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Powerful Phoenix Lord

If someone could be so kind...

I'm getting some buddies into WW2 Battlegroup in 15mm. While I have the old Barbarossa book, and the Rulebook, I don't have the mass of other books. I've been googling and have not found a succint list of actual army lists. If anyone is a Battlegroup nut and owns more books, could you please point me in the direction of a simple list of army lists.

I've found some online force building apps but I don't know if I trust them to represent the printed books. Not looking for details, but directions of where to send my buddies. While PSC kinda/sorta describes this in some of their descriptions, some are left lacking.

I have buddies asking about Falschirmjaeger, Italian infantry, etc. Would like a simple list to point them to so they can buy the correct books. Appreciate it if anyone can help!
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Fresh-Faced New User

With battlegroup you really have to decide on the theater first and then on army lists. I own both fall of the reich and the old big overlord book and my US armoured have an army list in both that differs slightly. The lists are also only balanced within the same book.

A list of army lists wouldn't be particularly useful because of that so I doubt you are going to find one.

Fallschirmjaeger almost certainly show up in multiple books as well. Italians... not sure, I'm guessing the Tobruk one (don't own it).

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Powerful Phoenix Lord

Yep, I'm aware how the game works - but my group is spastic and we'll likely be running some games of a non-historical nature.

I've found and compiled a list for their use, thanks.
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Grisly Ghost Ark Driver

Here's a list of forces and books from the Battlegroup Facebook page
 Filename BG Army lists v2.xlsx [Disk] Download
 File size 16 Kbytes

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