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Regular Dakkanaut

Hello Dakka Dakka Breachers!

We have a podcast called The Other Coast covering the Malifaux and The Other Side meta in Los Angeles. If you're into either of those games, and you like mediocre podcasts, check us out here:


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Regular Dakkanaut

Been forgetting to update episode releases here. We've got a bunch on our anchor site, but this is the newest just out today!

Jeff, Jim, and Colgan discuss the role damage plays in games of Malifaux and how to evaluate models based on their potential damage output.
This episode is the second in our Malifaux Bootcamp series, primarily meant for beginners. Experienced players will already be familiar with the concepts though they may still find our primitive notions amusing.
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Regular Dakkanaut

It's an off week for The Other Coast's normal release schedule, but Jim has got you covered! In this, the second You Make the Call, he explores the wonderful world Malifaux rules and explains why Blast markers might stick around longer than you think.

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Regular Dakkanaut

I keep forgetting to update here, but our Malifaux podcast is still going strong.

Jeff and Colgan discuss the Arcanist Faction upgrades: When do they take them, which models they benefit, and how they stack up against other Faction upgrades.

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Regular Dakkanaut

Jeff and Colgan, with their combined experience of 0 years of industry experience as tabletop wargame designers give their views on how to address issues with Versatile keyword models in Malifaux.

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Regular Dakkanaut

Often forget to update here, but still going strong. On Episode 26 now.

Jeff and Colgan discuss the current state of the Malifaux meta at their local store compared to their expectations for what it should be.

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