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Made in gb
Fresh-Faced New User


Faction - Genestealer Cult (Cult of the Rusted Claw)
Detachment - Battalion, Vanguard, Outrider 10CP
Stratagem - Broodcoven 1CP, Grandspires gifts 1CP

Patriarch - Monstrous rending claws, Familiar, Smite, Psychic Onslaught, Might from beyond, Shadow stalker - 137pts
Magus - Autopistol, Cultist knife, force stave, Familiar, Smite, Mass Hypnosis, Physic Stimulus, Mind control, Crouchling, Alien majesty/ Focus of adoration - 92pts
Primus - Needle pistol, Bonesword, toxin injector, Blasting charge, Biomorph adaptation, Sword of the voids eye - 75pts
Abominant - Rending claws, Power sledgehammer, Familiar - 105pts
Jackal Alphus, Jackal sniper, Auto pistol, Blasting charge - 70pts

Fifteen Acolytes - Fourteen handflamers, Cult icon, Two heavy rock cutters, Two heavy rock drills, Two heavy rock saws, Leader with bone sword and lash whip - 212pts
Five acolytes - Two demolition charges, Cult icon leader with Bonesword - 58pts
Twenty Neophyte hybrids - Cult icon, Two flamers, Seventeen shotguns, Neophyte leader with Power pick and Bolt pistol - 132pts
Twenty Neophyte hybrid - Cult icon, Two webbers, Two heavy stubbers, Leader with Power maul and Web pistol - 141pts
Twelve Brood Brothers - Autocannon, Cult vox caster, Grenade launcher - 66pts

Kelermorph - Three Liberator auto subs, Cultist knife - 60pts
Sixteen Purestrain Genestealers - Purestrain talons - 240pts
Five aberrants - Three Heavy Power hammer, Power pick, Hypermorph with Heavy Improvised weapon and Hypermorph tail - 147pts

Fast Attack
Achilles Ridge runner - Heavy mortar, Survey Auger, Two heavy stubbers - 72pts
Achilles Ridge runner - Heavy mining laser. Flare launcher, Two heavy stubbers - 84pts
Eight Atalan Jackals - Five Jackals with Shotgun + Demolition charge, Two Jackals with Grenade launchers + Demo charge, Two wolf quads with mining lasers - 145pts

Heavy Support
Goliath Rock Grinder - Cache of demolition charges, clearance incinerator - 121pts

Total - 1,957pts

I am just using the models I like and have to hand at the moment not looking for anything too competitive just playable, mainly focusing on physic powers, warlord traits, stratagems things like that, I'm not too fond on the genestealers models or so can drop them and have a space 240 points for suggestions.


Made in us
Been Around the Block

Agree regarding the current pure strain models. I think I wil rebase my old school 1st edition space hulk genestealers. The rest of the GSC models are awesome though.
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