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Made in fi
Storm Trooper with Maglight

Helsinki, Finland

hello everyone, this list is based on previews from the YouTube, and i'm attending at tournament with this. There's not much that I liked to change, but any constructive critique are welcome. This is my first time playing with itc-rules set, and I think i'll be taking 'old school', 'recon' and 'butchers bill' as secondaries.

Astra militarum cadian brigade
-hq- Lord castellan creed 55 [warlord: no trait]
-hq- Company commander (bolt pistol) 31
-hq- Company commander (bolt pistol) 31
-troop- infantry squad (missile launcher, flamer) 56
-troop- infantry squad (missile launcher, flamer) 56
-troop- infantry squad (missile launcher, flamer) 56
-troop- infantry squad (missile launcher, flamer) 56
-troop- infantry squad (missile launcher, grenade launcher) 53
-troop- infantry squad (missile launcher, grenade launcher) 53
-elite- colour sergeant Kell 40
-elite- ratling team (5, snipers) 35
-elite- ratling team (5, snipers) 35
-fast- scout sentinel (autocannon, hunter killer missile) 46
-fast- scout sentinel (lascannon) 45
-fast- scout sentinel (lascannon) 45
-heavy- heavy weapon squad (3x mortar) 45
-heavy- heavy weapon squad (3x lascannon) 63
-heavy- heavy weapon squad (3x lascannon) 63

Astra militarum cadian spearhead (emperors wrath, -1cp)
-hq- Primaris psyker (force stave) 46 [powers: mental fortitude, night shroud]
-elite- master of ordnance 30 [relic: kurov's aquila]
-heavy- basilisk (heavy bolter) 108
-heavy- basilisk (heavy bolter) 108
-heavy- basilisk (heavy bolter) 108
-heavy- wyvern squadron (2, 2x heavy bolter) 226
-heavy- manticore (heavy bolter) 133 [tank ace: full payload]
-heavy- manticore (heavy bolter) 133 [tank ace: full payload, -1cp]

Militarum tempestus iotan gorgonnes battalion
-hq- Lord commissar (bolt pistol, power sword) 35
-hq- Lord commissar (bolt pistol, power sword) 35
-troop- scions (5, bolt pistol, 2x plasma gun) 58
-troop- scions (5, bolt pistol, 2x plasma gun) 58
-troop- scions (5, bolt pistol, 2x plasma gun) 58

Total 2000/ 23cp (-2)

Tactics: so my plan is to have 4 rounds of maximal shooting, and the last 2 rounds of capturing objectives. At the start, ratling teams and sentinels deploy for 'recon' and deny the deep strikes. Late turns the scions drop for objectives and linebreaker.

Cp allocation:
4x overlapping fields of fire (-8cp)
4x pounding barrage (-8cp)
4x concentrated fire (-4cp)
Optional 'strike first, strike hard' (-1cp)
Kurov's aquila is trying to farm more cp, giving the master of ordnance 6 shots for 1cp

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Dark Angels (11000), Astra+AdMech+Assassin (7000), Tyranids (3000), Tau (3000), Legions of Nagash (2500) 
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Sent you a pm.
or will, soon as I get it typed!
Made in dk
Guardsman with Flashlight

Looks awesome. I like how you have planned the use of your Cp.
The only change I can think of is perhaps change one of the Lord Commissars to a scion leader, to be able to give the scions orders as they deep strike.

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Inexperience is not a permanent condition. Stupidity is!

“When in deadly danger, When beset by doubt, Run in little circles, Wave your arms and shout.” 
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

I believe you should have the relic of lost cadia in the mix -- carefully used, it can give your entire artillery section reroll all wounds and reroll all to hits against choas, but it can ALSO give the entire artillery section reroll 1's to wound and reroll 1's to hit ...or it can give the same bonus to the woudns of the troops up front.

The tempestor prime is a great idea and can be given "progeny of conflict" before the battle -- with grand strategist or with old grudges. Agaisnt something like a knight castellan in the backfield, you now reroll all wounds until that single high priority thing dies. Or the landraider full of centurions you simply cannot have come closer, or the first of the three doom arcs you want to kill before they fire. Point is its a cp well spent.
Alternately, you could give him grand stratagist, which is almost certain to get you 1 cp a round for the first three rounds, giving you 2 extra to spend, and a free (possibly critical) reroll once per battle to boot. Its basically 2 free cp and one free roll, EVEN if your opponent has some wierdo list that doesn't use cp (thus rendering aquila useless).

You could even in an extreme case (like a new grey knights army) give it the iotan gorgonnes anti-psyker trait, and deepstrike in near the front to start causing random mortal wounds against an army where every unit casts every round.

Also remember the new scion drop troop strat "killing zone" .. if oyu end up dropping the 3 scions near each other and one manages to kill a model in a unit you need dead faster, the other two can be bumped to +1 to wound. In that case,
3 cp of doom ploy ..
This is a new thing I just thought of but it would go like this.
Drop the tempest prime and 2 units out at 9.1 inches and (-1cp gorgonne special strat) drop the third scion unit closer at 5.1 inches. Give orders to the close unit to frfsrf and give it 4s hotshot weapons.(1 cp) pointblank efficiency on that unit.
Begin by firing the two back units and fish for one dead model, ANY dead model, which lets you pop "kililing zone"
The nearer 5 scions now can shoot 16 times with a s4/-2/1 weapon that hits on a 3, and they roll +1 to wound. Careful placement on the drop (as close as 5 inches) makes it very likely you can put them next to the single unit you want to kill, so their gorgonne sixes double hit.
Use the whole combo to remove your enemy's ability to return fire. Then break up and cover as many objectives as you can, in a backfield the enemy thought securely held by something like a 10 intercesser squad.

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