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Because I love you guys so much - here is another battle report for the masses (it seems you guys like a more narrative aspect so enjoy).

Battle Report: The Quelling of Belor IV

Battle report images can be found at:


Magos Dominus Techi has had ambitions for quite some time - and the conquest of this planet and this city would be her stepping stone to greatness. The Warmaster ordered - no - decreed that the city be taken as a launching point for his forces as the moon of Belor IV had many factories and generators that could be used to build machines for the warmaster. The city itself was quiet - destroyed - but silent. All sound gone naught but the clanking of her Castellax robots and Thallax cohort. Schooled in the arts of cybernetica - she knew how to program these machines to not only do her bidding, but to fire more effectively and often. Her student, Suri, also was a Magos Dominus in training, and while she knew he too had ambitions of grandeur, he was skilled enough that she could see it happen. He stood amongst the shadow of his personal Thanatar, fixing its gears.

Looking at her devices on the Abeyant, she had noticed an abnormality amongst the readings - as one of the Thallax cohort mysteriously vanished. Pulling up the pict feeds that would be transferred over the noos-sphere, she saw the grainy image of their patrol formation slowly walking. Scrubbing through the feed - she found the reason why they had gone silent - a large custodian power sword struck through the center chest of the thallax as the vid feed cut off immediately. Without saying anything, she burst code to her student and the nearby cohort to stand ready - as the city would yet again hear the noise of battle.


Taking his sword out of the chest of the Thallax that his squad slew silently, Liruc heard the whining of cores being activated in the area.

Chuckling, Sarut walked near him, cleaning his blade.

“Not as quite as you thought Liruc,” and while his brother was masked, he could hear the smirk underneath

“No I am not Sarut,” smiled Liruc, “but had you been a better help maybe the thallax would not have given us such a problem.”

“You wound me Liruc. I would have thought you could handle such a machine easily!”

Putting the verbal joust aside - Liruc peered over the cathedral walls cross the ruined plaza - seeing shapes moving across the terrain taking positions. Presence now known, he voxed the rest of his strike squad to prepare for the attack. Each squad had their predetermined locations to capture and hold, and began to move into positions. A light blue shine began to reflect on the walls of the cathedral - bathing them in eerie blue plasma glow. Looking up, he saw the Plasma Bombard of a Thanatar announce the commencement of the attack.

“Well Sarut, it seems they had the quicker breath, let it be their last”


**1500 battle between Dark Mechanicum and Talons of the Emperor**

Mission Parameters - In an attempt to clear the city of Dark Mechanicum forces for the landing of the Imperial Fists - a small detachment of Custodes was sent out to wipe out any traitorous filth and hold key drop points. Each objective is scored at the end of each turn for 1 point. You roll a d6 - on a 1-5 that objective is the priority objective and is worth 3 Victory points. On a 6, the central objective is worth 5 while the rest are 0.

Turn 1: Talons of the Emperor
The strike force quickly swept up the board in an attempt to capture the nearest two landing zones for their forces. Mostly just running and taking cover - their shields were glistening in the rubbles dust as if to prepare for the immediate bombardment from the Thanatars plasma weaponry. Meanwhile the Aquillon busted through the walls of the cathedral in a mighty display - shattering the bricks that had been laid mere centuries before.

Turn 1: Dark Mechanicum
Seeing the encroaching Custodes force - The Magos issued coded commands to her Cybernetic cohort. Dark lances whipped out from the castellax in an unholy azure specter under the command of the Magos Domini, while the Magos under her strict tutalege Suri directed her Thanatar to lay waste to them with plasma as well. The Aquillons took a large brunt of firepower, but for the fate of the Emperor was with them as their shields flared and wistood the withering firepower laid upon them - to a point as a closer glance would show a deeply wounded Aquillon. Meanwhile, the Thallax and remaining Castellax continued to sprint forward in an attempt to capture the landing zones and catch the flanking custodes off guard.

Turn 2: Talons of the Emperor
Shield Captain Aeneas and his loyal heteron guard stay in orbit - as he saw no need to strike with power yet. The Custodes strike force again run up the board - taking precise pot shots as they advance through the rubble. Yet even with the precision of a Custodes warrior, their blessed bolts could not penetrate the thick armour plating of the Dark Mechanicum forces. The Aquillon Terminators set their feet firm, and take and hold a position near the middle for eh battlefield to assist their shield brethren on the flank - sensing the danger a charging Castellax can be.

Turn 2: Dark mechanicum
Again, Magos Dominus Techi and her student Suri shuffle around to take better shots at these thrice-damned warriors. Magos Techi begins her unholy incantation and begins to override the Castellaxs’ firing system and allow it to dangerously double fire - however as the dark lances again pierced across the field and hit into the Aquillons with an unholy, azure glow, the Aquillons still stood holding firm (editors comment: dear lord for some odd reason 4+ was being rolled like a 2+). Seeing the frustration of his teacher at the ineffectiveness of the guns - Suri directs his Thanatar to lay fire into the aquillons, and under the deadly fire of Bolt Cannon and plasma, a brave Aquillon finally buckled under the strain and fell to the ground - wounded gravely, but still fighting. Seeing this oppertunity, the Thallax poured their foul Lightinig Guns into the Aquillon, and as the foul beams hit his armour - he had finally collapsed - silenced. The castellax - sensing blood - charge the flanking custodian shield guard in an effort to dislodge them from the ruins they took cover in - but the Custodians, quite practiced in defensive arts, raised their shields and deflected the blows quite easily. Sadly, in taking such a defensive stance, their returning blows were ineffective against the Castellax as well. A lone Vorax, that had been running on low power, registers that battle close by, and outflanks behind the Shield Guard in the back and lays out a heavy dose of poisoned Rotor Cannon fire - almost felling a custodian in sheer weight of fire!

