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Bretonnians and AoS: Gone for a long time, where to start.  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Howdy folks, I was hopping I could pick the community's brain about AoS. I have some old plastic Bretonnian stuff from back in the day, mostly two of the old battleforces with a few characters. The local shop is going to start an escalation league in the new year, and I am interested in using my old models instead of shelling out for all new stuff for a game I haven't played before.

As I understand it, the faction doesn't exist anymore, but still has units with points in a war scroll. Is the current war scroll off GW's page valid and legal to use?

The little bit of skimming I've done on the topic indicates that there is no built in synergy with any of the other Order factions. How important is this factor in list building? I don't currently see myself adding many other units at this time, but would like to know my options.

Finally, I don't plan to win any tournaments or leagues, but don't want to have my face stomped in every time. Are the bretonnians well below the curve, or can I put up a decent fight? Any other good recommendations for resources for a newb to AoS, but veteran GW player? Thank you for your help.
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Maybe ask over on The Grand Alliance Forums as I think there's a brets group chatting over there. Basically without a battletome and with no support rules you are at a disadvantage. Now you can use the warscrolls off the GW website (those are legal to use) however your best bet is often taken them as part of an allied force or as part of a grand alliance army.

However the human factions at present are in a tricky spot as they lack any proper Battletome to combine or even unite them. Brets (well bret style armies). So its a bit tricky at times to get them to work well.

This might be a force that makes a return in some form in a year to come or such when GW addresses factions such as Free Peoples and the like.

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If your group is open to non official content this is the campaign force I wrote for my historical / bretonnian players.


GW points don't bring balance. They exist purely for structure. You can get more balance from no points than you do from GW points. You however can get no structure in your game without points. 
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