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Slashing Veteran Sword Bretheren

I'm at your window

As the title say....any RPG's or players still here?

Tali'Zorah: I appreciate what you're doing here, Shepard.
Commander Shepard: Well, I care deeply about the quarian people.
Tali'Zorah: It's good to be back on the Normandy.
Commander Shepard: Let me know if it's too quiet for you to sleep, and I'll find you someplace louder.
Tali'Zorah: Hmm.
Garrus Vakarian: Uh, I was there when you two had your thing, remember? Just get a room and work it out. 
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Plummeting Black Templar Thunderhawk Pilot

Worcester, UK

I'm definitely thinking of starting doing Roleplays again, so … yes?

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Longtime Dakkanaut

You might get more responses in the board games and RPGs forum category.

I'd suggest also calling out your planned ruleset / game type if the game goes ahead (i.e. heavy rp or not, high/low level, setting, etc)
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