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Donnie Ricketts was done taking orders from Bobbie Tarantine and the Double Deuces. He had his own juice, he didn’t need old Bobbie taking his cut off the top. Donnie had the muscle to take care of himself now, and he intended to show the old man how it was done in the Upper Eastside now. Of course, the Double Deuces wouldn’t like being cut out of the action. There would be some consequences.

Bobbie Tarantine and his Double Deuces have gotten wind that Tony Maloney is bringing a bag of cash to Donnie. This is their chance to send a message that Bobbie still has Donnie’s “best interests” at heart without causing too much of a mess. After all, Tony is just some small timer shilling cheap hooch on the side. Queennie, Push, and 2 Hearts head out to meet Tony on the road. He was visiting his old flame out in the sticks before bringing his stash into Donnie. Seemed like a good place to get the drop on him.

However, the Double Deuces snitch didn’t know that Tony had some of his pals along with him. Billie Bambino, “Big Knuckles” Smitty, and his squeeze Suzie Q were all out there with him. The group of Upper Eastsiders were coming up the dirt road with the bag, when the Double Dueces jumped ‘em!

This will be a game of Turf War using some of my Copplestone Casting Gangster models. I have had the models and gangs written up for a long time, but I have been slow to get in a game with them. I figured no time like the present!

The Score
The Score is the basic scenarios for a game of Turf War. Before the score, each gang puts up a piece of their Turf. Whoever wins the scenario will earn that turf from the opposing gang. The gang that puts up the Turf of the highest value gets to choose the scenario.

The Double Deuces wager a Gambling Den from Ricky Puzzino. The Upper Eastsiders wager their Cheap Hooch from Tony Maloney. The Gambling Den is worth far more so the Double Deuces reduce their risk or casualties and choose the Get The Bagman Score.

This one allows a handful of one gang to try and intercept a small number of the rival gang. In this case, Tony is carrying the cash from his Turf. The Double Deuces are trying to take him out before he can get across the board and deliver it.

In this case, the Score is taking place during Darkest Night, but it is a clear night. The gangsters are moving across a particularly dangerous stretch of the road. In this case it is bramble patches and swamps that count as dangerous terrain.


Double Deuces
Queenie- Femme Fatale- Tommy Gun
Rickie “Push” Puzzino- Shotgun- Gangster
Bobby “2 Hearts’ Henrizo- Dual Pistols

Upper Eastsiders
Big Knuckles Smitty- Revolver, Brass Knuckles- Gangster
Tony “Baloney” Maloney- Revolver, Knife- Hood
Tony “The Babe” Bambino- Bat, Snub Nose- Hood
Suzie “Q”- Pistol, First Aid Kit- Flapper

This will be on a 3x3 board with a dirt road curving around from one corner to the same corner on the opposite side. The side of the road with no road is a light woods. There are 3 swampy areas that the road is curving around. These swamps are dangerous terrain.

The Double Deuces start on the South side with Queenie and 2 Hearts near the road. Push is moving near the edge of the woods.

The Upper Eastsiders are coming in on the opposite side of the table. Tony and Billy are walking on the road. Meanwhile, Smitty and Suzi Q are off kanoodling in the field near the woods.
It is Darkest Night!

You can read the full report on the blog: https://bloodandspectacles.blogspot.com/2020/07/battle-report-turf-war-get-bagman.html

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