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i didn't know where I should put this but, this is a bit of background a wrote up about a custom space marine chapter. Coincidently I found a similar chapter idea on an old thread but I think that these guys are pretty unique. I wanted to put this out there for people to talk about how this might mess with some of the existing lore or not. Also if there are any really big problems that I've got going on with their story I'd like to hear your opinions.

here it goes....

In transit to the site of one of their many battles against the enemies of the Imperium, 100 Space Marines were sucked through a wormhole and crash landed on an uncharted planet in the Milky Way Galaxy. About 30 Space Marines were killed instantly. Led by Captain Voltarius and Apothecary Lamais the remaining 70 battle brothers ventured forth to explore the new world and hopefully be able to repair their ship and return to the Imperium. Even though the 30 battle brothers were killed, their gene seed was still able to be saved and stored for later use by the space marines. However due to the destruction of the engines on board the ship they could not leave the system. They did however have several small dropships and other non-warp craft

After leaving the ship in the care of the imperial forces, now numbering about 200, the 70 Space Marines came across a small village of primitive humans. They cowered in fear of the great warriors and rightly so, for the Space Marines were not able to fully trust if these humans would be free from the taint of Chaos. However, one young Space Marine, Septimus decided to try and teach the humans about the Emperor and the Imperium. Septimus, who had a natural gift for understanding languages quickly broke the language barrier and the humans started to explain what was going on.

Apparently the majority of the planet was under the control of the orks who used the humans as slaves. These humans had no knowledge fo life other then slavery and for thousands of years they were worked till the day they died by the orks. The Space Marines decided that they must purge the planet of the ork filth and try to establish an Imperial colony on the planet.

Captain Voltarius led his battle-brothers into battle against the orks and while they lost 40 battle-brothers they finally cornered the remaining orks in the Battle of Blood Gulch. It was a battle like none the humans of the world had ever seen. Hundreds of orks fell to the collective might of the Space Marines. But there remained one last stronghold. The central ork camp. Heavily fortified and up on a hill the remaining 200 orks prepared to fight to the last against the remaining space marines. But besides the immense firepower at the orks disposal there was one last trick up the Greenskins sleeve, a Leucocephalus, a 20 meter tall white beast covered in thick armor. The orks had used cruel and despicable tactics to tame the great creature and the ork warboss controlled it from an armored cockpit.

Captain Voltarius and Brother Septimus led 4 other marines to attack the beast. Swinging it’s spiked tail the beast impaled one marine. Another Marine’s chest was crushed by the beast’s claws as he hacked at the right leg. A third marine shot the beast’s left eye out and was quickly crushed by the beast’s powerful jaws. Voltarius, Septimus and the other Marine emptied their clips into the beasts chest and managed to cut one of its legs with their swords. The beast swung its tail, and smashed the Marine’s head in. Septimus and Voltarius then fought back to back, they killed the ork warboss in his cockpit but the beast still fought, now enraged at the two marines who were trying to kill it. Voltarius was knocked down and stunned. That's when Septimus then grabbed his last grenade and rushed at the beast with his sword. He charged forward fending off the claws of the beast when he at last reached the beast's belly where a bolter shell had taken a few scales off of the armored hide. Septimus placed his hand into the wound and held his grenade there. The grenade exploded, severing Septimus' hand just as the beast stabbed him through the chest. But the grenade worked, much of the beast’s armored hide had been destroyed leaving a gaping wound in its chest. With a great cry Voltarius came back to his feet and charged the beast. He fired his bolter until there were no rounds left, using it instead as a club and blocking the attacks of the beast. Thankfully, Apothecary Lamais and a squad of Marines arrived and distracted the beast. Finally, upon reaching the chest,Voltarius took out his last weapon, a long knife, and proceeded to hack and claw his way through the beast’s exposed flesh at the spot of the grenade explosion. Only when it was to late did the beast notice the Space Marine hacking away at its chest it turned it’s head to bite down on the offending creature but Voltarius saw the move and made one last attempt. Plunging his arm into the beast he began to hack away and with the grace of the Emperor, found it’s heart, killing the beast.

After the battle was over the Imperial forces collected themselves and made a head count. There were just twenty of them left. They proposed to create a new life on the planet. To educate this world and spread the Emperor’s light in this corner of the galaxy. The orks had some captured Imperial machines with them, not to mention the forges still intact on the ship. They would rebuild this war-torn world and wait for the Imperium to come to them. Until then the Space Marines trained, they recruited the youth of the world and slowly, over thousands of years were able to self-replicate their squads to maintain a standing force 20-30 Space Marines.

Or so the legend goes. There came a time when no one remembered the actual events, but the stories that were told from generation to generation. Did Captain Voltarius really defeat a giant monster with a knife. Probably not, but the Space Marines didn’t care. They were no longer concerned with the truth of how they came to be but of what they came to be.

