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Made in us
Pestilent Plague Marine with Blight Grenade

I know it has been brought up a number of times before, but I would just like to offer my submission for a hopeful live action cast for warhammer 30k

Lion - Keanu Reaves
Fulgrims - Ryan Reynolds
Perturabo - Arnold
Jaghatai Khan - Benedict Wong
Russ - Ron Pearlman
Rogal Dorn - John Cena
Kondrad Curze - Hugh Jackman
Sanguinius - Chris Evans
Ferrus Manus - Chris Hemsworth
Angron - Russel Crowe
Guilliman - Hulk Hogan
Mortarion - Tom Hardy
Magnus the Red - Steve Beuschemiwhatever
Horus - Brad Pitt
Lorgar - Zachary Levi
Vulkan - Chris Tucket
Corvus Corax - Johnny Depp
Alpharius / Omegon - Andy Serkis

The Emperor - Liam Neason

Abaddon - Adam Driver
Malcador - Billy Connolly

Thank you for your consideration
Made in us
Fixture of Dakka

 Amanax wrote:

Magnus the Red - Steve Beuschemiwhatever

Magnus did nothing wrong to deserve this poor casting choice.


Made in us
The Hammer of Witches

A new day, a new time zone.

 Daedalus81 wrote:
 Amanax wrote:

Magnus the Red - Steve Beuschemiwhatever

Magnus did nothing wrong to deserve this poor casting choice.

Based on his performance as God in Miracle Workers I'd say that he'd be a shoo-in for playing the Big E.

"-Nonsense, the Inquisitor and his retinue are our hounoured guests, of course we should invite them to celebrate Four-armed Emperor-day with us..."
Thought for the Day - Never use the powerfist hand to wipe. 
Made in us
Awesome Autarch

I know it's a bit of fun...but if those are your genuine casting choices...I've never seen a worse list.

Made in us
Ship's Officer


Lol if you want a real hollywoodized trash version of the HH that is what it might look like. 70% of the movies budget would be spent on the actors.

Made in us
Dakka Veteran

NE Ohio, USA

I've got a better idea. Why don't you cast a bunch of nobodies (provided they can at least marginally act) & spend 80%+ of the budget on the CGI/FX you'd need.
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