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Been Around the Block


Firstly I know genestealers are supplied with 25mm bases but most pictures in the GSC Codex they look like 32mm.. What are you guys using?

Secondly, they are armed with rending claws.. If they have two sets of claws do they get an extra attack?
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Quick-fingered Warlord Moderatus

United Kingdom

The updated sculpts in Deathwatch: Overkill came with 32s (and I based all mine on 32s), but the normal box still comes with 25mm slotta bases.

No - if you give them the talons you just 'unlock' a different weapon profile.
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Been Around the Block

Ok so theres no reason to have two sets of rending claws.. Might as well give them one set claws and one set talons for some diversity.
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Powerful Ushbati


Regarding the weapons. Giving them the scything tallons does not remove anything and it does not cost anything, currently. They are better vs invunerable saves then the rending claws are. See Harlequins.

As for the base. The current or last rule was use what ever base they come on. The old 25 mm base is very small, and while it cleraly means the GSC are worse in CC, I really like the 32 mm base. It fits much better on the model.

I am a dyslectic, so bear with me.

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Insect-Infested Nurgle Chaos Lord

Oregon, USA

Mine are on 32. The 25 just feels too small, and they tend to lock arms if you mash them too close

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Towering Hierophant Bio-Titan

 Niiai wrote:
The current or last rule was use what ever base they come on. The old 25 mm base is very small, and while it cleraly means the GSC are worse in CC, I really like the 32 mm base.

Does it make them worse?

I understand what you're saying in theory, that you lose a rank in melee. But in practice Genestealers are impossible to get base to base anyway due to their arms. I'm not sure it makes a difference
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Sneaky Lictor


I use the 32's on my GSC and the 25's on my tyranid. It allows easy differentiation.
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Da Head Honcho Boss Grot

I use the sculpts from Space Hulk which contain many elements bigger than 25mm, so I jumped at the chance to rebase them to 32s and they are now on the nice new sector mechanicus bases and looking fly.
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Stealthy Warhound Titan Princeps

Yeah, I debased mine when I picked up deathwatch overkill. Having them on smaller bases than acolytes looks very, very strange. It also really helped for the space hulk stealers.

Though when I rebate upwards, I just cut discs of the appropriate size out of cardboard (usually GW boxes) and fill it with green stuff and sand. It lacks a flat edge, but less risk of losing a leg or something trying to remove old bases. Especially something as spindly as genestealers.

Efficiency is the highest virtue. 
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