, staining his white robe. The judge lifted his head up. “Now confess.” “I...I...w-was just s-spreading the word to be better…” He punched him again “better what?” “B-Be...b-better...people.” He gasped. “Were you preaching on the upper hive?” He nodded slowly. “That is a crime, you cannot spread a diverged sect on the upper hive until it’s been cleared by the adeptus ministorum. We can’t you have you poisoning the minds of your betters with your false faith. Save such things for the under or lower hive. Now...your sentence.” He removed his hand from his head. The Judge drew his power maul from his belt, the arbites stepped aside. She closed her eyes instinctively and heard a wet crack. She opened her eyes slowly to see the robed man is dead, lying in a pool of his own blood. His head was split open.

The judge pointed at her. “You.” She looked around “M-Me sir?” Gustav walked towards her and pointed his power maul at her. “You closed your eyes why?” “I-I-I…” “You should see justice done with your eyes open. Didn’t the Schola teach you that?” “I am sorry sir.” “No...no...you aren’t getting off that easy.” He took one step further and bought his eyes to her chest. He stared intently at the engraved name on her riot armour. “Lucille….” He nodded “right you two take her to the lower hive. She will be assigned to the precinct there.” He eyed the rest of her follow arbites. “All of you follow me, a servitor will clean the mess.” He then began walking to the fortress with her fellows. The two Arbitrators approached her. “You will come with us.” one said.

Lucille grimaced as she followed them to the chimera.

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Someone has explained the reasoning behind sequence breaking. @Complex you remember that conversation we had ages ago? You were right. From here expect sequence breaks when it's swapping characters in other stories.
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St. Louis, MO

I am reminded of the old 'Shake n Bake' commercials where the kid loudly exclaims, "And I helped!'.

Looking forward to the new tale. You did a good job of establishing 3 characters and gave a good picture of the setting.
Made in gb
Noise Marine Terminator with Sonic Blaster

 complex57 wrote:
I am reminded of the old 'Shake n Bake' commercials where the kid loudly exclaims, "And I helped!'.

Looking forward to the new tale. You did a good job of establishing 3 characters and gave a good picture of the setting.

Glad you like it! I have to say I like these three characters. Also you shake n bake comment had me in stitches.

Conviction...and belief...conviction….and belief….very few understand those words. They nod and listen to false prophets without thinking. Without understanding what is hanging over their heads. Then when they are called to make the sacrifice...they refuse. Why? Because their belief and conviction is brittle, their faith is brittle. When put to the test they all crumble, this is why the great enemy is prevalent, why it still exists. Listen to my voice and hear that the void lord is our salvation, our ending and our weapon of destruction.

Chapter 2

Ak-Ynath sat within his chamber, it was modest, he kept it modest to keep himself pure. All there was is a bed, his books and his desk. His eyes fell down to their holy word, the void lord is the true deity that will bring the end of the darkness. That was the first words of the book, the most important ones. He spent ten long years studying this, his grandmother told him during their studies that there are theories that the emperor has some relation to the coiling dragon. She said that the astronomican is almost like a beacon drawing the star children to terra to bring the end of darkness. So in a strange way the emperor is also part of the coiling dragon, perhaps even an aspect, he believes that with all his heart. Since his grandmother has also stated that the emperor also desired the end of chaos.

He began singing the hymn of their faith. The words left his lips, he likes to sing when studying because it helps him to focus. At the same time he feels the link with the star father strengthening, but his words were cut off as he heard a knock on his door. “Come in!” he called out. The door opened, he shfited on his wooden chair to see the hunched form of his cousin walking into the room. He is of the second constellation. He wore a bronze mask and a thick red robe along with a hood since many could not understand the blood and power that flowed through their veins. “What is it Athoth?” he asked. “Magus…” he hissed slightly. “We have new converts…” “Send them in.” He nodded and walked out of the room. After a moment three people entered and stood in the middle of the room, they wore torn clothing and were absolutely filthy.

Ak-Ynath rose from his seat, he hugged each one tightly. The first was an older man, the second was a young woman and the third was an old lady. After he finished he took a step back and bought his hands together. “Welcome.” he said warmly. The three of them stared at the stains on his robe, he smiled. “Do not worry for my robes, I hugged you because I wish to offer you the love of the emperor, of the coiling dragon.” They slowly nodded. “Right, how about we start with our names?” He placed his hand on his chest. “I am Ak-Ynath, Magus of the following of the coiling dragon. What are your names?” The man shook his head. “D-Dominic…” the young woman folded her arms. “Lisa.” The old woman coughed as she spoke. “Sharline.” He could see they were nervous so he decided to get to the heart of the matter. “You have come for the food and water we offer?” They all jumped slightly, none of them met his gaze. “It’s fine.” Dominic looked at him in shock. “W-what do you mean?” “I was quite clear, if you need our hallow halls for only food and water I am eager to provide it. But then I ask when will you ask yourself why this is happening?” He said calmly.

Lisa frowned “I don’t understand.” “You see Lisa, the underhive is in this situation due to human weakness, our hearts are instinctively selfish, none of us can help it. But...we can say no.” “Say no?” said Sharline. “Yes, for you see…” he began walking up and down the room. “I imagine many of you prayed for the emperor to help you. You wonder why life is so hard here, why people die young…” He could see they were now listening, this is good. “The emperor has provided us with the answer...us. We are the answer, do you think the food comes from thin air? That I just summon the water from the sky? All of this has come from those who wish to be better, those who reject hate and offer love. Embrace kindness instead of cruelty.” “B-But what of the gangs?” He stammered. “We offer them what we offer you and many take it. They set aside their gun, they set aside their need for violence. Many priests think people should have faith from the get go, but it doesn’t work that way. You have to build it, it has to be tested each and every day.” The young woman’s eyes started to water. “I have d-done things...how could the emperor love something like me!? I gave myself to people just to make sure I have another meal! You make it sound so easy!” “It’s not easy. It never is. There are plenty of sisters here that have been through what you have. Instead of listening to me...listen to them. Hear their trials, listen to what they needed to do to overcome their darkness.” Lisa wiped her face. “I-I...will try.” “No, trying is not enough we must do it Lisa, we must be better.” “Yes...I understand.”

The old lady shook her head. “Who are you?” “Excuse me?” “I….never heard someone speak with such conviction before, I have seen tons of cons in my time. But what you are doing here...it looks actually real.” “Because kindness is real Sharline. It’s unfortunate many in the underhive have forgotten that.” She sighed “I have seen many kind young men like you die young.” “I know, but to allow fear to stop you from doing what is right is why the darkness exists. It’s only by stepping forward without fear is the only way darkness can be expunged.” She shook her head “many men and women have dark hearts...some don’t change.” “Yes and that is truly sad, but why should we let that stop us? Just because some refuse to change why should we stop our work? Evil...only succeeds when good men and women do nothing Sharline. I refuse to stop, I won’t let human weakness win.” Sharline frowned “may I shake your hand?” Ak-Ynath smiled. He offered his hand, the old lady took it. “These hands have been through refuse, muck and other places. I-” he gripped her hand tightly cutting her off. “We are all the same Sharline.” They slowly released each other’s hands, he could see she has accepted it.

His eyes swept over all of them. “We are all the same, despite whatever life we walk we are all the void lord’s children. Now I am sure all of you are hungry.” He clapped his hands “Athoth!” the door opened, his cousin walked inside the room. “Take them to the dining hall, I am sure our brothers and sisters are eager to meet them.” His cousin stared intently at his dirty robes, he could feel his rage bubbling through the brood mind. “Please follow me.” he said calmly, Ak-Ynath could also see he was trying hard not to hiss. But he suspects that people who live in the underhive have seen worse than whatever is under his cousin’s robes.

His cousin then escorted the three prospects out of his room, Ak-Ynath returned to his book, he sat and looked at the grime on his hand. “I must be the hand that reaches out…” he said calmly.


Glaven placed his hands in his jacket, he looked around wondering where he should start first? One interesting piece of information he has is that the boy he is looking for attended most of the pleasure houses and pubs in the lower hive. But more often than not, such places are not willing to give information, so he decided to visit a friend. He walked down the road, he stared at the people who are making their way home from the factories, he could see they were aching all over. He went into his jacket pocket and removed his lho-stick case, he picked a fresh one out, he lit it up and started to puff. At least they can go home. He said to himself. He looked up to the grey smog piling up on the ceiling. They have no idea…how hard we fight so they can at least live a normal life.. he continued walking, the buildings around him were run down, but it’s nothing compared to the underhive, he hoped he would never have to go there. A den of mutants, gangs and over lowlifes.

