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Made in gb
Mekboy Hammerin' Somethin'

Boston, UK

I'm entering a tournament with most of my club in October which runs a 500pt, single detachment list. Tables are 4x4, with one round of kill points per 100pts removed, one round of scoring based around control of table quarters, and a third round based around objective scoring. Max 12 wounds, no Lords of war, no forge world.
I've come up with this which I played tonight for the first time using the table quarters control at the end of the game for scoring as well as slay the warlord etc.

Bad Moons Dread Waaagh. 499pts
Battalion 5cp

Big Mek SSAG
Warphead, gitbonez, Da jump, Da Krunch

Gretchin x11
Gretchin x10
Gretchin x10

Kommandos boss nob BC, 2x burnas, tankbusta bomb
Kommandos boss nob BC, 2x burnas, tankbusta bomb

Lootas x10

Simple and effective.

Played first game with them tonight against space wolf thunderwolf cavalry list with stormshields and tabled him turn 3. I burned 4 cps first turn shooting twice with showing off and kustom ammo, then da jumped my Lootas to the other side of the table when he closed in and chewed through my grots. I deplayed my kommandos too early on turn 2 to steal table quarters, but they were untouched. My SSAG wiped out a charging thunderwolf in overwatch and every unit played it's part beautifully.
I have got another couple of 500pt lists that I'm thinking about, but this seems most flexible to me and I was happy to play my first game against a fast, resilient melee heavy army to see how this list would cope.
I'm up against ravenwing next which will bring it's own challenges, particularly if I don't get turn 1.

"All their ferocity was turned outwards, against enemies of the State, foreigners, traitors, saboteurs, thought-criminals" - Orwell, 1984 
Made in us
Mekboy Hammerin' Somethin'

Douglasville, GA

I can't think of too much you could do to improve this for 500 pts. As you said: it's simple and effective.
Made in nl
Fresh-Faced New User

It is a really nice list.
I don't have the kommandos though, do you think it could work if I replace them with a unit of stormboyz and a deffkopta?

++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Orks) ++

Clan Kultur: Bad Moons
Extra Gubbins (1/3 CP): 1 Extra Shiny Gubbins
Specialist Detachment: Dread Waaaagh!

Big Mek W/ Shokk Attack Gun: Da Souped-up Shokka, Grot Oiler, Shokk Attack Gun
Weirdboy: 3. Da Jump, 5. Da Krunch, Scorched Gitbonez, Warlord, Warphead

Gretchin: 10x Gretchin
Gretchin: 10x Gretchin
Gretchin: 11x Gretchin

DeffKopta: Bigbomm (Index), Kustom Mega-blasta
. Boss Nob: Big Choppa, Kustom Shoota (Index)
. 4x Stormboy

Lootas: 10x Loota

Created with BattleScribe (https://battlescribe.net)

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