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I have a few questions about this rule set, if anyone feels inclined to answer them...  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in us
Never-Miss Nightwing Pilot

1) Will these rules translate into any scale? Specifically, 25mm?

2) Do these rules favor a specific theme/genre? Are they generic enough that "ranged" could mean a musket ball, or chest-launched plasma beam?

3) Would they work for land, air, sea, or space games?

4) What dice system to they use?

5) Is there anywhere to get some sort of a preview of the rules?

I have an old rules set for an historical Wild West game, but it uses a d10 percentile die system. I'd prefer to get a new set that uses a standard d6 (preferably).

Made in ca
Fresh-Faced New User

Hey.. I'm the rules designer so I'll answer the rules best I can, but if you want to see the playtester copy, you can email me at Taylor at gangfightgames.com - that goes for anyone who might be interested.

So, these rules are designed for 25-32mm models. I dont see why they couldnt work for smaller or bigger models - but our testers have only tested with those scales.

There are three settings in the book- Chronicle (fantasy setting), Aeon (sci-fi setting), and First Stike (Modern Setting). These are all encompassed by the Gangfight System - a series of core rules that govern everything. The settings are additional rules.

Being released as a separate PDF is the Campaign Setting Builder - which gives each settings rule a corresponding number that allows you to prioritize rules based on your needs. Thus, something like a shadowrun setting would use the First Strike Ruleset, then the fantasy races from Chronicle and some equipment from Aeon.

These are not rules for a vehicle battle- not unless the vehicles are 28mm scale. That is going to be covered by a future release.

The game revolves around a custom d6 system. The playtesters have been pretty stoked on how it works. It emphasizes risk vs. Reward - the bigger risk you take, the better the pay off is if you succeed your rolls.

We are talking about doing a complete reboot of blackwater gulch using the Gangfight system, but in the meantime, adapting Gangfight to a wild west setting would be relatively easy.

I hope that helps!

I do really fast commissions. You can see my pricing page here . PM me for details.  
Made in us
Never-Miss Nightwing Pilot

Thanks. This absolutely addresses my questions. You mentioned a risk:reward concept to this custom d6 system. Is that a "push your luck" mechanic, like board or card games?

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