As he made a corner he spotted a group in white robes handing out pamphlets, some people took it, others ignored it. He rolled eyes, he wondered what new sect has popped up again. As he made his way down the pavement, he tried hard not to look at them. But one stopped in front of him and offered a pamphlet, it was a young woman. “We are of the coiling dragon. W-” “I am not interested, how about you do something useful than handing out pieces of paper?” She frowned “we are offering aid in the underhive…” “What!?” he almost shouted in shock, in return she smiled to his exclamation.“The Magus of our sect is a bright young priest, he seeks to spread the word to offer love instead of hate. To bring kindness instead of cruelty…” The mention of the underhive surprised him, so it’s not just another sect where a priest has delusions of grandeur.

He sighed “I am sorry, for what I said before we talked.” “It’s fine.” she beamed at him. He took the pamphlet and stuffed it into his pocket. “Keep doing what you are doing.” “Thank you sir!” She rejoined her group, Glaven continued onward. He had to admit it was nice that for once priests were doing the throne’s work. Soldiers fight to keep the alien and the heretic away, while the priests look after things back home. He found it shameful that many priests have forgotten that. Eventually he arrived at Big Pete’s beerhouse. He stopped in front of the doors and gazed at the flickering sign, he could see an image of his friend holding a large glass of alcohol while giving a jolly laugh.

He chuckled as he walked inside and as always the air had a heavy smell of cheap lho-sticks. He prefered the thicker and fresher kind. It costs quite a bit, but his work allows such luxuries. He then walked over to the counter, he noted that some gave him dirty looks. A thug that had skull tattoos along his arms got up from his table and approached him. “What are you doing here? What you are puffing...seems too fancy for this place.” Glaven blew a gout of smog at the large man. “It’s called doing the throne’s work, I could put a bullet in your brain and the arbites would not give a damn.” “Oh really?” Big Pete slammed his metallic hands on the counter. “Hey! Enough!” The large man grunted at him “You got lucky…” Pete almost growled at the thug “Shut up you bloody fool! You are talking to ex-military and someone who holds a writ from the arbites!” At the mention of the writ, he turned white as a sheet. Since he has such a thing he could essentially kill any thuggish looking person in this bar and the arbites wouldn’t bat an eye. The writ is a symbol of trust, and he had the trust of Judge Gustav, a brutal and efficient man. The thug walked away shaking his head.

Glaven smiled and faced Big Pete. “I am not the only ex-military.” Pete’s grey moustache pinched up slightly. “Greetings captain, what can I get you?” at the mention of captain everyone looked down to their drinks in fear. “I am looking for someone.” he placed the picture on the counter. “Looks like a noble boy.” “It is.” “Big pay day then?” “If I get him back alive.” His friend picked up the picture and stared at it. “Hmm...I think I have seen him actually.” “Oh?” “Yeah, he came in about a two weeks ago, thought he owned the place. Almost got little bessy out.” He nodded. “He was asking where he could find Blake.” At the mention of Blake the lho-stick in his mouth lowered slightly “I know of him.” “You do? Well that’s the only thing he said before I chucked him out of my pub.” Glaven removed his lho-stick from his mouth. “Well...Blake is a whizz dealer, dealt with him in a bounty case, with a few thrones placed in his pocket his tongue started to wag leading me to the target.” Big Pete then handed him the photo. “Well I wish you luck captain.” Glaven smiled weakly as he took the picture. “I am not a captain anymore Pete.” “To me you are, saved our arses plenty of times from career commissars and generals.” Glaven placed the lho-stick back into his mouth, he took the photo from pete’s metal hands and slipped it back into his jacket pocket. “I will see you later Pete.” “Aye, next time you come a cold beer will be waiting for you. It will be on the house.” “Thanks.” he nodded and with that done Glaven left the pub.

As he got outside, he spotted three arbites chasing a man down the street. He raised his eyebrow “I wonder what that is about?” He shrugged, he has his own things to worry about, he removed the lho-stick out of his mouth, he flicked it away and bought his boot on top of it. “Seems I need to pay Blake a visit.”


Lucille ran down the street with her fellow arbites, the man they are chasing was found stealing from a registered establishment. She was placed under the head-enforcer Ford, he was also in charge of the lower hive precinct as well. Ford shouted, his voice was deep and threatening “running from the emperor’s law is another offence!” The thief is clearly panicking, Ford drew his bolt pistol and fired at their legs. With one bolt reactive shell his leg was now gone, the thief toppled to the ground screaming. They soon caught up and surrounded him. Lucille aimed his shotgun at him, but staring at his garments he is clearly poor and it's evident he is struggling to get by. Ford then knelt, he cut away the trouser of the ruined leg with his knife and opened his palm. “Flesh-gel spray.” he said curtly, the second arbite quickly went their belt and handed him the can. He sprayed the gel like substance over the thief's leg, soon as it touched the stump the man stopped crying out in pain, he was now panting. “I-I...just wanted to f-fee…” Ford rose and handed the flesh-gel spray back to the arbite. “I don’t care if you want to feed your family. You broke the law. I also suspect that there might be more going on than you are letting on. Your work should be enough to cover costs for whoever you need the food for. No-” “Excuse me…”

Their heads turned to a young woman in a white robe, Lucille could see she had the same beast like symbol dangling from her belt. “Move on pedestrian.” Ford said coldly. “I-I could not help but overhear that he stole something.” “Yes he broke the law.” “W-What is going to happen to him?” Ford raised his eyebrow, his hard features turned into a frown. “He is going to be questioned thoroughly and if any further crimes are found…he will be put to death.” “H-How about I pay for whatever he stole?” She could see the young woman was putting on a brave face. Lucille wanted to speak, that sounded like a fair compromise. She guessed that it’s very likely the thief has fallen on hard times. Ford shook his head, he aimed his bolt pistol as the young woman, her body straightened, but she did not raise her hands. “I-I am sure if I pay for it...all wounded parties will be satisfied.” “Article 5963, verse 3025…” For some reason she closed her eyes again, she heard a gunshot and then a thud. She opened her eyes slowly to see the young woman is now on the floor, her head is gone, blasted to pieces. “If you obstruct the law of the emperor you will be put to death.” Ford finished. He then placed his bolt pistol into it’s holster, he picked the man up, he gestured for the other arbite to help him. Once they got him up, the thief started to whimper. “H-help me...p-please.” he asked of her. The head-enforcer shook his head. “Cadet Lucille.” She saluted “Yes...sir.” “Hit him.” “I…” “Hit him.” Ford had the thief shifted to her, she slung her shotgun over her shoulder.

She clenched her fist and punched the thief in the face, she tried to hold back. The man cried out in pain. “Again.” Ford said coldly. She planted another fist into the man’s face. She shook her hand slightly after the second punch. “Lucille, criminals are scum. Those who break the emperor’s law deserves no mercy. Do you understand me?” She nodded slowly. “Yes..sir.” They began almost dragging the man down the street, he cried and wailed in anguish but no one would help him, none came to his aid.

She turned her gaze to the corpse of the young woman she could see her fellows gathering around her corpse, tears were in their eyes. One faced her, she expected to see hatred in their tear filled gaze but all she saw was sadness. Lucille faced forward again and followed the head-enforcer back to the precinct.

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My children grow, their hearts grow and so do their minds. We must learn all we can so the Coiling Dragon can make use of that knowledge to do it’s holy work. But as always enemies gather around us, they question us, they question the faith we bring. They prefer to live in darkness than embrace the light of the stars.

Chapter 3
He sat at the end of the long table, all of his brothers and sisters have been gathered for the meal in the dining hall. Ak-Ynath could also see Dominic, Lisa and Sharline are now clean, they are also wearing white robes. The food lining the table was quite basic, but to the people of the underhive it might as well be a cuisine nobles eat. His cousin stood at the side of his chair hissing slightly, he guessed he had something to say but first he wants to do the breaking of bread and the sharing of water to start the meal. He does this to teach the lesson of sharing with others. He picked up the large piece of bread, and broke a piece off. He made sure that everyone cleaned their hands before the meal. As he took his piece, he placed it on the plate and picked up the jug of water. He poured himself a cup, unknowing to the new prospects the water given out during the meals holds his grandmother’s concoction. An additive that contains the blood and genetic material of the star father.

Once added to a liquid it’s tasteless and the drink still holds it’s natural colour. It is here where the new prospects fully join the family. He then handed the jug and bread to the next person, after that he tapped the side of his head to let his cousin know he can speak. +Magus…+ his thoughts were somewhat bestial, and despite it being his inner voice the hissing is still there.

