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Made in us
Hacking Interventor

2000 point ultramarines - 15CP

Supreme Command Detachment

Lord of War
Roboute Guilliman 380 points
King chungus is the focus of this list.

Battalion Detachment

Chief Librarian Tigerius 135 points
Let’s use all the Ultramarine bonuses.

Primaris Chaplain 85 points
Seal of Oath
Makes king chungus’s deathball party harder

Bladeguard Squad 105 points
3 Bladeguard

Bladeguard Squad 105 points
3 Bladeguard
The core of king chungus’s death ball

Redemptor Dreadnought 175 points
Fragstorm Launchers, Heavy Onslaught Cannon, Heavy flamer
I probably need something to deal with hoards

Aggressor squad 120 points
3 Agressors, flamestorm gauntlets.
They can also party with king chungus, and can handle some crowd control.


Assault Intercessors 115
5 Assault intercessors, Thunderhammer

Assault Intercessors 115
5 Assault intercessors, Thunderhammer
I know the thunderhammers are expensive, but this lets them take objectives, and act in an anti-tank role

Intercessor Squad 105 points
5 Intercessors, grenade launcher

Intercessor Squad 105 points
5 Intercessors, grenade launcher
These guys hold my objectives, provide fire support

Infiltrator Squad 130 points
5 infiltrators, helix guantlet.
Get me on an objective early, mess with enemy deployments

Fast Attack

Invader ATV 85 points
Fast anti-tank

Heavy Support

Eradicators 120 points
3 Eradicators

Eradicators 120 points
3 Eradicators
Best anti-tank in the game

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Made in hk
Steadfast Ultramarine Sergeant

I think it maybe best to drop a squad of Assault Intercessor, and take an Chief Apothecary. You won't regret by the time he brings back an Aggressor / Eradicators or Bladeguard.
Made in us
Nervous Accuser

Atlanta, Ga

I second the suggestion for the Chief Apothecary.

One has to wonder. Do the Tyranids consider drop-assault troops... fast food? 
Made in us
Stalwart Ultramarine Tactical Marine


Your list has a lot of melee teeth, do you find you are able to get in close enough to make good use of it?

I struggle to find the balance when I'm making my Ultra lists, either its all shooting or way too much melee.

(Also due to covid i haven't been able to play so who knows how they preform)

One day I'll put something funny here. 
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

As many said, Chief Apoth

I'd remove the Aggressors honestly though. They don't do much (bolter or flamer) to reliably get rid of much more then intercessors, and will have an issue keeping up with Guilliman
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