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Skashran the Bloodthirster has made the decision to ignore wandering warbands of Orruks and instead focus on finding the Blood Shard of Isile – the artefact that Khorne sent him to the Realm of Fire to find in the first place. And it looks like his Doomguard have found a lead…

The Story So Far
While Skashran was finishing off the remnants of the Bonesplitterz warband, his Flesh Hounds had roamed far, their daemonic senses hunting down conduits of magic that ran like veins beneath the surface of the Realm of Fire. The right combination of arcane pathways could lead to artefacts of great power and if the Blood Shard of Isile was close, the Doomguard could be guided right to it.

Of course, Skashran and his daemons were not the only ones questing to find the Blood Shard, and the Stormcast Eternals of the Hammers of Sigmar, led by Lord Malachitus, had drawn the same conclusions.

So it was that the two warbands met at a nexus of magical conduits, centred around the Eternity Stair, an ancient fulcrum of power. Skashran looked up at the sky as it darkened, black clouds swirling over head as lightning cracked and struck the ground over and again. Through the gathering storm, he saw figures in golden armour stride confidently towards him.

Victory here would give one warband a head start in the race to find the Blood Shard, and the Hammers of Sigmar had come loaded for daemon-hunting…

For the full report: https://ttgamingdiary.wordpress.com/2020/11/26/path-to-glory-lines-of-power/

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