Ak-Ynath picked up the piece of bread and bit into it. +What is it cousin?+ he replied. +The arbites are killing our brothers and sisters...I-+ +No.+ the thought was firm, almost cold. But Athoth did not relent. +I can’t stand for this...they did nothing wrong.+ +I know, but we are fighting a war of faith cousin. What would grandmother do?+ +Saint Xothoa?+ He could see Athoth musing on his words. +She would wait for the right moment.+ +Exactly cousin.+ He picked up the cup of water and drank. +Our desire is far more greater than overthrowing one world. The star father wants the whole galaxy, in a manner of speaking we are in the process of overthrowing the planet already, we are doing it through….+ He let him answer. +Faith…+ Ak-Ynath placed the cup on the table. +Faith, is the cornerstone of what we are. The teachings of the main sect of the emperor causes the people’s faith to be brittle. Which in turn is exploited by the great enemy who we seek to end.+ At the mention of the great enemy, his cousins thoughts turned violent, it was a bestial sort of rage that wanted to rip, tear and gut the enemy.

Ak-Ynath allowed his hatred to burn through his mind. +Tell me cousin have the gangs that embraced darkness been dealt with?+ As he spoke of the heretical gangs, the rage subsided. +Yes...I tore out their throats with my siblings. They are eager to hunt for more.+ +Good, keep a nose out. I don’t want the darkness harming the lives of the faithful.+ His cousin’s role was to hunt down the gangs that have embraced chaos, religions that appear “harmless” in the underhive have to be expunged. He prefers not to use his psychic powers even when it comes to conversion but they are sometimes necessary to aid his cousin in seeking out taint. +I shall Magus.+ Ak-Ynath smiled, he removed the rest of his bread from his plate and handed it to his cousin. He took it and lifted his mask slightly, just enough to allow the bread to slit through. Athoth started to nibble on it.

He then relaxed in his chair slightly, soon he will have to give a sermon. That is normally the perfect time to draw more people into the family.


Glaven walked down the street, he looked for the alleway Blake should be working in this week, considering what he is dealing, the worm does not like staying in one place. But unlike most people he has each area he works in memorised. His eyes moved around the road until he spotted a large man guarding the front of an alleyway. He smiled “There you are…” He walked towards it and soon as he got close the large man stopped him. “Who are you?” “I am here to see Blake.” The burly man shook his head. “He is not expecting you. And you don’t look like a buyer.” “Well, I still need to talk to him.” he went into his pocket and pulled out a few thrones. The coins glinted slightly the large man frowned and took them. “Don’t cause any trouble.” “I won’t.” Glaven walked down the alleyway, it was grimy and bore the smell of narcotics as he took a few steps he spotted Blake.

He had dirty black hair and huge bags around his eyes. As their gazes met he frowned “what are you doing here?” Glaven approached the whizz dealer. “I just want to talk.” “Well I don’t want to, the last time I gave you information I lost customers.” “How abou-” he was cut off as Glaven heard several gunshots behind him. He sighed, Glaven got out his lho-stick case, he picked one out and lit it up. He then placed the case back into his pocket, he puffed once and drew Sigma. “Who have you lead to my doorstep!?” the dealer screeched.

Glaven ignored him, he turned to see it was the thug from the pub with his small time gang. It was only five of them all together, they all wielded autopistols. The large man bearing the skull tattoos came forward. “You made m-” He did not let him finish, he fired in a quick motion dropping each one before they can even raise their gun. As they toppled to the ground he flicked towards Blake and pointed Sigma at his head. The dealer’s face was running with sweat as he raised his hands slowly. Glaven went into his pocket and pulled out the picture of the noble’s son. “Have you seen him?” The dealer squinted at the picture, he was silent just for a moment. “I-I...have seen him.” “Where?” Blake gulped “I-I saw him about two weeks ago. He was a regular customer.” “You did not answer the question.” he said coldly.

The whizz dealer sighed heavily “He talked about how he wants to use whizz to hook up with some girl at Martha’s pleasure palace.” Glaven could see he did not have much else to say, he moved his lho-stick around his mouth. For some reason he thought of that new sect and the young woman he talked to. He slipped the picture back into his pocket, he then asked “Do you regret what you do?” “What?” “You must have an idea what this stuff does to people? Do you even think about it for a moment?” He knew whizz causes the mind to spin, but instead of being disoriented you get a feeling of euphoria instead.

The other issue is that it’s highly addictive and it can kill you if you overdose. Blake chuckled “why are you moralising with me? Aren’t you a stone-hard killer? There isn-” “There is a difference between you and me. I killed for the throne to ensure that your arse remains safe. But what I see is a dealer exploiting people’s addiction to a substance in order to get some cash.” He turned the information he has just received in his mind. Blake stating that he sold whizz to the noble’s son so he could get some girl annoyed him even further. “I am just a dealer, I am not respon-” He shot him in the head, Blake fell to the floor with a thud.

Glaven turned away and quickly reloaded Sigma, he then placed it into it’s holster and walked out of the alleyway. As he got back onto the street, he blew out a smog of smoke and looked down to the guard that is riddled with bullets. He shook his head the guard is only dead because a thug wanted to prove a point. He is not innocent by any means but it’s a poor way to go down.

He then looked ahead, he didn’t feel any better after killing Blake because he knew someone will just fill the void, in the end a dealer is off the street at least for awhile. But one thing he learned is that the person he is looking for is scum.

He began making his journey to Martha’s pleasure palace. “I wonder what kind of place it is?” he said out loud.


She grimaced as she carried the thief down the hallway leading to the exit of the precinct, his arm was slung over her shoulder as she dragged him. Ford ordered her to remove the thief from the premises. Lucille could also see his face is a bruised mess due to the interrogation, she was there and Ford ordered her to hit the man to make him talk. His story did not change save that he has three kids and a wife, he stole food in order to feed his family. Ford then did a background check and it was found that the family members were not registered together, that the thief was living in his house by himself and that in turn affected his pay. In the end Ford decided that he still committed a minor crime and the punishment for stealing from a registered store is the removal of one hand.

Lucille was glad that med-teams were there after his hand was chopped off, they treated the stump and kept him from bleeding out. The thief whimpered “W-What...did I do wrong?” He wasn’t looking at her, his face was just sagged downward to the ground. Her mouth moved to answer, but she held back. According to the law this is the correct outcome, the law is the emperor, that is what she told herself. As they got to the exit she pushed the door open, standing outside the opened gate were white robed people who wore the coiled beast icon.

She frowned, Lucille wondered if they wanted revenge? But she knew people would not be stupid enough to make an attempt on an arbitrator's life outside the precinct. As she got to the front gate she remembered her next order from Ford. She threw the man out, as he crashed to the ground the white robed people surrounded him. They dabbed his forehead cleaning away dried blood. Another gave him water to drink, then they hefted him up and took him away, but one turned.

He approached the gates, making sure not to enter. Lucille could see it was the person who was crying before. “Was it worth it?” he asked. The question took her by surprise, she looked down, just slightly. “He broke the law.” her voice was weak, but that is the truth of it. “Right...my sister gave a way out. Why didn’t you speak up?” “I-I don’t understand.” “I saw you shaking, I told her not to go…” he started crying again. He wiped his face. At the mention of shaking she does not remember ever doing that. Unless others saw differently? The young man continued speaking. “She was not just a sister of the faith...but we shared each other’s blood…” Lucille shook her head. “She also broke the law.” “Stop parroting what they say! What does your heart tell you!?” She clutched it tightly for some reason. “I couldn’t do anything….what did you expect me to do?” The man calmed himself “to be better.” He answered. He then spun away from her, he ran to catch up with his follows.

Lucille sighed heavily, as she turned Ford was now in front her standing a few paces away. She could see he was holding her bag. She stood at attention. But the head-enforcer shook his head. “I am disappointed.” “W-What?” “You hesitate too much, you second guess yourself all the time. I just spoke to Judge Gustav on the cogitator and we have come to a decision.” She gulped “What sort of decision sir?” “You are being sent to the underhive, the head-enforcer of the precinct requires bodies.” At the mention of the underhive her heart dropped, she shook her head. “I-I can do better!” “No, that is where all the rejects go. Perhaps you might redeem yourself there. They will be expecting you.” He dropped her bag on the floor.

Ford then walked away. Lucille stared at her bag, she was stupefied. She walked over to it and picked it up. She slung it over her shoulder and left the precinct, she slowly made her way to the underhive elevator.
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I see weakness, I see broken hearts and minds. Through my children I see how pitiful the misguided are. They kill each other without reason, they torture without reason, they pray without reason. Flaws instilled by a corrupt church, by a corrupt government. The dogs then enforce these laws, but watching them my first daughter feels another saint can be found on this world. A saint that will breed strong followers for the Coiling Dragon….

