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Bush? No, Eldar Ranger

Oxfordshire , UK

Hi all!

I’m giving some serious thought to getting into AoS (specifically Sylvaneth) but have a couple of questions. Forgive me if these are stupid!

1) On the warscrolls (I.e. the Branchwraith) it says they know the two standard spells plus one on their warscroll. As I understand it, in the actual Sylvaneth Battletome there is a Deepwood magic lore where you can also assign another spell. Does this mean that each Branchwraith knows up to 4 spells (but obviously only gets to cast one per turn)?

2) Do hero abilities / command abilities with an aura (like what the treelord ancients have) also count the treelord ancient itself as what happens in 40k?

Thanks in advance!
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Androgynous Daemon Prince of Slaanesh

Norwalk, Connecticut

1. Yes; every wizard knows the two basic spells, and the wych gets the one on her scroll, plus the one out of the book (if you’re playing in one of the realms out of Malign Sorcery, she knows all the spells of that realm too).
2. Yes, unless it says “all other units within X inches” then it includes itself as well.

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Bush? No, Eldar Ranger

Oxfordshire , UK

Ah that’s really helpful. Thanks mate. Couldn’t find an answer in the core rules.

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Oh actually in my original example it would have been 5 powers. The standard two, the one in the warscroll, the main power in the Deepwood lore and the one in that lore that you choose.

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Just note that Sylvanath has new Battletome ready to go but its held up in a customs issue so GW can't get at it yet. So the current rules for them are set to change at any moment. There's also some very neat dice for them and 3 Endless Spells all wrapped up in the launch.

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Made in gb
Bush? No, Eldar Ranger

Oxfordshire , UK

Hehe yeah saw the leaks on 1d4chan so all looks really good!
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