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Decrepit Dakkanaut




News update.

Purgatory is seeking fresh investors or for a company with the infrastructure and personnel to take it forward on to the next natural step of its journey. Purgatory was always designed to be a Lego house. A world designed in such a unique setting with well thought out concepts and mechanics that could permit expansion in many directions. We have tried to take this next step and bring fresh content and models along which have been met with great success, however sadly we have been unable to achieve this so far but we are confident that in the right hands, your game can be HUGE! Just as we intended.

Naturally this poses a number of questions. I've tried to think of these and answer them below:

Will Purgatory continue?

In the interim, some changes have been made behind the scenes and yes Purgatory will remain. However there will be no fresh content in the coming months and this will be for a finite period of time, dependent on any sale/investment.

Will the Jini Msaki be available?

As this model is multi pose. We are considering releasing this if, we can get a pre-order of at least 50 sales to make a run.

But why stop?

It needs more hands. It needs experience both in terms of marketing and in terms of infrastructure. With the limited experience I have in this market, we've taken Purgatory all over the world (82 countries) but imagine what someone who really knew what they were doing could achieve...

Is the end?

Maybe. Hopefully we can place Purgatory in some safe hands. If not, a day will come where will have to close the doors and say thank you for the memories. Sadly, with the last kickstarter failing to achieve its goals, it appears I can no longer take this forward any further alone.

Thank you's

Its clear that Purgatory has a place in many of your minds, the outpouring of support, both privately and on the Purgatory pages has been staggering and with this end approaching, I can safely say that I am personally more richer than I could have ever been for the people Purgatory has allowed to meet, spend time with and more importantly call my friend.

Thank you

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Hopefully they'll find the help/funding needed to carry on as the game concept is interesting, and some of the minis are excellent

after all where else can a 70s style pimp with a pet micro elephant battle with demon in the shape of a walking bull shaped furnace

or a stevie wonder look a like with a machinegun armed grand piano take on a nun in riot gear

but just in case check out the minis and see if any take your fancy

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Painting Within the Lines

Yeah, it'll be a shame if they have to close up shop, the minis weren't my thing but they were very interesting.

Kickstarter-launched skirmish games do really seem to struggle though, I can only think of a couple that had any real staying power.

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Stealthy Warhound Titan Princeps

Nun with Riot shield is a fairly original and well executed figure...
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Fixture of Dakka

The first, middle, and last question- Let me see your business plan, and hear your elevator pitch.

At Games Workshop, we believe that how you behave does matter. We believe this so strongly that we have written it down in the Games Workshop Book. There is a section in the book where we talk about the values we expect all staff to demonstrate in their working lives. These values are Lawyers, Guns and Money. 
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Decrepit Dakkanaut


via facebook


8 mins ยท

Hello community!

I am pleased to confirm that we are at advanced stages with potential buyers of Purgatory. Behind the scenes we have worked very hard to find a long term solution that will ensure your game is maintained. Its somewhat unusual to discuss something before its concluded but we have done it for the benefit of the Purgatory fanbase.

More updates will appear here over the coming days and weeks but we do ask that if you have a small painting or gaming community that has a Purgatory following to post a link up here so that we can include on what could be very exciting updates!

Long live Purgatory!

fingers crossed for them

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Decrepit Dakkanaut



Hello guys! I am pleased to announce that Purgatory is in the final stages of transferring to it's new stable. Over the coming weeks, much more will be revealed and the handover process take place, which will see the new team take you onwards and upwards.

I have agreed to stay on in a reduced capacity as a creative influence and to have my brain picked, helping to shape the world and bring fresh stories for you to read and enjoy.

Purgatory was very much a dream come true, it allowed me to personally express my imagination for other people's enjoyment and I'm really pleased to be passing the baton on to somebody who knows the industry well and is held in high regard.

I want to take this time to thank all of you for your patience whilst this change of ownership took place and more importantly for believing in Purgatory and the world we have created. You've been part of an incredible journey for me personally and you will never truly know how grateful I am.

So this is not quite goodbye from me, but certainly the update you wanted to hear and more will be revealed in the coming weeks.

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God-like Imperator Titan Commander


 aku-chan wrote:
Yeah, it'll be a shame if they have to close up shop, the minis weren't my thing but they were very interesting.

Kickstarter-launched skirmish games do really seem to struggle though, I can only think of a couple that had any real staying power.

Part of the issue with KS-launched games in general is that you still need to do the groundwork of demo games, usually through the convention circuit. You need to build up interest in games from a grass-roots level, rather than assuming people will see the value on the internet, buy-in, and somehow continue playing without a community or ongoing support. Possibly the smartest move GW did was growing their direct retail branch, however it undercut local FLGSs, because while they make money from selling widgets, they're selling a community-based hobby.
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