Chapter 4
Ak-Yanth could feel the star father calling, he sat crossed legged in the middle of his room. He closed his eyes and over a million purple lines manifested before him. What is in front of him is the brood mind, at least how his mind can interpret it. He could feel each connection with his brothers and sisters, all of the lines are burning with vigour and life. This means the star father wishes to speak to all of them, this truly must be important.

His lips began moving and a voice not his own left it. “Hear me...my children.” “We hear…” the voices were thousands-no almost a million. He could hear his own voice among them. He was not sure whether the others were speaking or were just thinking it. But that did not matter. “I have come to set you another task on this world….” “What task?” they all asked. “A new saint must be found on this world, bring them to me.” “We obey.” They all responded. “Know, that this is also a test. Listen to the speaker for he shall bring the candidates to me….” The star father’s voice then ebbed away. In reaction he could feel a sense of longing from all his brothers and sisters of the faith. Even if his presence is still there, they all wanted to hear his voice.

The lines slowly dimed, until darkness consumed them completely. Ak-Ynath opened his eyes. He smiled “a new saint...this is a most joyous day. Also a test?” He got up from his feet. “I must be observant...it’s clear the star father does not want just anyone. I can also see grandmother’s hand in this...they have to be the right person…” He nodded began walking to the door. “But first I must prepare the church for the sermon. It will take some time..perhaps I might even find the new saint among the new attendees?” He opened the door and walked out, he could feel everyone is now searching, keeping an eye out and preparing reports to deliver to him. He felt his heart blossoming at how hard everyone is working, being connected to the brood mind is their strength, it's what sets them apart from the misguided and through it they will overthrow the false faith of this planet.

Glaven stood in front of Martha’s pleasure palace, it was not much of a palace it looked pretty run down. The size looked to be average for most pleasure houses, and the sign itself was not even working properly. The M and P flickered, the red light blinking from a bright red and to a grey. But what has him surprised is that the establishment is closed, he looked around and it was the same for many others. He approached the door and knocked with the back of his hand. He waited for a moment, but there was no answer. He knocked again.

This time the locks began to move, the door opened slightly. Through the gap he saw a middle aged woman wearing makeup. Her hair was a mix of red and black, but just by her looks he could tell she was the owner of this place. “Are you Martha?” She frowned at him. “We are closed.” “I know, I just want a moment of your time.” “For what?” He pulled out the photo of the noble’s son that has gone missing. “I am looking for this young man, I have heard he...attends this establishment.” “I don’t answer questions on customers, now shove off.” Glaven grumbled in annoyance.

He thought to show her the writ to scare her into answering his questions. He was about to reach for it until Martha looked back into the pleasure house, she shook her head and faced him again. “You can come in.” “What?” “I said you can come in.” She opened the door fully, Martha wore a purple dress. It was quite fine for someone living in the lower hive, but the women who live on the upper hive would rather die than wear such a thing.

She stood aside to let him in, As Glaven walked forward he looked around. The sofa’s were empty, the bar was closed and there were no women guiding men to rooms. To his shock, they are actually closed. He scanned the pleasure house until his eyes fell upon a group of young women sitting at a table. The odd one out is the figure wearing a red robe and hood. He raised his eyebrow, he wondered who they was? The door behind him then slammed shut. Martha walked to his side. She did not meet his gaze, she stared at the table. “Ak-Shatir, why do you want to see him?” The one in the red robe moved slightly, they rose from the table slowly.

Glaven frowned, for some reason his instincts were screaming at him that something is up. Or he is in danger. As the one in the red robed faced them, he realised that the general form is that of a woman. He also spotted that she wore a golden mask that covered the upper face save the lower lips that held a light purple lipstick. As she walked to them, she smiled, Glaven could see she strangely had a sort of predatory grace about her and an air of mystery. He also notched the coiled beast sigil chained to her belt.

Glaven folded his arms, as she stopped a few paces away. She bowed “I am Ak-Shatir.” “Glaven.” he responded he noticed her voice was soft, it was nice to listen to. “I have you to thank for the owner letting me in?” “In a manner of speaking, but I could not help but overhear. The magus says to always help those in need, I also sense that you are good man.” Their eyes met, for some reason he felt like he was being drawn in. Her eyes are not...normal, they strangely had a wolf or cat like sheen to them. But despite that he wanted to get lost in them. He coughed slightly to clear his throat. “I think you can help me with something.” He showed her the picture. “I am looking for the young man in this picture.” Ak-Shatir smiled. “I know him.” “You do?” “Yes, he tried to drug me but what I saw was a broken man.” Glaven chuckled “He is scum miss. He tried to get you addicted to a substance in ord-” “I know.” she interrupted him, she spoke firmly. “But despite that, he wanted to be a better person.” she still spoke firmly, he could sense the conviction in her words.

Glaven nodded “very well, so can you give me information?” “I can, his name is Travis Vaughn. He approached me two weeks ago when this establishment was open, even though I am here to look after the spiritual health and to teach the girls key skills he came to me.” “If you don’t mind me asking...were you wearing the same clothes?” “I was, he bought me a drink I sensed his intention and called him out. He tried to bribe me to keep me from speaking, but instead I wanted to speak to him about his problems.” “Why?” “Why not? As I said he was a broken young man, a man who could not live up to the expectations of his father, a young man who is ridiculed by others of his class. So he fell to darkness, to drink, drugs and women.” Hearing her speak of Travis, that just solidified that he is truly scum, that he is beyond redemption.

Ak-Shatir’s strange eyes then brightened “I know what you are thinking, but he decided to follow the way of the coiling dragon.” Glaven blinked in surprise. “I find it hard to believe that he is part of such a sect. I heard of the work you do.” “Through that work he is tackling his inner darkness, just recently he went through the sharing. Now he is pushing back his sins with great energy and power.” Hearing all of that, a part of him no longer wanted to bring him back to his father. He is becoming a better person, what right does he have to drag him away from the people who is making his life worth living? He bit his lip slightly. “It’s fine.” “Excuse me?” “I think he can be convinced to come with you, I will guide you to him. I was just finishing up here anyway.” “Guide me to him?” She nodded “For he is at the main church placed in the underhive.” At the mention of the underhive he cursed under his breath and sighed heavily. “Very well, lead the way.”


She stood in the lift, she descended to the most crime ridden layer of any hive city. A sure death sentence for any arbite stationed there. She clutched the handle of her bag tightly, she cursed herself and her weak heart. She needed to strengthen it, layer it in steel. She chanted the prayers of hatred, the words to hate those who break the law, to hate the heretic and the alien. Once she finished she took a deep breath and readied herself. The lift slowed down and grew to a halt.

Despite this being a elevator used for Arbitrators, she has heard horror stories in the lower hive precinct, gangs ambushing them as the doors open, being riddled with shotgun shells. Lucille heard the chime, the doors opened, she walked out and looked around. There were two guards at the elevator entrance, she looked at both arbites who stood like stones holding autoguns. She flipped the bag over her shoulder and began walking.

Looking around, she noticed right away there was a great amount of people wearing white robes. They also have the coiled beast symbol attached to their belts. The underhive smell was terrible, the buildings were destitute or run down, but what was strange is that the air held hope. People were smiling, clerks were selling goods openly and children were actually playing, laughing happily. What is happening here does not match her studies of the underhives or the stories.

Her eyes moved around to the lifts dotted around the area, they went into the ground. She guessed those were the lifts leading to the mines. Lucille could also see that the miners were queuing at the lifts. They wore dark purple overalls along with grey protection gear. But what was odd to her is that all of them were bald, they also had the beast symbol attached to mining gear and belts.

All of this caused warning sirens to flare in her mind, she knew that this strange sect are good people. It’s evident from the young girl who died and the man who scolded her. But it all….looked wrong. Lucille eventually arrived at the precinct, the building was clean and held a sheen. It was not a fortress like the precinct on the upper hive, but the building looked well defended. With gun turret placements and patrols.

Walking through the gates, she spotted a woman who stood at the entrance. Her black hair was tied back and scars covered her face. The one’s around her mouth caused her features to be stuck in a permanent scowl. Lucille approached and saluted. “I am...looking for head-enforcer Gloria.” The arbite chuckled heavily “you are looking at her, you must be the new reject.” She said nothing, it’s likely she is far more brutal than Ford going by her scars and the fact it’s the underhive. Gloria started to walk around her. “I get all the rejects, but I will let you know that Judge Gustav trusts me the most. I chose this position, I chose to be here.” Cold beads of sweat started to line her brow, she has never heard of anyone choosing to be stationed in the underhive. “But...considering how things are I want to test you first.” “T-Test?” She stopped in front of her. “Yes...a test. To show truly how much you love the god-emperor. Go inside and get changed into plain clothes you will be briefed in a few hours. I have to gather the rest of the rejects.” Gloria turned and walked into the building.

