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Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

i am having so much trouble dealing with pvc minis.

at my skill level the plastic is too soft- it doesn't cut well without leaving residue. i can't use files without leaving residue. i can't scrape mold lines without leaving residue.

i fully admit i am no where near the talent level of most of the people that play mantic games, but i'm not completely incompetent either. here's my frost giant-

i feel like it looks pretty good, but a lot of the pvc in the vanilla giant figure was replaced by resin parts to convert it to the frost version. i had no problem dealing with the other resin figures that came with my vanguard pledge, either. i have had no problems with metal figures in the past. if i can actually get to a point where a pvc figure is clean enough to paint i think they look great, but getting to that point is a real struggle for me and i clearly need help. i really want to support the mantic and use their minis, but the frustration level is really becoming an issue.

i worry that this subject may be well worn territory, but to be honest i'm new to mantic games and the forums so this is a new problem to me. so any tips on how to increase my skill and knowledge so i can become a better hobbyist with the pvc material would be greatly appreciated.
Made in gb
Fixture of Dakka

Don't scrape or use a file. Use a fresh, sharp blade and shave the mould lines off. That way, the softness of the plastic works with you. Just be careful not to press to hard or you'll carve into the model.
Made in ca
Lone Wolf Sentinel Pilot

Los Angeles, CA, USA

CleN them as normal using a blade or files and grab one of these.


Give the fuzzies a brush and they go away.
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Seconding Todosi, as I use a file for most mold lines, a sharp hobby knife for the teeny details, then brush the surface clean.

However, the same type of brush with a wooden handle can be found in 4-packs for about $5 USD in hobby stores and hardware stores.
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