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Nurgle Predator Driver with an Infestation

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A wild game appears!
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Immediate take aways: alternative activation. The warcaster themself is also not a model, or fielded on the board. They're seemingly a rack (sorry, deck of cards) and they hide on a space ship and direct from there. Interesting take on the classic idea of a warnoun though I have images in my head from the yu-gi-oh cartoon. Customised models/builds. Scale is 20-30 models, for now. Gates/Reserves concept is interesting. So seemingly skirmish plus, rather than pseudo-army. 'High speed' - maybe implies warcry/shadespire level/style gameplay rather than highly involved WMH style? Played with dice and cards supports this, potentially. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I hope for more than just a clone if true. Also kickstarter. Remembering Spartan financing 'new' projects this way. Not necessarily a good thing...

Very Nice models too. Wasn't sure what to expect. No idea on materials yet.

I am intrigued and I've subscribed to the newsletter.

We shall see.

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"Punch your fist in the air and hold your Gameboy aloft like the warrior you are" 
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Cozy cockpit of an Imperial Knight

Heya, kindly stick to a single thread, which can be found in N&R: https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/785618.page

Locking duplicate thread.

My Imperial Guard Crusade force plog

Featuring tanks, (not) Mordians and the odd greenskin.

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