Lucille stood there, her mind was blank due to the test. She wondered what will happen to her if she fails? She shook her head, she narrowed her eyes at the doors. “I can’t fail...I won’t fail.” she said firmly. She straightened herself and strode into the precinct.

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The family is growing, growing strong. But as always there are enemies, my first daughter revealed to me their strategies, their tactics. We are armed with glorious knowledge to do our holy work. They think...that they can stop us...but true faith will always prevail….

Chapter 5

Ak-Ynath watched everyone get to work setting up the church, placing the benches in their appropriate positions. The hall itself held small statues of the void lord, a coiling dragon with a crown of stars. He placed a small table in front of the podium and a bowel containing the icon of their faith. Those at the end of the sermon, who wish to join them take one and from there they are taught further, eventually if they prove worthy they go through the sharing and join the family.

He stared at the bronze coiled symbol. At times he thinks of how long their plan will take, how many centuries before everyone is converted? His grandmother has been working for perhaps a century or more to put everything together. His brother was the start, now it’s his turn. First they take the sub-sectors, then they will look outward. Eventually everyone will sing the name of the coiling dragon. They will sing for the end of the great enemy when the star-children come.

He chuckled to himself “the end…but people will stop the end coming. The misguided...the minions of darkness...” As he thought of them. He realised that the bigger they get it will draw the eyes of inquisitors or worse. His grandmother told him of the inquisition in extreme detail, the only reason why his brother was able to bring a sector into the new faith is because the imperial presence was lax there. From now...it will be different. He then racked his mind wondering how he could deal with them. He bought his eyes away from the bowl he looked upon the initiates in white robes, he tried to pick a certain face out. His eyes then landed on a chubby man, he has recently been through the sharing. He called out his name “Alfred!” the man jolted to attention, he approached him and bowed. “What do you wish of me speaker?” He knew that he was a scribe belonging to one of the churches situated on the upper hive. “Tell me, how do the priests who live near the skies feel about us?” “They are...unsure. They are trying to determine whether it’s heretical or genuine. But you have many admirers from my observation, it would...take a great act of faith for Cardinal Gerald, the head of the church on this world to side with us.” “If he does side with us...would he legalise our sect?” At the mention of legalization Alfred stroked his chin.

Ak-Ynath knew some of the initiates were going to the upper hive to preach, the arbites remove them in a brutal fashion. But at the same time that breeds sentiment, and they need that. Alfred smiled “I think he would, Gerald is a pious man and if he truly believed that we follow the will of the emperor he would have our faith approved.” Ak-Ynath smirked, he bowed slightly “thank you for your words Alfred. You have given me much to ponder.” The scribe shook his head, he waved his hands almost erratically. “T-Think nothing of it. You were the that has saved me. You gave me true brothers and sisters, I am even losing weight now.” As he rose he could see his belly is smaller. “keep working hard, perhaps more of the faith will be revealed to you in time.” Alfred smiled “thank you speaker. I will return to work.” He turned away and went back to helping others set up the hall.

Ak-Ynath then placed his hands around his back, he knew of the perfect way to demonstrate a grand display of faith. It would take some time, but if the right pieces fall into place an opportunity will come. He closed his eyes, he probed the brood mind for his cousin, as he made contact he sent him the necessary instructions. His eyes opened slowly and smiled “finding a saint and legalising our faith...we have a lot of work to do…”


Glaven walked with Ak-Shatir to a underhive elevator, there was only silence between them for awhile, but that air she carried around her form was pulling him in for some reason. But he knew he could not let himself get distracted, his work comes first. He decided to look ahead. “I have heard...one of own have died recently.” said Ak-Shatir “What? Who are you talking about?” She smiled weakly. “She was a bright young girl, after today’s sermon she would of went through the sharing. The Magus felt she was ready. I recall she was handing out pamphlets over there.” She pointed to a part of the pavement, then it dawned on him. That young woman from before. “How...did she die?” “According to her brother she tried to aid a thief who was stealing to feed his family. The arbites shot off his leg.” He could hear the sadness in her voice. But Glaven could not see such an event ending any other way.

The arbitrators are harsh to anyone who obstructs justice, no matter how large or small the crime is. It’s even worse if you are trying to help a criminal. “What was she trying to do?” “Well...she offered to pay for the things he stole. A fair compromise wouldn’t you say?” “Arbites don’t comprise Ak-Shatir.” “Perhaps that’s the reason why before our sect rose the underhive was a crime ridden hell hole. Same goes for the lower city.” As she mentioned lower city he thought about it for a moment. Now it made sense why work has been so slow lately. “I see, so I have you to thank for my work drying up?” “Thank human kindness...investigator. It’s a group effort, do you disapprove of what we are doing?” “No...honestly I dream for a day where people no longer have to die, where are own people no longer kill each other. The xeno’s and heretics are killing enough of us already.” He meant it, after all the warfronts he has seen. After all the people he has killed for the throne, he would like an end.

But he knew it wouldn’t the enemies arrayed against the imperium are almost endless. He felt the need for a lho-stick. But considering the company it would be inappropriate. He looked at her again, he then wondered why she is wearing a red robe instead of white like the others. “So...is there a reason why your robe is red?” Ak-Shatir smiled “White is for the initiates and those who have recently gone through the sharing, after that if you prove yourself to the void lord you can wear purple…” “I assume red is the highest rank then?” “It is, we believe one’s soul is made up of stars, committing sin causes them to be polluted. Once you wear a red robe, you are now pure.” “I think I understand. These...stars are our souls correct?” “In a manner of speaking. Now, we are almost there I am sure the Magus can tell you more.”

Glaven looked ahead, the lift was a few paces away. As they approached it he pushed the button to open the door. He gestured inside “after you.” She smiled at him and walked inside, he followed her in afterwards. Glaven pressed the button to send the elevator to the underhive. The door slid shut, the lift began heading downwards. He then checked the ammunition in each of his revolvers. “That won’t be necessary.” Ak-Shatir said curtly. “You can never be too careful, met too many scum in my life to risk it.” “Very well.” Once he finished his checks, the lift ground to a halt. The door opened and they stepped out.

What Glaven saw shocked him, it left him without words. There were no gangs, bringing their iron-fists upon people. There were actual shopkeepers selling goods on the street and bald men repairing some of the shoddy housing. There were even children running around playing, they don’t have a single care in the world. He slowly faced Ak-shatir, he was bewildered with what he just saw. “What...are you?” “What am I? I did nothing.” She started to walk ahead. “As I said, thank human kindness.” Glaven followed, he has shaking his head in disbelief.

They eventually arrived at a grand church, it was made out of strange stone that gave of a slight sheen, it looks like something you would find on the upper portion of the lower hive. At the sides of the door entrance were statues shaped like a coiling dragon, it had a crown stars set around it’s head. “So you believe the emperor is a dragon?” “Why not, is it that strange?” “Not really, been to a planet where the people think the emperor is the planet itself.” He shrugged, Glaven could also see people ascending the steps. Those in white and purple robes, some even wore plain clothes. “Is something going on?” “A sermon is starting soon, after it I will help you find the one you seek.” He rubbed his neck slightly, he did not want to sit through a sermon, but he can endure it if that means he could find Travis.


Lucille stood at attention with several others in the courtyard. She was also wearing plain clothes as well. They all waited for the head-enforcer to give them their test. She wondered what she had in mind? Considering the plain clothes she guessed she is sending them out to gather information. Such a task is dangerous depending where they are sent, but since it’s the underhive it might be a death sentence.

After almost twenty minutes of waiting, head-enforcer Gloria left the precinct and strode up to them. She placed her hands behind her back. “So...I am sending you all to attend a sermon.” At the mention of sermon, she furrowed her brow in confusion. Lucille could also see her fellow arbites are confused also. The head-enforcer nodded “I want to see if you truly love the god-emperor. We have recently obtained….information. So now more than ever you must prove that you are worthy to stand with us.” Everyone straightened, including her. She gulped. “Now...the church is not far, it stands taller than most of the buildings in the underhive. Now go, you are dismissed.” Gloria turned away and entered the precinct. Lucille relaxed and faced the gate, she walked out with everyone else. As they made their way to the church everyone was talking amongst one another, trying to divine the purpose of this test.

