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As my book is still in the mail (it shipped a week ago) I only have the rumours from the counter charge podcast to go on. Still this podcast gives some headlight what's gonna be in there.

For those who haven't got the patience to listen to the guys for over an hour; Blood Axe posted the rumours on the (now dead) mantic forum.
I salvaged them on my blog (http://kingsofwarvince.business.blog/2018/12/04/cok-19-rumours-and-my-thoughts-on-them/) but will copy them to the 2nd post in this thread.

I'm curious. What do you think? very few nerfs and most armies got new toys to play with.

All-in, I'm pretty content. Kingdoms of men getting a bit of love, Empire of dust gaining some nice additions, realy love those. I'm a bit bugged by the nerf to goblin spitters, but only because I use them as unlockers in my allied contignent which is now invalidated.


Blood Axe’s rumours:
COK19 rumors
02-12-2018, 06:22 PM, mantic forum

In case you missed it:

Summary of new units, formations and changes for each army in CoK19 from Countercharge podcast.

– all armies now have 3 formations
– All formations except one is cheaper

New units
– all destiny of kings and edge of abyss characters and units now in CoK
– Some point and ability changes and
– Vanguard units now all in Kow (except northern alliance)

– Julius and Samacris buffed. Elite all the time, and get vicious if both taken
– New unit: scouts
– New unit: ogre palace guard (regiments only, def5, cs2, iron resolve, fearless -14, irregular)
– Spirit of valandor buffed up to 9 attacks (can also be taken in brotherhood)
– New elohi formation: ur elohi, 2 hordes, all get vicious. Reason they chose elohi as wanted them to be better in basilea than as allies.

– undaunted crusaders formation changed so pathfinder is gone, but get +1 speed.
– New formation called Tsunami. 2 water elemental hordes and exemplar redeemer. Elementals gain tc1 and redeemer gets surge (8)

– new hero: Flame Priest. 65pts, hero, comes with fireball (6). Can get bane chant and also increase fireball to (10)
– New hero: Steel juggernaut. Hero, large infantry, 120pts, me3, spd4, -13 nerve, blast d3, cs2, hand cannon with range 24 inches and piercing (2), nimble, def6.
– No new formation as already have 3

– chariots have lost speed buff
– Dragon nerfed to breath (10) from (15)
– Forest warden buffed to me3 and surge (3)
– New formation: king’s champions. 2 x stormwind regiments, mounted elf king. All get headstrong, and king becomes me2!
– New colossal unit: mystical dragon kindred lord. Not a LL. Fireball (15), better attacks and nerve.

– new swamp lurkers formation: tyrant horde and 2 regiments. All get strider
– Inspiration of the ancients: 2 ancient regiments and clanlord. Both ancient regiments become inspiring, and clanlord becomes rallying (1) and fearless. Clanlord can take a mount.

Forces of nature
– air elementals. When upgraded, Keep crushing strength but lose defence instead
– Greater air elemental gets wind blast and lightning bolt
– talon riders has tc1 and elite on melee
– Forest warden changed as per elf
– Wardens watch formation: 2 forest shamblers regiments, 1 forest warden. All gain +1 speed. Forest warden becomes inspiring forest shamblers

– New formation: 2 regiments of lycans, Lycan alpha. All become fearless. Only 15 points
– Centaur longmanes now have headstrong
– Both formations cheaper

Kingdoms of Men
– can now take giants and colossal giant (cs4 on latter)
– Existing formations are cheaper
– New formation: 2 mounted sergeant troops, mounted hero, all gain +1 speed.
– The captain has more attacks, better nerve and rallying(2)
– Beast of war: strider

League of Rhordia
– halfling archers are now irregular
– Existing formations are cheaper
– New formation: well drilled militia. Militia horde, 2 troops. Horde gets inspiring militia, and the two troops get elite and vicious while engaged in flank and rear of units fighting the horde

– mammoth gets steady hand (can move and shoot with no penalty), -18 nerve, strider
– Warlock – new specialist rule. Now for every non allied horde (except red goblin) within 6 inches, increase spell rolls by 1
– also get colossal giant
– New formation: legion of warriors, 2 boomer regiments. All units get elite
– Hell on wheels – lord doesn’t get extra nerve buff
– New mounted goblin LL – has spell siphon and dread

