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Hollerin' Herda with Squighound Pack

Hey guys, I'm searching for a good site for a 40k Forum RP I thought up, so I was wondering if enough of you like that to warrant putting it here?

Here's the Pitch:
The war is over a planet called Turleaux; a knight world in Imperial Nihilus going rogue. Fearing having a powerful nearby planet become humanities enemy, Lord Inquisitor Mortasero III, de-facto representative of the imperium in this small sector, leads a war effort from multiple loyalist planets to quell this heresy.

The opposition: an alliance of houses and their retainer armies lead by house Ottusco, and their vassal house Lorrusque, and their ally, the titanically numerous house of Abbhi. (figures from these houses and there cultures pending)

You play as a commander and a single squad you control, in either side of the war. Your squad can be bigger the less powerful each member is, so the RP maintains a small amount of balance. This squad can come from anywhere, as long as it makes sense that they side with one of the war powers on the planet (Both of which I will control, though the war itself and it's outcome will depend on your characters)

If anyone has interest in this, let me know. I'd love to be able to do this here.
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