A fellow arbite approached her, she had blonde short hair and green eyes. She smiled. “What’s your name?” “Lucille” she responded. “Nice name, mine is Rosetta. So..what do you think the test is about?” “I don’t know to be honest. The head-enforcer just wants us to attend a sermon.” “It can’t be just a sermon. Look around.” She did as Rosetta said, she looked around. The only thing of note is that everyone was followers of that strange sect. Then it dawned on her. “We are going to one of their sermons…” “Exactly! Gloria would not send us there for no reason. I bet they are heretics, this is a test of our faith.” “But why? They don’t seem all that bad.” Her fellow arbite frowned “Seems awfully strange to me that somehow a new sect can remove almost all crime in the underhive. Rumour is this...cult has been on the planet for about a year at most.” “Only a year!?” She nodded. Lucille digested that piece of information, that is incredibly strange if true.

Everything about them is too good to be true, but the head-enforcer would not send them there for no reason. After a few minutes walking they reached the church, she had to admit it’s far too grand for the underhive. But the amount of people entering was staggering. Lucille grimaced, she made the sign of the Aquila to ward herself. Rosetta shook her head. “I don’t like the statues near the doors.” Lucille bought her gaze to them, it looked like a coiling beast, she could see it had a crown of stars sat upon its head. She nodded in agreement “yes...I agree but let’s get in before it gets too full.” Her fellow arbite looked quite apprehensive, all of them walked up the steps. She was ready to face whatever test Gloria has in store for her.

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Went through the old chapters corrected some errors I did not notice before. :X

You are gifted my son, so young...so bright. Where some would bend others with their gifts, you use your words. Words...hold power. It holds a power to clasp one’s soul completely and utterly. That truth is evident by how many fall into darkness, by how the misguided scream to the impure form of the Coiling Dragon. Use your words….make them see….

Chapter 6

Ak-Ynath could see the hall filling up, It was packed to the brim. With all the people entering there was noise but that would end as the sermon started and once everyone is seated. From the podium he gazed at the people in plain clothes, he could see many new possible converts. Some of them were also clearly nobles, trying to hide their status. It pleased him that even those on the upper hive wish to hear his word. But at the same time he could spot others who seek to undo them. Sitting in the second row, his eyes met with a young woman.

He knew of her, the reports have been sent, the worst sin of all is inaction. Her brown eyes held uncertainty and fear, even if she does not realise it. Her fair and beautiful skin will be ruined for the law of of the misguided. He then moved his eyes to his half sister, Ak-shatir. She sat next to a middle aged man with an angular face he looked somewhat pale. His black hair and stubble shows hints of grey, most likely not due to age but stress. Even though he felt that they would undo him, he was captivated by those two for some reason. Out of all the new attendees they display the worst of what the misguided can do to someone. He did not even need his gifts to see or realise it.

But in their eyes, he could see they wanted to do better. They wish that they can do some good. He smiled, his eyes swept over everyone. “Thank you...for coming.” The noise died in that instant. Everyone looked at him, he could see that some wondered who he is? Or how he made all these sweeping changes? Some just wanted the free meals if they are homeless or down on their luck. Ak-Ynath gave all of them a warm smile. “This sermon will be slightly different. I want you all to close your eyes.” Across the hall a great many of the people closed their eyes, some didn’t but that did not matter.

Ak-Ynath thought how he should frame what he is about to say next. His brother would just hypnotise everyone, forcing his mind upon the misguided, making them convert. But to him that is a last resort. “I want...all of you to think about the world outside these walls, perhaps even beyond this world. In that darkness, that you have now placed yourself in. Can you see it? Can you see how terrible everything around us is? The disease of heresy, hate, lies, poverty and greed? Can you feel….this disease starting to consume all we hold dear?”

He stopped talking for a moment, he could see everyone is listening, even those whose eyes are opened. “Now...this is only happening because people are turning away from what the emperor wants from us. We are turning away from who we can be. All of those ill begotten sins polluting us, polluting everyone else, brewing within us...it’s like a poison that seeks to take the whole body.” He said this firmly, he truly believed it.

He took a deep breath and then exhaled “in a world consumed by such things...do you feel safe?” The whole hall answered “no.” “I imagine not, now...the people who are meant to protect us? Do you feel safe with them?” The next no was hesitant, he could understand why. It’s conditioning no one feels safe around arbitrators. “I understand that you fear them, because many do their work through hate instead of actually trying to protect us. Now tell me...in that darkness can you see all that you have done? Things that you have done wrong or may of wanted to do differently?”

They all nodded. “When I say that people are turning away from what the emperor wants from us...it’s due to the fact that we...have the power to make things right. The emperor, the void lord has given all of us this power. I look at all of you...and I see pain. Because the world...outside has cut all of you deep.” Ak-Ynath noticed some have started to cry, he could hear sniffles. “All of that suffering...all of that pain or humiliation. All of that..” he grasped his chest. “Is but a choice...you can choose to defy this poison, you can choose to rise above it….The emperor….loves all of us. The coiling dragon wants us, he wants us to join him as we pass into the afterlife. But it’s down to us. We...have the power to excise the taint from our bodies and from the world outside. It’s a choice...suffering is a choice.” He lingered on that last word, many amongst the crowd began to actively break down.

He bought his eyes to the young woman, her eyes were closed, tears running down her face. His gaze shifted to the middle aged man, his eyes were open. Ak-Ynath could see sins that he has forgotten returning to his eyes. Full tears were not falling down his cheeks, but they were watery and that was enough. He let all of them think about his words, just for a moment, just for a few minutes.


The young priest, who he guessed was the Magus, his words hit his heart. His mind burned, it warred with itself. Glaven recalled Pete’s words. He wondered why it was coming to him now? To me you are, saved our arses plenty of times from career commissars and generals. A memory long buried surfaced, an old and terrible memory. He could smell the blood, the air burned with heat. He recalled the heretics who held a defensive position, they yelled curses at them and praised their foul masters. During that time Glaven wanted to wait for the heavy armour to advance with them, it would save more lives. But the commissar had other ideas, he...ordered-no forced his men to advance. To hold would be cowardice, to hold would be a betrayal to the emperor according to the commissar. They had the numbers to the take the heretics position, but many of his men would die.

He warred with himself to give the order, even now he battled with himself. But history was already written, the books might say something else, but that sin is engraved onto his heart. The commissar then invoked his right to overrule his rank and his orders. So he was forced to advance with his men, they died in droves, but the commissar being at the back was protected from the enemy las-fire. At the end of that battle, only a quarter remained. The commissar grasped his shoulder, telling him that it was necessary, that he should be proud of his men.

Glaven felt his hatred building the same hatred he felt during that time. It was a cold fury. He recalled the touch of his las-gun, it felt cold during that moment. Even though it recently discharged las-fire. As the commissar removed his hand, he flicked towards him and fired several times. He remembered that it was four shots in total. Two hitting his chest and one hitting his lower jaw, the commissar tumbled back onto the ground.

He recalled the shouts from the commissar, the dying man called him traitor and heretic. Glaven finished him without hesitation. He had no desire to serve, or take orders from someone who spent his men lives like cheap currency. The rest of the spitfires said nothing, they all agreed he died during the assault. The commissar getting shot in the body and face attests to that.

Glaven then gripped his cybernetic arm, a phantom pain crawled over it. He wanted to cry but held the tears back, he wanted to void his bowels onto the floor. But he would not allow himself to do that. Everyone told him that he did the right thing, even his old mate in his own words called the commissar. A fool who eagerly wastes precious resources. Sigma had an inkling of how he truly died, but those were his words when discussion of his death came up.

Due to his record, no one doubted him, none of the command imagined he could do such a thing. So all suspicion was dropped, everyone who was there kept to roughly the same story. The heretics gunned the commissar down and that was that. Amongst the spitfires, he then became known as the man who takes care of his men, the captain who saved them from career commissars and generals. But now? At this very moment? His heart is twisting in a knot, he couldn’t bear it.

He took several deep breaths, he pushed the memory down into the dark recesses of his mind and locked it away. He rubbed his eyes slightly and stared at the bald priest.

Lucille saw flashes of the young man telling her was it worth it? Then came the deaths of the preachers running across her vision. The young woman and the one on the upper hive. She raged that she should of done something, anything. She should of been more assertive, she should of voiced a complaint. A part of her wondered that perhaps she was sent down here because she was too weak?

If she stood up for herself, if she stepped forward unbowed would she be in this position? But the tears? Were unrelenting, she hated herself, she hated her weakness. She wiped her tears away. “I will be stronger…” she whispered to herself. “Please open your eyes.” said the young priest.

Everyone opened their eyes, she could hear Rosetta openly sobbing beside her. She thought to console her, Lucille wondered if it was her place to? So she sat there. She stared at the young priest, his face held the vigour of youth, but his eyes? There was something strange about it, his eyes told her that he understands her troubles, that he wants to help her. “Now...the sermon is concluding, those who wish to take a step further, please take a charm from the bowl that is placed at the front of the podium.” Everyone rose, from the back door red robed priests stepped out.