Turn 3: Talons of the Emperor
Nodding his head to the Tech Adept - shield Captain Aeneas felt his insides twist as he was dislocated through space and time from his warship in space to the city down below. With a clap of thunder and light - Aeneas and his three heteron guard land in the dead center of the battlefield - almost as a taunt to the Dark Mechanicum they faced. The Aquillons, knowing their leader and his guard could handle themselves readily, moved to the flank to assist the Custodes shield guard as they would buckle under pressure soon enough. The Aquillons charge over barricade and rubble into the castellax, and while a castellax was fast enough to pull the head off one of the Aquillon terminators with its heavy shock gauntlets, the Aquillons had swift and absolute vengeance as their Solorite Gauntlets literally ripped the automata down to its barest components. Meanwhile, the back shield guard whose had been tasked with holding the back drop site charge the outflanked vorax in an effort to remove any possible threat from the rogue creature - felling the foul mechanical beast; but, not before its scythed hands cut down the warrior that it had wounded so heavily before.

Turn 3: Dark Mechanicum
Magos Techi was taken aback - as she was already calculating success agains the Talon force on the battlefield, however, her calculations did not take into account reinforcements. Overriding their protocols yet again, Magos Techi lined the thallax in front of her Automata retinue in an attempt to slow the advance of the elite Heteron guard that had just materlized. He long ago replaced eyes blurred as enough firepower to wreck a contingent of predator-class tanks was poured into the target - but - as her sight quickly recovers from the mass firepower displayed - she screeched in fury as it seemed only one Heteron guard had been wounded (editors note: bruh......BRUH.... 4++ rolled like 2++... nuts)

Turn 4 - Talons of the Emperor
Sensing that he needed to break the defensive line quickly to get to the Magos Dominus - Shield Captain Aeneas with his Heteron Guard and Aquillons charge into the line of thallax - wasting no time slicing them component from component with sacred paragon blades and powerful Solarite Gauntlets. One of the Heteron guard stumbled on the ruins as a Thallax cut into him with his bladed gun, but the end result was all the same - the Thallax lay in ruin as the Captain and his men stood one last time to face the fire of the Dark Mechanicum. The rest of the Talon force began to settle and fortify their positions as they knew the battle would now be shifted to the front line more then ever.

Turn 4: Dark Mechanicum
In one last desperate attempt, Magos Techi tried to halt the advance by overriding every firing system there was, dangerously rapid firing plasma and dark lances at the Aquillon terminators that seemed to post a much greater threat then the elite Heteron guard. When the azure flash died down - there was nothing left of the Aquillon unit but a smoldering crater. Suri, in an attempt to protect his master, or foolishly gain favor, charged with the last remaining forces of the dark mechanicum. As the Automata smashed into the line - a heteron guard was slain outright but the sheer brutality of a smashing fist, while another was left heavily wounded but the vice like grips of the shock claws. The Rad grenades that Suri had equipped had done its work in weakening the toughness of the Heteron guard. However, he was not expecting the custodes to be so deft with their paragon blades, as Shield Captain Aeneas and the remaining Heteron Guards expertly weaved around the robots wiring and open circuitry, and cut them down - leaving Suri alone with Aeneas. Before Suri could even call back to his master for help, Aeneas whipped out his spear, and lopped off the head of the Dark Mechanicum Magos.

Turn 5 - Talons of the Emperor and Dark Mechanicum
Seeing just the Magos left on the battlefield - Shield Captain Aeneas and the Heteron Guard charged in. With one last trick up her sleeve, Magos Techi activated her own rad grenades in an attempt to slay the squad - and while she was able to grip a Heteron guard with her machinator array and rip him limb from limb with her power weapon - Aeneas was still standing - and angry that yet another one of his brethren had fallen to this Dark Mechanicum Magos

Seeing that Magos Techi would be difficult to take out, Aeneas put himself in a precarious situation and thrust his spear straight through the abeyant - and while a dangerous move - the tactic paid off as the spear went straight through the abeyants armour and into the Magos that rode atop it. In a small explosion both abeyant and Magos slumped down the the ground - finally still.


Crawling on the ground, Magos Dominus Techi peered up at her killer and spat.

“Your false Emperor will die at the Warmasters feet slave, the true Omnissiah will reveal himself and wipe hi-“

The blade tip of the shield captain quickly lashed out, and severed Techi’s head from her frame, silencing whatever insult she would lay at the feet of the shield Captain. Shield Captain Aeneas looked around and saw that his force was already planting the responder beacons to call in the reinformcent and invading force to reclaim the planet for the Emperor. He peered slowly into the sky seeing the dusky red moon - his next target.

“Strike force - after planting these beacons await the arrival of the Imperial Fist - I will meet you onboard the “Relucant Mercy” for debrief and our next task.”

Pips of confirmations dotted his helmet HUD, and he slowly kneeled upon the ruin city to be teleported once again into the heavens. His job was far from over.

Edit: I should point out that the terrain is from Gamemat.eu and Battlefield in a box. I am not sponsored by gamemat, and had to purchase the terrain with my own monies. The reason I say this is because when I say I actually love their terrain - I don’t want you guys to think I am being paid to say that lol. It was packed super nicely, and really just pop out of box and play. Plus if I wanted to repaint them, its super easy too as well. So yeah if you are busy, and just want pre-painted terrain - gamemat is legit the absolute best for its price and shipping. Also it got to my door quick. Mat is from GW’s board set - they are super nice

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