Trident realms
– Trident king now has regen
– Nukkers now have me3 and stealthy
– Wyrmrider centurions are speed 9
– Naiad envoy can now take surge or heal
– Kraken can now be on a 75mm base or a 50 x 100mm
– New formation: 2 x gigas hordes, get plus 1 speed and elite
– Heartpiercers get steady aim (can move and shoot without penalty)

Abyssal dwarfs
– New supreme iron caster on winged beast and overmaster on winged beast on 75mm bases
– both formations got cheaper
– New formation: 2 halfbreed regiments, brakka, all get fury. Brakka gets dread

Empire of dust
– Enslaved guardians now hit on me3
– Enslaved guardian archers get me4
– Behemoth gets steady aim and strider
– Soulsnare now has drain life (10) and range 18 inches
– New unit Undead worm – 75mm base, spd7, -20 nerve, 220 points. Can get breath
– New formation: 2 reg mummies, 1 high priest. Mummies get elite and vicious

– Efreet now fireball (16)
– Chroneas – not a living legend. Cheaper. Speed 6, strider, fury, pathfinder, cs3. No ranged attacks… New rule tempest: when this unit is given an order, all enemy units within 6 inches take a point of damage, only affected by one tempest per turn, no nerve check. Can increase his melee attacks to d6 plus 6 for 35 points and drain life (6)
– New formation: 2 fleshound troops, mounted Abyssal regiment, harlequin bloodmask. All get vicious
– Moloch formation. Archfiend can now take wings but doesn’t get speed buff
– Harlequin bloodmask new unit

– Shooting Goblins are irregular
– Mincer no longer yellow bellied but not as good in melee
– New unit: mincer mob! Unit of mincers
– Slasher: can take sharpstick thrower, better stats eg me3, steady aim
– New formation. Regiment mob, 2 mincers. All get plus 1 speed

– phantoms now on 25mm bases. Have more attacks 10 to 12, and 12 to 15)
– Shadow hulk now speed 6 and on 75mm base
– Terror on 75mm base
– 3 New units
– Height 1 monster that is 3 horrors on a base
– New formation: 2 needle fang regiments, 2 shadow Hound troops. Needle fangs get flight and hounds get lifeleech

– new 75mm monster. Giant winged monster
– New formation: 3 skulk troopers and Krudger. Skulks get steady hand and Krudger gets a bow
– Goblin upgrade gives lightning, so Orc heroes can take other spells including legendary
– Colossal giant

– tunnel runners – large cav, spd8, hit hard
– Nightmares – large infantry with breath attack, me4, def5, 9/18 attacks. Vicious. Like boomers

– zombie trolls have lifeleech 2
– Revenant king on 75mm flying wyrm and vampire on giant dragon also on 75mm
– Ilona’s coven formation is now 2 soul reaver regiments, ilona. Each unit gains plus 1 speed and fearless
– New formation: army of darkness. 2 Skeleton warrior hordes and necromancer. Each unit gets iron resolve, necromancer gets inspiring and also their spells get +5 when targeting any skeletons. So can get bane Chant (7)!

– Two new units: ice queen and a Frost giant. Can both take new blizzard spell
– Cave trolls are no longer irregular in normal army list. Formation now 2 hordes and king, all get headstrong
– Herjas vengeance formation: 2 fallen hordes, magnilide. All units get pathfinder. If taken, can’t take allies
– Hint that varangur will become northern alliance

Twilight kin
– no speed buff on chariots
– New units from Nightstalkers – Reapers, scarecrows and fiends
– New formation: 2 hydras. Each hydra gets additional attacks equal to damage on other hydra

– identical army composition
– Allied rules the same
– Destiny of kings and edge of abyss units in cok19
– Nimble is removed by phalanx or ensare units
TC change from cok18 still there
– Heavy flyer rule has gone as too bigger deterrent for those units. Will be revisited for 3rd ed
– New rule of Steady/Aim which allows to move and shoot without penalty (similar to nimble but different)
– Dread still there, now on more of the larger flyers

– Medallion of life a bit cheaper
– Brew of keen eyed ness still there
– Circlet of blood has gone
– Black iron crown has gone
– New Item that gives +1 inch when charge
– New item that gives temporary brutal
– New Life leech (1) item up to max of (2)
– New item that gives damage on castings of wind blast
– New item. Can be taken by Individuals only. Double attacks against other individuals

