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Hey guys, I’m thinking about trying into warcry and was wanting to run SCE. Are only 2 hunters enough? I note the shooting has a set min range so the list could suffer from opponents getting in close. Feed back is appreciated. List below:

++ Open Play (Stormcast Vanguard Chamber) [1,000pts] ++

+ Fighter +

Vanguard-Hunter [165pts]

Vanguard-Hunter [165pts]

Vanguard-Raptor with Hurricane Crossbow [195pts]

Vanguard-Raptor with Hurricane Crossbow [195pts]

+ Leader +

Raptor-Prime with Longstrike Crossbow [280pts]

++ Total: [1,000pts] ++

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In my opinion, your only real downside with your warband is movement. Vanguards only travel 4 inches as standard so unless you get lucky with some doubles or trebles, it'll take you a couple of turns to get into melee range or reach of objectives. And I'd be careful with relying purely on the bows for damage. With some of the twist cards, the range for missile weapons is reduced rapidly over the turns or done away with completely so you don't want to be left without some means of attack.

I've got 2 SCE warbands prepared, one with 3 Hunters (one is the prime) and 3 gryphhounds (the hounds for pace, melee and objective grabbing) and another with 1 Raptor Prime with Hurricane, 3 Hunters, a gryphhound and 2 Aetherwings (again for objective grabbing). Both give me a reasonable (not great) mix of movement and attack. Eventually I'll drop something to get an ally to bolster my melee.
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I have also run into issues with LOS with the Longstrike Crossbows. The density of terrain for most set ups as well as the lack of movement on Stormcasts makes it difficult to get the full points value out of those specific fighters.

I run three Hunters and three Gryph hounds in my band and I've had really good success so far.
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