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40k general discussion has a bullying and harassments problem.  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Not sure how it should be handled, but I was somehow getting gak on in a thread i wasn't participating.
There are cliques of people who cant stay on topic, they just aim to destroy, ridicule, harass and bully certain people.

I can't seem to post anything on that forum without someone gaking on me,,, usually unrelated to the topic of the thread. I am honestly disillusioned by the 40k general chat board... If you take an objective look at the posts from the past week its quite obvious. I am not the only who seems to get gak on... not sure if this has always been a problem or if its recent... but i think it needs a really good looking into.

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As an aside, as "infinite" rolls is actually impossible even if the FAQ "allows" it, then it will always be a non-zero chance to pass them all. Eventually the two players will die. If they pass the game on to their decendents, they too will eventually die. And, at the end of it all, the universe will experience heat death and it, too, will die. In the instance of "infinite" hits, we're talking more of functional infinity, rather than literal.

RAW you can't pass the game onto descendants, permissive ruleset. Unless we get an FAQ from GW.
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 Type40 wrote:
Not sure how it should be handled, but I was somehow getting gak on in a thread i wasn't participating. .

The reason for that was explained to you in the thread, if somewhat more bluntly than would be ideal. You started the thread, it came across as somewhat confrontational, and people took exception to that perceived attitude.

If your posts are being received negatively, you can choose to assume that the problem is with everyone else, or you can take a look at the way you are posting and try to use a less confrontational tone. One of those approaches will result in a more positive experience. The other will not.

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