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Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Hello once again everyone, with the release of the new Admech Cavalry models I immediately jumped on board as I am a huge fan of them. Ever since the rule of 3 killed my idea of a pure Death Rider Army for my Krieg I now have the opportunity to run a massive amount at Calvary legally and I'm going to do it! Idea is to have an army built on speed and maneuverability backed up with some typical Admech Firepower. This is a first attempt at this list so please let me know what you guys think and thank you for posting!

DETACHMENTS: x1 Outrider, x1 Spearhead, x1 Air Wing
FORGEWORLDS: Metalica (Outrider, Spearhead). Data-Hoard w/ Magnabond Alloys, Servo Focused Auguries (Air Wing)


-Techpriest Dominus *Warlord*
w/ Divinations of the Magos

-x2 Techpriest Enginseers


-x3 Squads of 9 Serberys Raiders

-x3 Squads of 9 Serberys Sulphurhounds
*w/ x3 Phosphor Blast Carbines


-x3 Skorpius Disintegrators
*w/ Ferrumite Cannons


-x3 Archaeopter Stratoraptor
*w/ Chaff Launchers

(*NOTE: Pointing them up with the full cost for the heavy phosphor blasters as I feel it is a mistake that they are listed as zero points in the new book*)


7th Krieg Armored Division: 5,000pts.
Phaeton Skitarii Maniple 2,500pts. 
Made in ca
Regular Dakkanaut

Looks like a fun list. I like the mobility but some rangers could be handy to camp backfield. I haven't had to face off against the new units but I'm wondering if dunecrawlers outperform skorpius (skorpiuses, skorpii..? What is their plural? ) .
Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut


While I like the concept and it has some strong elements

more than 1 flyer seems excessive pre 9th

Pre Ninth your lacking CP

I would be interested in how it performs
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