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Crazed Spirit of the Defiler

My Vanguard 1k army will have 2x20 Gutter Runners, the Verminlord Deceiver, and the Vermintide spell for sure. That's 740 points.

My other choices to round it out are a Verminlord Warpseer (a Masterclan one), a Screaming Bell (also Masterclan), two Deathmasters (old assassins renamed), or one Death Master and one Grey Seer.

It's cool to be all Eshin. They're special rule is for each Eshin hero I take, I can nominate one enemy hero; and then all Eshin units get to reroll wounds (or possibly failed wounds, can't remember) for those nominated enemy heroes. So Gutter Runners could assassinate enemy heroes nicely. The Deceiver is rend -3 already, so I could give him a relic like making him fly or ignore mortal wounds on a 4+ for example, or use an Eshin relic like Cube of Mists that once per battle debuffs an enemy unit -1 to hit and prevents that unit from piling in. Deceiver can also take a trait that makes him invisible to enemies over 6" away if he's within 1" of terrain; he can also cast 2 spells and one is the teleport within 6" of an enemy spell.

Warpseer is also a 2 caster, not as killy, but command ability ignores battleshocks for all skaventide within 13" I think. Masterclan heroes can take a trait to buff casting/unbinding +1 once per hero phase, or they can use the Suspicious Stone for an additional 5+ FNP on top of their natural 5+ FNP. Super annoying.

Grey Seer can cast really well and that's about it. Deathmasters are kinda meh without a relic, but the extra Eshin hero thing is kinda cool.

Thoughts? I'm leaning towards 2 Verminlords, as the Screaming Bell needs models to move it and I'd rather outflank the Gutter Runners most of the time. But then I can't take that cool invisibility trait on the Deceiver, though I suppose I'll be wanting to teleport and assault most of the time anyways with him.
Made in be
Dakka Veteran

if you are going down the eshin road, I would consider the verminlord with the spell that lets you hit with d3 units when you die. (think that is the verminus one)

or take a great seer, but i would add another caster as backup when putting pts in endless spells. otherwhise killing your only caster early would most likely loose you the game.

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