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Made in fi
Regular Dakkanaut

So congrats. You become a lost Primarch and get a Legiones Astartes.

Now you need to roll some dice on your Primarch powers and legion.


Roll a 20 sided die. Reroll for 2 and 11. If you get for instance 9, you get powerset similar to sanguinius.

Roll the same style die on the legion and you gets its specialization.

Roll a 13 sided die for legion size. 1 is 80000, 13 is 200000 and everything between is the next ten thousand from the previous one.

Then for fleet size, roll a die with 10 sides. 1 is 150 ships, 2 is 250 ships, 3 is 300 ships, 4 is 400 ships, 5 is 600 ships, 7 is.800 ships, 9 is 900 ships, 10 is 1200 ships.

Then three scenariow:

You get sent to 40k verse with your legion at moment of your own choosing

You+your legion get sent to another fictional setting (your favourite and then the last movie you watched)

What will you do?


Now I will roll my die.

For Primarch power I got 4 so Perturabo's instant learning, technological and logistical genius and hardiness.

For legion size I got 150000. So a decent sized legion.

For a specialization I got 10 so bionics. Fits well with my own Primarch powers.

For fleet size I got 800 which is quite large.

Now in 40k verse I wil spawn me and my legion the moment the Empz declares the Great Crusade. I will be going to Colchis and perform Exterminatus on the entire planet taking out the seed of Horus Heresy by removing Lorar, Erebus and Khor Phaeron from the picture.

For last movie I watched, it's Captain America: Winter Soldier so I will take out Hydra and all Earth based threats in a quick action before moving onto destroying Thanos and his entire army.

My favourite fictional setting? Metal Gear?

Well the Patriots get Exterminatus the entire planet gets brought into my rulership.
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