Her eyes were locked on the bowl, she thought to take one. But she touched her heart, she already has what she needs. She could see some of her fellow arbites shuffling to the table holding the bowl, Rosetta somewhat pushed past her. “Hey...wait a moment.” She ignored her, she continued pushing her way to the front, she picked out a coiled beast icon from the bowel and held it to her chest. The young priest approached her, they shared a few words, the young priest called over one of those in a red robe. They then took Rosetta to the back, she thought to wait but those arbites who took a charm were leaving.

Lucille was conflicted for a moment, she frowned. “Perhaps...she will come back later?” She followed her fellow arbites out of the church. As they got to the steps, there was silence between them. She guessed all of them had confronted their own form of darkness, in her own way she did the same. Soon she will find out whether she passed the test or not.

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We grow….through words we grow ever larger…..I can see your work coming together my child. I can see the plan building bit by bit. I can sense your utter faith in our cause and that will carry you to victory….

Chapter 7
Ak-Ynath could see the bowl is now empty, the new converts who want to start following their faith right away left with those in red robes. He could see his sister waiting to speak to him. He always found it a shame that she has to hide her blessed form. Due to her being of the third constellation. Some traits of the star father are evident and the misguided would do anything to destroy her. But that is one fact he will count on due to his plan, he is aware that the head-enforcer sends arbites to his sermon. More often than not many stay which is a boon.

He will use her obsession against her, when one moves with only hatred they will make mistakes. After a few minutes the bustling hall calmed and his sister approached with the middle aged man. She bowed “Magus.” He inclined his head back to her “sister.” The middle-aged man looked at both of them in surprise. His voice was slightly gruff, but he could detect a slight clip to it. “You are related?” “Yes, well..he is my half-brother but treats me as a sister.” “We are all family here Ak-Shatir.” She smiled at him. “Indeed we are, allow me to introduce the one with me. This is Glaven, he is an...investigator of sorts.” Ak-Ynath offered his hand, Glaven took it they shook each other hands slowly. “I am Ak-Ynath, speaker and Magus of the Coiling Dragon. It’s nice to meet you...Mr Glaven.” As their hands came apart he frowned just slightly. “Mr? That’s quite polite of you.” “Why shouldn’t I be polite? I imagine your work has saved many people.” As he said saved, he looked weary like his life is a great burden, or perhaps it's his sins?

Ak-Ynath folded his arms “so what can I do for you?” His sister nodded “I assume Travis is reading at the moment? Glaven is here to take him back to his family.” As he heard the name he recalled the young man his sister bought here, rough around the edges and a foul mouth but with time and after the sharing he has become pure. But there is a problem, he was surprised that Ak-Shatir would want him to leave so soon. “Are you sure sister?” Her eyes were firm and that’s all he needed. “Very well, if you follow me.” He guided them to the door at the back, he opened it and walked through.

As they entered the hallway, there were rows upon rows of rooms. He could hear murmured cries and prayer from doors. Travis’ room should be at the end of the hallway. Glaven was looking around in almost wonder. “I assume the people who left with the priests are in the rooms?” he asked. “You are correct depending on their mental state and willingness to follow our sect some go through the sharing right away.” The investigator nodded slowly. “Ak-Shatir mentioned the sharing on the way here. What is it?” His sister answered the question. She gestured to a room on the right. “ In that room is the dining hall. It is where we come together to eat, most of the meal is shared between all of us...To break bread with another to understand giving to another and through that act you will join the family.” “family….most priests I know don’t even look at the masses.” Ak-Ynath smiled, his sister answered the question perfectly. She most likely can detect his approval through the brood mind, just slightly and that was enough.

They reached the door at the end of the hallway, he tried hard not to look at the chained trap door, a mix of worry and hope plays over his heart whenever he thinks or looks at it. Glaven pointed at it. “Is that where you keep all the food?” It is good that he answered his question for him, for the investigator is half right. “Yes Mr Glaven, we keep our food stored there and other important relics of the faith.” “I see…” Ak-Ynath then knocked on the door.

They only waited for a few seconds before it opened to reveal Travis, he wore a white robe but soon he will be able to wear purple. It’s unfortunate that may not happen, but maybe he must go back for a reason. His aquiline features broaded with a smile as he looked upon his sister and him. But the smile drifted away as his eyes landed on Glaven. Ak-Ynath could feel his panic thrumming through the brood mind. He placed his hand on his shoulder “calm yourself.” He still trembled with fear or was it dread? Travis nodded slowly. “Yes...Magus. Do you want to come in?” He removed his hand and smiled “Yes we would like to come in.” Travis stepped back to allow all of them into the room, he then closed the door.

His room is clean which is rare for most recent converts, it’s clear he cleans it each day and his suitcase containing his old clothes is in the corner. Ak-Ynath then faced Travis who is rubbing his arm awkwardly. “Your time is up Travis, Mr Glaven is here to take you home.” His eyes darted from to Ak-Shatir and then to him. “B-Bu-” “Do not worry, you are ready. Things will be fine here.” At his word he calmed down. “Alright…” he approached the investigator. “My father sent you didn’t he?” He could see Glaven was trying to hold back his disgust slightly or trying to reassess what he has possibly heard or seen. “Yeah...he hired me to bring you back.” “Very well give me a moment I will get ready.” He then bowed to him and Ak-Shatir. “Thank you...and...will you be okay Ak-Shatir?” “I will be fine, don’t worry.” she responded.

Ak-Ynath gestured to the door “right, let’s allow him to change.” They all left his room as he closed the door behind him he then asked Glaven. “Tell me Mr Glaven, what do you think of Travis?” “I...don’t know. I assume you are aware of what he tried to do?” “I am, but he chose otherwise and sought to become pure through mainly Ak-Shatir’s guidance.” “I see, but let me ask something else. How did you deal with the gangs?” He had feeling this question was coming, but he decided to be truthful. The investigator would respect that. “Many decided to put their gun aside, but others...worshiped far darker things. Things that require human sacrifice, so what else could we do? The arbites are ineffective so we...dealt with it.” Glaven nodded “It’s as they deserve, my respect for you went up a little. You do the throne’s work Magus.” “Thank you Mr Glaven.”

They all waited for a few minutes, the door opened again, Travis stepped out of his room wearing his noble garments. A fine blue jacket and trousers with a white shirt. Ak-Ynath could see he was clutching something. He then opened his hand to reveal the small icon of their faith. “I can’t take this with me..if my father found this…” Ak-Ynath smiled “It’s fine.” He placed both hands on his shoulders and leaned in to make it look like he is whispering into his ear. +The coiling dragon sings within your blood...he is always there with you.+ Travis opened his mind, so his thoughts would be clear. +Thank you Magus...for the Coiling Dragon…+ Ak-Ynath leaned back he took the charm and placed it into his robe pocket.

Travis then stepped towards Ak-Shatir, he then kissed her to Glaven’s shock. He grumbled and rubbed his neck in slight annoyance. “It’s time to leave.” he said firmly. Travis leaned back “I know Investigator. Also be safe Ak-Shatir.” His sister said nothing, they both knew that this time would come eventually but this could work in their benefit also. They have a true voice on the upper hive now. Travis then left with the investigator. They said nothing, he guessed Glaven did not want to sour the moment.

As they left the hallway his sister gave him a look. She did not need to say anything. “Our blood will spread to upper hive sister.” in return to his words she just gave a small smile.

Glaven stepped out of the church with his charge, his target is in good health. But he found it strange that he was close with the woman he tried to drug. Travis walked at his side, he said nothing. He hoped it was stay that way. As they walked through the underhive a shopkeeper called out “Travis where are you going!?” He did not respond to the shopkeeper, he just looked down slightly. “How much is my father paying you?” The question caused him to frown slightly, Glaven was not exactly in a mood to answer such things but he knows it would be enough. “I imagine quite a bit considering your father came to me personally.” Travis chuckled “Did he tell you that he is impotent? My mother died giving birth to me did he tell you that? None of the women on the upper hive wants him.” he spoke firmly, that a wrong is being done to him.

