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Made in us
Imperial Recruit in Training

I'm new to the hobby, and will be playing in an escalation league once (if ever) this quarantine lifts and everyone is able to play. I'm looking for something that'll be fun to with and against, and the strength of the list isn't really a priority. Since I haven't really played before, I'm not quite sure how the rules play out on the tabletop. I'm going for a mechanized infantry feel, and I think Armored Sentinels are awesome.

-How good/bad is this list?
-Are Armored Sentinels any good/worth their points?
-Suggestions for expanding the army as the league goes on?

HQ: 66 pts

Lord Commissar (Warlord)
Bolt Pistol, Chainsword
Master of Command
35 pts

Company Commander
Bolt Pistol, Chainsword
31 pts

Troops: 218 pts

Infantry Squad
Missile Launcher team
Grenade Launcher
58 pts each

Infantry Squad
51 pts each

Fast Attack: 70 pts

2x Armored Sentinels
35 pts each

Dedicated Transport: 146 pts

2x Chimera
Heavy Bolter
73 pts each


I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, but I fear no evil because I brought artillery.  
Made in us
Been Around the Block

I haven't played nor am I sure of the rules you would be playing under. Not that I can point to anything specifically problematic with your list, other than I tend to shy away from multilasers and try to get more AP via bolters, las cannons, and plasma. If I were to take something from my larger army and stuff it into 500 points, i Might try something like the below. Don't consider it as a "use this" so much as a "what would these bring to the fight if they were used". And like I said, take it with a grain of salt because I'm not fully clear on the rules and format.

2x Company Commander, bolt pistol, power sword

Infantry Squad 1 & 2:
Bolter sergeant
Plasma special weapon
Bolter heavy weapon team
6 lasgun guys

Infantry Squad 3:
Bolter sergeant
Flamer special weapon
Missile Launcher heavy weapon team
6 lasgun guys

Dedicated Transports:
2xDakka chimeras, bolter turret, hull bolter, las arrays, heavy stubber

Fast Attack
2 Armored Sentinels with lascannons

2 astropaths with las pistols

I don't know if you can run regimental traits but I tend to run from Greater Good using Disciplined Shooters and Wilderness Survivors.

Hope some of that is useful, or at least worth a thought. Let us know what you end up running with and how it goes!
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

So your list has good board control (at 500 points, you betcha) with 2 tanks, 4 troop, a sentinal squad, and 2 officer. You have good anti-horde and anti-gaurd firepower. You lack anti-tank as it is, and you have spent way too many points on flamers (largely useless in gaurd hands in 8th) and voxcasters (because your 2 officers can issue 4 orders, enough for all 4 nearby gaurd units, without voxes.
You have no psyker potential and no astropath coverstrip (which is really quite nice for lasgun armies). Your transports are excellent at board control but not so hot at pumping out shots while on the move, they lose 1 point of to hit and that cripples their shooting. Similarly, the armored sentinals basically kill each 1 orc a turn, with that loadout, or maaaybe 2 gaurd, if they stand still, and roll really, really well.

All those multilasers ONLY work on hordes. They may chew up the odd orc pile, but you will cry the first time you use them on a marine primaris in cover, and realize you only wound him 2/3 of the time, and he saves 5/6th of the time, you only hit him HALF the time, and he has 2 wounds. So your chimera, both advancing, firing everything at a single primaris in cover, would hit him 2 times with multlaser, 2 times with heavybolter, and maybe 4 times with lasguns.
Which means, he needs to make 2 saves from multilaser (he has to not roll a 1 twice), 2 from heavy bolter (don't roll a 1 or 2 twice) and maybe 1 from the 4 lasguns (becaus they are that weak) (don't roll another 1).

Congrats. Your 146 points of rolling thunder put maybe 1 wound on 1 marine, and way less if he is ravengaurd.

So, I don't think your transports are going to accomplish much. I have had good luck with heavy flamer / heavy flamer / stormbolter chimera, though, but that's priceier. still, I feature it in my expample because it absolutely doesn't care about how fast you move or if you move, when shooting, so you can cram it down the enemy's throat, and flame on. (A glorious death for your chimera may well ensue!)
My suggestion isn't the most competitive army you could field, but its got the antitank better covered than you had -- and a few tricks built in with the astropaths and the first turn alpha strike artillery.

500 points.
66 for offciers as you like them, good.
20 poitns for a master of ordinance (he can fire a single salvo of six s8/-2/d3 shots anywhere he can see, and he can take orders to help his aim. Its especially wicked as cadian with the order to reroll all misses from a nearby officer. after that, he is good to sit in the chimera and work all the lasgun arrays..)
15 poitns astropath. (gives a squad -1 to be hit)
15 points other astropath (gives a squad +1 to save)
that's 116 points. But when you consider the gaurd can glom squads together, you could be talking (by turn 3) about 30 guys in cover with -1 to be hit and +1 to save, giving them an effective 3+ save. Blow a cp for the "go to ground" strategemy, and it becomes a 2+ save, which suddenly is about as hard to kill as anything in the game. Watch your opponents stare in horror as they miss gaurdsmen or fail to kill them with ap-1 weaponry. Laugh as bolter after bolter after bolter harmlessly kills 1/6th as many as the enemy needed dead.! Its awesome.