– new legendary spells which are one per army and some one use only
– Mind fog now has 36 inch range
– Weakness also increased range, to 24 inches
– No change to drain life
– New spell called Hex. 2 dice, if successful then target takes a damage for each successful cast of a spell in their next turn

Legendary spells
– Can only be taken by heroes, not monsters that cast
– Martyrs prayer, veil of shadows, heroism (target now gains +1 rally and gets 1 nerve and waver increase itself) blood boil, alchemist curse

New spells
– 7 new spells!
– guiding light, 12 inch range, 2 dice, if successful then indirect fire is +1 to hit against target. One successful use only
– Teleport, 12 inches, 3 dice, can only be targeted on individuals. If successful, target can move up to 20 inches but can’t charge
– New spell, 8 dice, disorders if does any damage. One successful use only
– Blinding light which is same as spark stone (ie one dice, disorders if hit). Only 10 points. Not one use only
– Barkskin, 1 dice, 12 inch range, can be targeted into melee, +1 defence up to max of 5
– Blizzard, 2 dice, 36 inch range, blast d3 indirect per successful cast, costs 30points (frost giant has this
– Spell siphon, 2 dice, 25 points, 18 range, targets spell casters, if successful cast you can immediately cast enemy spell (except surge), enemy can’t cast spell next turn if it’s been stolen. Can steal legendary spells but each side can still only cast a legendary spell once per game

My blog on Kings of War:

Made in us
Excellent Exalted Champion of Chaos

There has been a lot of hand wringing on this topic in the facebook group.

I'm all for change. I got out of whfb 7th edition because every game was the same for years. Yearly change keeps things good for me.

There are a few stinkers in the COK that i don't think will see the light of day, and my varangur have a few what I consider "obvious" builds now but overall I'm ready to play with the new builds to see how they work in real life.

GW points don't bring balance. They exist purely for structure. You can get more balance from no points than you do from GW points. You however can get no structure in your game without points. 
Made in us
Stubborn Eternal Guard


Trident realms
– Trident king now has regen
– Nukkers now have me3 and stealthy
– Wyrmrider centurions are speed 9
– Naiad envoy can now take surge or heal
– Kraken can now be on a 75mm base or a 50 x 100mm
– New formation: 2 x gigas hordes, get plus 1 speed and elite

Looking forward to trying all of these. Sure wish Mantic would make Trident King and Kraken minis. I could use proxies from Reaper and others but I'm trying to make my TR with as much Mantic minis as possible.

May the dice be with you!  
Made in us
Tail-spinning Tomb Blade Pilot

 Arctic Dragon wrote:
Looking forward to trying all of these. Sure wish Mantic would make Trident King and Kraken minis. I could use proxies from Reaper and others but I'm trying to make my TR with as much Mantic minis as possible.

Antimatter Games has their Deep War game & miniatures. I backed two of their Kickstarters and am pleased with the quality. They can be pricey though.

Kings of War: Abyssal Dwarves, Dwarves, Elves, Undead
Kings of War Historical: Macedonian
Dropzone Commander: PHR
Blood Angels Necron [WiP]

Made in at


Schleich has some nice Kraken miniatures that fit the monster size for KoW

Harry, bring this ring to Narnia or the Sith will take the Enterprise

M41 - Alternative Rules for Battles in the 41st Millennium (40k LRB Project) 
Made in nl
Crazed Flagellant


 Arctic Dragon wrote:
[i]Trident realms

Looking forward to trying all of these. Sure wish Mantic would make Trident King and Kraken minis. I could use proxies from Reaper and others but I'm trying to make my TR with as much Mantic minis as possible.

Mantic will get around one of these days. It'll take some time though.

still waiting for the mantic drakons.

Anyhow, I received my book in the mail today. the rumours above are correct, there are some more than this.
(example: Kingdoms of men beast of war gaining neve, strider and steady aim, making them actually worth using)

all-in, pretty content with the rule updates. (aside from a few little things..... like my goblin spitter detachment being irregular now) but my abyssal army needed some serious re-thought. The new large cavalry made it worthwile.


My blog on Kings of War:

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