Glaven stopped, so did Travis. He went into his pocket and got out his lho-stick case, he picked one out and lit it up. He puffed for a moment. “That doesn’t change anything, you went missing for two weeks and you tried to drug a good woman. Be thankful you came across her and the fact she has a kind heart.” He continued walking, Travis looked up to him, he frowned. “I am thankful, she helped me change. I am part of something...greater. But what of you? Have you changed? Have you decided to do something useful instead of doing odd jobs for those that do not need help?” Glaven scowled, he did not need a brat moralising or judging him. “Tell me boy...have you ever been in a trench? The screams of your fellow soldiers raging around you? Watching las-shots crash into the heads of those you called friends? Have you killed mutants with six eyes and mouths, screaming and promising you eternal delight? Telling you to abandon everything you hold dear? To give up? To embrace heresy?” He shook his head. “You know nothing about me, so shut up while I take you back to your father.” he said cooly.

He was not exactly angry, but annoyed. He has no idea how lucky he is and the fact he is squandering his comfortable life. At least this new sect set Travis straight. They continued to walk in silence to the lift. Now making his way back he has to appreciate what Ak-Ynath has done, he can actually casually walk through the underhive without as much as a worry. Travis looked about the same age as the Magus and he has done far more good than this young man ever will.

Now finally standing in front of the elevator, he removed the lho-stick from his mouth and dropped it onto the floor. He placed his boot on top of it. He then approached the lift door and pressed the button. The doors opened, he gestured inside. “You first.” Travis shook his head and walked in. Glaven stepped in afterwards.

He pressed the button to head up to the lower hive. As the lift started to move upwards there was still silence between them. Travis broke it by speaking up again. “I should be with her…” “Well tough break kid, your family wants you back.” “My family are those who live in the underhive.” “Surprising...a noble wants to stay in underhive. Sometimes...I find your change too good to be true.” “Ak-Shatir helped me.” “That is evident…” he recalled the kiss. He did not know why it annoyed him for whatever reason it did. Perhaps it’s the fact that he feels he doesn’t deserve her? He sighed as the elevator chimed, the doors opened. He walked out with his charge.

Now he needed to take him to the elevator owned by the noble. He removed the paper holding the directions from his pocket. “Not too far no-” “She is pregnant.” Those three words caused everything to slow down. He faced the young man. “What?” Travis’ gaze was hard, he stared right into his eyes. “I don’t want to leave her...because she is pregnant.” Glaven creased his brow in frustration. He sighed heavily. “Please...just shut up. You can work with your father on that front.” He turned away and continued to walk. “Now follow.” The young man sighed slightly, the journey lasted only a few minutes as they arrived at a elevator. It was guarded by a group of soldiers who held the lion crests.

As he approached one strode up to him, he looked like the leader. “That was quick, you do good work.” The guard looked at Travis. “You are well my lord.” “I am take me to my father. I want to have words with him.” “As you say.” He waved calling over two guards. He pointed to one “escort him back home. Don’t let him out of your sight.” The guard nodded, he took Travis by the arm and led him to the elevator. “Now your payment.” The second guard stepped forward holding a briefcase. Glaven took it, it oddly felt heavy in his hands. The leader nodded “Now remove yourself from this premises before we are forced to shoot you.” Glaven shrugged, he was used to this. But Travis was staring daggers at him as he entered the elevator.

Glaven just looked down to the case and turned away, making his way back to his office. As he got some distance he hefted up the briefcase and opened it. It was full of bills, gold throne bills. All of this could set him for life if he remained on the lower hive, he could even live near the top of it. He closed it and smiled. “Well...it seems things might get better.” He readied a lho-stick, he took his time with this one as he made his way back. The thought of what he could do with all this money playing across his mind.

Lucille found her legs wobbling, they have all been forced to stand in a line at attention for perhaps an hour or more in the courtyard. They were all told that Gloria had important business to do, so they should wait here.

After waiting for ten minutes Gloria stepped out of the precinct with a group of armed enforcers. Her eyes were cold for some reason, it was like a war seemed to be on the horizon. She stopped with the enforcers who are a few paces away from them. “Right...let us begin.” The armed enforcers approached them and began searching each them in twos. Lucille grimaced slightly as they thoroughly searched her. Once satisfied they both nodded and returned to Gloria, She looked down the line to see those who have taken a charm from the bowl have been separated into a different group and placed at the courtyard wall.

She watched as a charm was found, the enforcers throw the charm to the ground and spit upon it with disgust. Those who were sperarted were guarded by even more armed enforcers.

Once the searches were complete Gloria nodded. She smiled at her group as much as she is able to with her ruined face. “Well done, all of you truly love the emperor. Now come with me.” Lucille relaxed, those that passed also gave a small sigh of relief. They all followed Gloria into the precinct.

Soon as they entered, she heard gunshots. She was about to turn her head back. “Look forward.” Gloria said firmly. Lucille locked her head down the hallway, staring at Gloria’s back. They continued to walk down the hallway, but what she noticed is the precinct is extremely busy. In rooms she could see detectives sitting at desks eyes glued to cogitators and arbites running up and down the hallway. Gloria then guided them to the stairs, she walked down the steps heading to the lower level. “We are going to morgue, this is a recent development and one that shows enemies surround us.” Lucille gulped, each step downwards a chill ran through her body. They then arrived at a hallway and at the end was a blast door.

Lucille wondered why would a morgue need a blast door? With her group she followed Gloria to the door she inputted the code and as the door slid open. A gust of cold wind slammed into her body. Lucille rubbed her arms due to the cold air. Gloria walked onward, they all followed. As they entered the morgue, she noticed right away all the fridges are radically different sizes. The head-enforcer faced them. “We are at war.” She let those words hang in the air, Lucille shook her head her mouth moved by itself. “At war with who?” “The cult of course, The Coiling Dragon. I have also noticed Rosetta is not with the group. I assume she has become a heretic?” That question was to all of them. Lucille raised her hand “yes ma’am, she left with one of the red robed priests.” “I see, she will be blocked from all arbite channels. Now...as I was saying we are at war with the cult.”

She began walking up and down the morgue. “A cult eliminates almost all crime from the underhive, drops crime in the lower hive by almost seventy percent and they have only been here for a year. Some of you might think this is a good thing! That they are doing the emperor’s work! But it’s too good to be true...” She bought her finger down one of her scars. “Humanity is an ugly thing...hence why we the arbites exist. It always remains ugly because people are frail...one man cannot eliminate that in one year. I let Judge Gustav know about my concerns. But he wanted more evidence before he acts...now we have it.” She walked over to one of the human sized morgue fridges and grasped the handle. “Before you left to be tested we received a report of a disturbance. I sent out the best, what they found was members of the cult engaged in a battle with a gang. As our forces got on the scene the cultists fled and we were forced to dispatch the gang members. But this….prize remained on the scene.” She turned the door handle to open the fridge door.

She pulled out the long tray, a strange stink filled the morgue. Lucille had to cover her nose slightly. Despite being covered by a body-bag the corpse gave off a terrible odour. Gloria gestured for them to come over. Lucille tried not to gag as she approached the body with her fellows. Gloria smiled as she brought down the zip on the body bag to reveal...a creature. It had three arms, blue chitin covered it. The creature’s skin was also purple and the hideous claws could easily tear a man’s throat out.

The thing before her also had a large head and fangs, terrible fangs. Many of her fellow arbites gagged, made warding signs or muttered small prayers to the emperor. Gloria simply continued to smile. “Look more closely around it’s waist.” Lucille bought her eyes to it’s waist, she saw something glint. It was a bronze icon belonging to the cult, the same beast symbol she has seen many in the underhive and lower hive wearing. Then it dawned on her. “They are a heretical cult…” “Exactly, these are category three mutations. Now Judge Gustav is getting ready to come and arrest the heretical cult leader due to this discovery. If he resists...we have reason to purge anyone connected to the cult.” She narrowed her eyes at the corpse, she curled her lips in disgust she felt her anger building. “He said all those things...and he works with mutants...category three mutants…” Gloria’s eyes moved to her. “Good, you hate him what’s your name?” “Lucille ma’am.” “I see…” she zipped up the corpse and pushed it back into the fridge and closed the fridge door.

The head-enforcer nodded “All of you are dismissed, go suit up and do some drills.” Everyone began to turn away, but Gloria pointed at her. “Lucille you will stay.” She froze, she turned back and stood at the attention. “In the rest of them I saw fear...but you had hatred. Why?” “He is lying to everyone in that hall, I realise that now. In all my studies have never seen a mutant like that, he...must be doing something. Now Rosetta is with them.” “Do you want to save her?” She looked down to the ground for a moment, as she looked back up she narrowed her eyes. “No ma'am, she is now a heretic. She sided with monsters.” “Good, I will be overlooking your training from now on.” “Yes ma’am.” Her heart raged, after hearing those words in the sermon, all of them are hollow in light of this. She readied herself, she knew the training will be hard but it will be necessary. Her most darkest thought is what if they had a whole host of those mutants? Then the hive city is truly in danger.

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