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1) Can the Black Axe version ride a steed or is that option only available to the Baleful Tomb Blade version? The wording suggests any Wight King can be mounted, but the placement of the rule implies it's only for the Baleful Tomb Blade version.

2) Is there any reasons not to mount a Wight King? Making the base bigger seems better for the aura abilities and there doesn't seem to be any harm in being mounted.

3) When using the Lord of Bones command ability to increase a unit's melee weapons' attacks by 1, would this include the steeds of a Black Knight unit?


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1) You can only give a unit options that it has on its own warscroll. So no, the Wight King with Black Axe can't be mounted.

2) It's obviously bigger for the purposes of drawing line of sight to it and the different base size could be a disadvantage in certain circumstances, but basically no. If you have the model, use the mounted version.

3) Yes.
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Putting the Wight King on a steed is great for allowing him to keep up with a unit of Black Knights and support them. plus it's a good option for anyone who likes to do conversions.
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