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Hello all,

I'm about to have my first real 40k 8'th edition game. Starting with a small and simple 500 point game.

Now, i do NOT own the chaptor approved book. I have my codex, and the main rulebook. My friends informed me that the point values changed, and recommended the battlescribe app.

I downloaded it, and i THINK i have it figured out. Roughly looking through it, it seems that primaris got a pretty hefty price reduction - is this correct? For instance, i was thinking of my first list being:

- Primaris Captain in Gravis Armour
- 5 intercessors
- 5 intercessors
- Redemptor Dreadnough

All with standard loadout.

Now, if i go from the codex points, this comes in at more than 500 points (around 525-550 i think). However, if i use the battlescribe app, it sits at only 451?

Just wanna make sure that i am doing this right and that my point calculations are correct, so i am not unintentionally cheating.

Thank you in advance! Looking forward to trying the game
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Upstate, New York

Sounds about right. Primaris have been receiving steady point drops whenever they have a chance. Points in general took a plunge in CA18.

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Well, Intercessor are now 17 points and the aux.grenade launcher is now 0 points. That gives you each 5 man squad a 16 points drop.

Use battlescribe, you will have the actual points value.

Made in ca
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Are those the only models you own?
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