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Jinking Ravenwing Land Speeder Pilot

The Mawpath of Glungrakk the Fearless continues, but the Meatfist Ogors have found themselves deep in Maggotkin territory…

The Story So Far
Slaughtermaster Vagoc had not been having a good time. He had failed to gain leadership of the warglutt and Glungrakk’s return had come with a good beating that he had barely survived. Having recovered somewhat, thanks to various broths of his own devising that he had made with the Great Mawpot, he reassessed his position.

As the warglutt’s only Slaughtermaster, he was vital to Glungrakk’s success but the Tyrant could not yet trust him and had obvious doubts about his capabilities. There was no choice but for Vagoc to assemble his Goremand and lead an assault into Maggotkin territory. A good victory would allow him to regain his vaunted position within the warglutt and set all the Meatfist Ogors back on the right track.

Unfortunately, in his eagerness, Vagoc wandered a little too far into Nurgle-held territory. The Ogors set up camp and started brewing a strong broth from the Mawpot. Vagoc reclined against a smooth rock as he chewed a leg bone, idly thinking that this leadership lark was not so tough, when dark clouds gathered overhead, diseased spores started erupting from the nearby trees and a sonorous bell tolled in the distance. Through the undergrowth and rising mists, he saw a hunched figure atop an emaciated horse pointing at him. Its voice travelled across the battlefield.

‘You should not be hereeeee…’

The full report and lots more piccies can be found at: https://ttgamingdiary.wordpress.com/2020/09/08/battle-report-take-and-hold/

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