In the year 873.41M a Rogue Trader by the name of Cornelius Reginald. While scouting possible new trade routes Reginald came across the Human-Space Marine settlement. He reported his finding to a nearby Astra Militarum regiment who made contact with the Humans and Space Marines. Word was sent back to Terra of this new planet and its unusual characteristics. The series of planets now called the Voltaren system, in honor of the Space Marine Captain who liberated it, were officially integrated into the Imperium in 884.41M. As one of the planets in the Voltaren system. Voltaren Inferior was rich in natural minerals and an Adeptus Mechanicum forge-world was set up there. Voltaren Superior the main planet became the Capital and the Space Marines were given the moon of Nuntius “The Messenger'' and built their Fortress-Monastery there. The Praetors were then allowed to create their own chapter, albeit one of dubious origin, and by the Indomitus Crusade had finally brought themselves to the 1000 man limit.

Praetors of the Void
Chapter Master: Lucius Zahir
Chapter Symbol: A fist clutching a crescent moon.

Squad Symbol: Roman Numerals on the right shoulder on top of the specialty symbol.
Company Symbol: Roman numerals on the left knee.
Battle cry: “Kill for the Living!, Fight for the Dead!”
Meaning of the Name: The Praetors of the Void chose their name from their origin and how they came “Out of the Void” and were spared by the Emperor’s Guidance. They also see their mission to bring new worlds to the Imperium.
The Heralds of the Void: The twenty best of the chapter are sent out into the Immaterium to hopefully find a new world and create an Imperial outpost and then reconnect with the Imperium much like their genetic forefathers. These Space Marines are chosen from the 1st Company and have to compete in the Void Trials.
The Void Trials: At the start of the first year of each century the Void Trials begin with the 100 Space Marines of the first company fighting their brothers in simple tunics, no armor, in a large maze. The goal is to knock out your opponents and on the count of ten, if the knocked out Marine doesn’t stir he is transported out and immediately. The twenty Space Marines who are left at the end of the tournament are named Heralds of the Void and are honored throughout the year. If the situation is normal then at the end of the year the 20 Heralds of the Void will set out on their mission, however, if they have been called to participate in a crusade or the Voltaren system is threatened they wait till the time is right for them to depart. Also if one of the Heralds should die in that year then they are replaced by the 21st man left standing in the Void Trials and so on and so forth.

Secret stuff (shhh it’s a secret)
Primarch: Horus Luperchal (Yikes! They do hate him though, very very very much.)
Progenitor Legion: Luna Wolves, Don’t worry their geneseed does not have mutations and is completely pure.
Mortal Enemy: The Black Legion, being ex-Luna Wolves themselves they hate Abaddon and seek to destroy his vicious machinations.
The Absolution Crusade: This has only happened once and involved the last of the old unsanctioned and imperfect Praetors (about 20 marines) going into the Void to find Black Legionaries to kill. This was to atone in their own way for the sins of Horus Luperchal and his Traitor Astartes of whom they were related to.
Meaning of the Chapter symbol- Represents the chapter’s oath to destroy their traitor Astartes brothers (the Luna in Luna Wolves is the crescent) who betrayed the Emperor even when those who were so far from the light of the Imperium did not stray from the path.
The Inquisition What do they know?: The Inquisition knows that this chapter self-replicated itself but due to an agreement made with the Adeptus Mechanicus, the Inquisition does not know the true nature of the chapter's gene-seed. The Inquisition is still suspicious of this chapter that self-replicated itself but considering that they do not seem to have any pretensions to power or be suspected of genetic corruption by the Adeptus Mechanicus the Chapter is tolerated.... For now....
Belisarius Cawl's involvement in the Chapter: Archmagos Belisarius Cawl, being interested in using traitor legions geneseed for his Primaris Marines, has made a deal with the Praetors of the Void. The Praetors give Cawl's allies their geneseed for "analysis", these tech-priests then pass some of the geneseed onto Cawl after giving the Praetors geneseed the okay. Belisarius Cawl produces specified Primaris Marines for the chapter while keeping some of the geneseed for himself to experiment on. It is currently unknown if Roboute Guillaman is aware of this or if Cawl has kept it a secret from the Ultramarines Primarch. As far as the other Adeptus Astartes chapters are concerned, the Praetors of the Void are a loyal, albeit mysterious, chapter. However, secrecy amongst chapters is commonplace and nothing beyond mild curiosity is directed at the Praetors from their brother Astartes.

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I like it! Particularly this bit...

The Space Marines decided that they must purge the planet of the ork filth and try to establish an Imperial colony on the planet.

Very grimdark of course, they're not exactly being rescued... just, under new management.

There is one possible flaw with the backstory - typically, Marines don't have anywhere near the resources to replicate their own geneseed. Instead they can only implant new warriors with the geneseed from a fallen Brother, it's a one-for-one deal. That means either you need some explanation for the Marines being able to create their own geneseed, or you'd be limited to the Chapter only being 100-strong at most.
The former doesn't seem likely thanks to the planet's somewhat limited resources, and the Inquisition being very unlikely to approve of self-replication for any Chapter, let alone one descended from a Traitor Legion.

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