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Hi All,

I'm in the process of preparing for an ITC tournament and would appreciate comments on the below list:

Spearhead Detachment

HQ - 7 Warlock Skyrunners w/ shining spears.
Heavy Support - Fire Prism: crystal targeting matrix
Heavy Support - Fire Prism: crystal targeting matrix
Heavy Support - Fire Prism: crystal targeting matrix
Heavy Support - Night Spinner

Outrider Detachment

HQ - Farseer Skyrunner
Troops - 10 Guardians
Transport - Wave Serpent: twin eldar missile launchers
Fast - 3 Vypers: star cannons
Fast - 3 Vypers: star cannons
Fast - 3 Wind riders: catapults
Flyer - Crimson Hunter Exarch: starcannons

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In an objective heavy game it might struggle?
Was never convinced of warlock skyrunners as they tend to die to a stiff breeze.

Dman137 wrote:
goobs is all you guys will ever be

By 1-irt: Still as long as Hissy keeps showing up this is one of the most entertaining threads ever.

"Feelin' goods, good enough". 
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Yeah, lack of CP and objective securing units seems rough.
Also am not sure I'm fully sold on going Saim Hann just for the Vypers - and I play Saim Hann. You seem to be underusing the strengths of that trait.

Lack of assault with ITC ruin rules might also be problematic if your opponent can be holding objectives from inside them, pretty much would be the Warlocks or the Guardians to try to dislodge.

It does look nicely shooty, and ought to rip some good holes, but if you can't shoot your opponent off the board I see it being a struggle.

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