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Hey guys I had a thread over in Historical games but it did not get much attention unfortunately. I thought I would broaden the audience and hopefully gain some interesting Ideas.

I love team based games, working towards a goal and supporting each where needed is often more fun for me than 1v1. I am looking to have some 2v2 games in Bolt Action but I tend to dislike 2v2 on the basis that it tends to be two sets of 1v1s on the same board and therefore takes away the idea of teamwork. So my question is this, does anyone have interesting 2v2 formats that support and push the idea of teamwork, granted there are many different games and so it may be difficult to implement certain ideas, but any information is massively appreciated.

Thanks guys!

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Dipping With Wood Stain


I don't play Bolt Action, but frequently (i.e. Adepticon 40k and AoS), doubles require a unit from each player to hold an objective. That in and of itself forces a lot of team interactions (coordinated fire/assaults and preservation of joint forces).

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There are some pretty simple fixes, but as with all tabletop gaming (regardless of genre) it's entirely up to finding likeminded players. If you have a close knit gaming group who enjoy the same games, you're good to go.

1) A 2v2 game can be more teamwork based if you divide the armies by roles. Perhaps one player per side is running all the armour, and the other player the infantry supporting them.
2) You can build the scenario around cooperation . Player A is trying to rescue Player B while the opposing teams are trying to stop them.
3) Perhaps Player A is trying to secure a drop zone...where Player B's paratroopers will arrive when it's secured (real heavy team work based)
4) Player A may be controlling artillery but it can only be called in by Player B's units.

I think the key is to not just play a game of "let's kill each other". That's a huge downfall to a lot of wargames, but sadly a lot of wargames are based around that intentionally. If you design a scenario you can include team-work based objectives much easier.

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