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Brainstorming a game to utilize MTG token cards for a game very similar to 8th ed wh40k.  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Premise: Jeeze, i got all these mtg token cards laying around doing nothing. Jeeze, wh40k is just too expensive. What if there was a game that played like wh40k but with cheap playing cards that are not the traditional tcg? (TCG typical game where you have a hand if cards drawn from a deck of cards).

So instead of the mtg derivative where you make a 30 card deck and draw 4 cards and duel like Horus Heresy: Legions. You construct your army from a homebrewed codex with arbitrary points based on the power/toughness of the token and variable ussr abilities (flying, vigilance, death touch, first strike, haste).

What if we played wh40k as a flat 2D game removing height and true line of sight. Keeping some impassable terrain and other terrain areas counting as cover.

For starters, what if 1/1 token is 5pts like a guardsman. 2/2 token is 15pts like a marine. 3/3 token is 40pts like a terminator. Other abilities such as flying taxes on another 5pts for 1s/1s but for 2s/2s the cost is 10pts.

For scale reference

Mtg soldiers, birds, goblins = 1s/1s =guardsmen, grots,
Wolves, bears, Knights = 2s/2s = Marine, Necron Warriors, Boyz
Beasts, Elephants, Centaur = 3s/3s = Terminators, Nobz, Ogryn
Angels, ????, ???? = 4s/4s = Dreadnaughts, Sentinels, Kanz
Dragons, Elementals, ???? = 5s/5s = Daemon Prince, Forge Fiend, Nemesis Dred Knight
Wurms, ????, ???? = 6s/6s = Imperial Knights, Riptides, Wraith Knights

You stack the same cards (can not mix tokens with different power and toughness and abilities in order to keep things simple.) in order to make a squad of 5-10 man teams. Each wound lost removes a token from that stack. At the moment leadership is not yet well thought out aside from blanket ld7 for 1s/1s and ld8 for 2s/2s. Movement for 1s/1s is 5 inches and 2s/2s is 6 inches. You pick up the whole stack and move it that many inches.

To shoot, lets pretend 1s/1s have lasguns that can single shot at 24" or rapid fore at 12". You measure from the card edge as if it was a vehicle hull. Shoot from any point. You draw line of sight top down from card on a 2D Plane. Is there impassable terrain in the way? Is the target unit in "cover?"

You roll dice. 1s/1s need a 4+ a d 2s/2s need a 3+. This is to emulate guardsmen vs marines. The to hit can be different for balancing issues.

To charge, you roll 2d6 and you move the card token. If it is with in 1 inch of declared target then they pile in and fight. Remove over watch to make it easier.

You treat the stack of 1/1s as str3 guardsmen. This will be confusing because some token is 1/1 or 1/2 or any combination of numbers. We use the 8th ed to wound chart. P=T then 4+ to wound. P>T then 3+ to wound. P<T then 5+ to wound. P=(2*T) then 2+ to wound. P=(T/2) then 6+ needed to wound.

But what about weapon skill? How does vigilance, haste, first strike, double strike, menace, intimidate, fly, trample flank, bushido, regenerate all play into this? I have not yet thought this trough and need help.

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I think this topic belongs in the Game Design Sub forum...
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Whoops. I posted in wrong spot.

In the Grimdark future of DerpHammer40k, there are only dank memes! 
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