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Made in de
Longtime Dakkanaut

Another scenario for Walking Dead fans. This time the very best of the Emprah's soldiers have to deal with the plague-ridden menace.

So far ONLY one turn has been uploaded.

WH 40K 3rd-6th Custom.

Mission Objective:
An airplane loaded with important cargo has been shot down by Nurgle cultists. The Catachans were sent to retrieve any cargo containers which weren't destroyed by the air plane's destruction. What makes matters problematic is the fact that the sector in which the airplane crashed is overrun by a horde of plague zombies.

Game Duration (Random Game Duration) :
5 Turns + XTurns.

Mission Victory Conditions:
Will be written down in a few days.

Mission Special Rules:
Rampant zombie hordes enter the battlefield by the minute. Therefore the Catachans have only a limited amount of turns to secure the cargo pieces until they run out of ammo and have to withdraw.

Whenever a zombie unit is removed from play it automatically reenters play in the following turn from one of the three entry points in the deployment zone of the horde. Entry location is randomized and only one unit may enter through a specific entry point in a turn. So the maximum amount of returning zombie units in a single turn would be three.

When plague zombie units suffer model losses then the casualties are ALWAYS taken from the back of the unit. This represents the fact that the zombies quickly climb over their fellows' mangled bodies to close the distance to their meal.

Cargo pieces may be moved by infantry units. A model from a unit must be in b2b contact with the cargo piece at the end of it's turn & not bound in close combat in order to transport it.
The cargo may be transported more swiftly over the battlefield. In order to do so a unit has to form a queue and the cargo is handled from model to model. However at the end of a unit's turn only one model may be in possession of a cargo piece.
A cargo piece is considered to be retrieved when a model handling a cargo piece is within 2 inch of a cargo container.
A model which handles a cargo piece in a turn may not use any ranged attacks. This restriction may be ignored, if a unit has been successfully given an order by either a Platoon or Company Command and therefore gets the opportunity to be activated for a 2nd time in the same turn though it's action are limited due to the nature of the order.

Link to album:

All pics have been uploaded.

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Made in de
Longtime Dakkanaut

Feedback would be appreciated.
Made in gr
Hardened Veteran Guardsman


Interesting pictures, I would like to find out more. Also I like the helicopter how did you incorporate that into the rules or did it simple count as a Valkerie?

Made in de
Longtime Dakkanaut

Ah, thanks for responding to my request.

The model named as a "Catachan Gunship" has the profile of a Space Marine Landspeeder armed with an assault cannon and a typhoon missile launcher but with BS3.

The "Drone" (small heli) is an upgrade for the command squad and is controlled by the guardsman equipped with the vox caster. It has to stay in LOS to the model with the vox caster and the Drone's LOS can be used to convert INDIRECT artillery fire into DIRECT artillery fire.
Artillery which want to benefit from this rule has to either stay in 12" from the vox caster or have a vox caster as equipment too to maintain communication.
If the vox caster is removed from play, the Drone is programmed to return to base which means it will be removed too.
It has the statline of a Tau drone with BS2 and is armed with a storm bolter.

I have another heli model which equals the size of the big heli shown in the batrep but it still needs to be assembled and painted.

Again, thanks for the feedback. The next turn will be shot and uploaded in a couple of days. It is important to know that people give a damn about the stuff you post because otherwise you lack the motivation to continue with the project.

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Made in ie
Hardened Veteran Guardsman


No problem, I like to reply to batreps like your one as I'm an old gamer who likes words and pictures rather than videos. I like the special rules you've incorporated into the game as well. Keep it up.

Made in de
Longtime Dakkanaut

Yep, the first battle report I have read was in WD:
40K 2nd Blood Angles vs. Orks

Cpt. Tycho was removed from play due to an Ork psychic power. This incidence was used to turn him into a special character.
Made in gb
Wing Commander

Bristol (UK)

This is a very cool idea of a scenario.
I will likely be stealing this as inspiration for a Necromunda scenario.
Made in de
Longtime Dakkanaut

Thanks for the praise. How will this Necromunda scenario play out?
Made in de
Longtime Dakkanaut

I did two mistakes during turn 5. First, the Sentinel fired on Overwatch while being in close combat (not allowed) and second the Drone flew out of it's operator's LOS. Anyway, have fun with the BatRep.
Made in de
Longtime Dakkanaut

The whole game has been uploaded.

This scenario was the easiest one so far due to the liberal use of the Imperial Guard order system. I will next time restrict the orders more severely corresponding to which command (FIRST FIRE, ADVANCE & CHARGE) has been given to the UNIT.

Plasma guns were really suicide weapons when used by Imps. Therefore I will reintroduce the "Low Power" option provided from one of the old In Nomine Imperatoris books.

Also special mention goes to blast weapons. Just don't use 'em when you are too close to the target.

The suppression system (tokens placed upon command markers) was used for the first time in one of my games and it felt immersive enough. Now I have to determine how units are affected who have ranged attacks.

But all in all it was a fun game and blasting zombies with the Gunship was great. Have to paint the other one who is still stuck in the sprues.
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