2 backfield gaurd squads. (missle launcher each) This is going to be the plinkfest when you glom them together,
2 frontfield gaurd squads (grenade launcher or flamer each, your choice, and a bolter for sargeant.) priced for grenades and bolters, that's 374 so far.
2 scout sentinals with missle launcher and hunterkiller missle each.
1 chimera with twin heavy flamer and stormbolter and hunterkiller missle (or no hunterkiller missle if you went flamers on the frontfielders).

This is 500 on the nose. your first salve is HUGE, you have 4 missles from the sentinals (who can move before the game to get in position to fire optimally, and who can use a strategem from PA the greater good to shoot at +2). You have another six shots from the master of ordinance, and you pack 2 missles in to back them up from the rear, and 2 grenades from the front. and a hk shot off the chimera. This is decent antiarmor for a 500 point game, not out the box incredible, but its going to leave a hole in your enemy's troop line, you hope.
The ability to use your gaurdsmen + astropaths as a very surprisingly resilient blob will be something most opponents don't expect, as you add squad after squad into it and the critical missle launchers and greande alaunchers are burried under a pile of expendable, but dug in, troopers with +saves, in cover, and -1 to be hit. This frustrates many opponents who thought gaurd just die. The sentinals keep firing from somewhere in the back, after having hopefully blown up your enemy's leman russ tank on the first turn.

a 500 point leman russ army you might face -- nothing special, not hard to put together, but its got enough tanks to do some damage and its hard to blow up tanks at 500 poitns, I suppose, if they are potentially being repaired and shielded by the astropath.
company commander
company commander with bolter (to signify he is warlord) (but no trait, as a second tank commander) and free relic (laurels of command)
3 squads barebones infantry (9 lasgun and a sarge)
leman russ battle tank with battlecannon and hull heavy bolter (tank commander .. -1 damage per shot incoming)
leman russ battle tank with battlecannon and hull heavy bolter (second tank commander .. -1 damage per shot incoming)
engenseer (for repairing the tanks)

or, maybe, someone would go with a parking lot backfield army like
CC (designated field commander of wrath of the emperor, with relic from that detachment to allow wyvern, below, to ignore cover on 1 target)
CC (warlord as above) (with the bolter to show he is the warlord)
master of ordinance
master of ordinance2 (each of the first 2 rounds, you can fire a salvo from one of them, six shots, for a cp.)
3 squads barebones infantry
basilisk (it has full payload tank ace)
wyvern (it has a tank ace as well, maybe the one that debuffs morale, and its likely this gun will fire ignoring cover every round)
heavy weapons squad with 3 mortars
.. while this army is starved for command points, it hits pretty well at range. starts with only 3 CP and spends 2 on the masters of ordinance, so really, its low!

Point is, I think you would be ok fighting either of these, even though you are not bringing the very traditional heavy artillery or heavy armor per se. So I reckon the suggestion army would be decent.
The flame chimera -- once it dumps out a squad somewhere up frontish, can run around with the master of ordinance on board and while its not the most incredible weapon in the game, its got 2d6 s5/-1/1 hits while in range, and the lasgun array, and the stormbolter, so it can do a number on weaker targets or incautious enemies that end up screened by some other unit and can't charge it from afar.

I pretty mcuh agree with what the "regularguy" post says -- this is just my own spin on it. Its a surprisingly solid little group if you run it as cadians, because you can get a lot of synergy out of your orders with the missles and the MoO. Disciplined shooters + wilderness survivors is a good mix too, but I confess I really like cadians for the rerolls and orders, and for interlocking fields of fire. Some of this is just plain individual style, but he and I both agree -- multilasers don't really perform, you end up paying 35 points to carry a 5 point weapon that doesn't do what you need, when a 10 poitn or 15 point weapon WOULD do it.

so yeah, I would rather have my sentinals well armed and be down one chimera, if need be.

I know I shouldn't post so often, but I really miss this game, or just going out, or fresh produce, or any of the comforts of life before we started living in the Corona-Grimdark. 
Made in us
Been Around the Block

Absolutely agree with Dukeofstuff on the potential of missile sentinels. I got turned on to the idea by this video from Mordian Glory, (https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BfurbnuROV0) but just haven't taken time to experiment with. Also agree Cadian is a strong choice, particularly for the reroll 1s with plasma.
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