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Okay, I've been out of the hobby for a long time, but plastic sisters brought me back. This is the tournament list I am working towards. The Missionary and Repentia Superior ride in the rhinos with the repentia. Celestine, the Imagifier and the Cannoness and the Celestians ball up and advance. The Battle Sisters squads play objectives. The Seraphim and Retributors deep strike and destroy stuff. Let me know what you think:

Order of the Bloody Rose 1998 points
The Passion Sacred Rite

Warlord Cannoness with Blessed Blade, Wrath of the Emperor, Indominable Belief. 60 Points

Celestine 170 Points
2 Geminae Superia 36 Points

Imagifier with Beacon of Faith, Book of Saint Lucius, Tale of the Warrior 45 Points

Celestian squad (9) With heavy flamer, flamer, superior with inferno pistol and power sword, Simulcrum Imperialis. 138 Points

Sister squad (5) with Heavy Bolter 65 Points
Sister squad (5) with Heavy Bolter 65 Points
Sister squad (5) with Heavy Bolter 65 Points
Sister squad (5) with Heavy Bolter 65 Points

Sister Repentia (9) 135 Points
Sister Repentia (9) 135 Points
Missionary 45 Points
Repentia Superior 40 Points
Rhino 78 Points
Rhino 78 Points

Seraphim Squad (5) with 2 sets of Inferno Pistols 95 Points
Seraphim Squad (5) with 2 sets of Flamer Pistols, Superior has Power Sword and Plasma Pistol 93 Points
Exorcist 195 Points
Exorcist 195 Points
Retributor Squad (7) with 4 Multi-Melta, 2 Cherubs 174 Points

2 Death Cult Assassins 26 Points

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Man, that's the joy of Anime! To revel in the complete and utter wastefullness of making an unstoppable nuclear-powered combat andriod in the shape of a cute little girl, who has the ability to fall in love and wears an enormous bow in her hair.  
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