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Made in us
Omnipotent Necron Overlord

Supreme command
Rowboat Gman (Warlord)

Tiggy (MOH, Nullzone, Psychic fortress)
Primaris Tech Marine (Mast of the forge) (Relic: Adamantium Mantle)(Warlord trait: Warden of the ancients)
Primaris Chaplain on Bike (Seal of oath)(Catechism of fire)

5x Assault Intercessors
5x Intercessors w/Autobolter
5x Intercessors w/Stalker bolt rifle

Redemptor dread w/ Heavy Onslaught, Onslaught, Storm bolters, Missile pod
Redemptor dread w/ Heavy Onslaught, Onslaught, Storm bolters, Missile pod
Redemptor dread w/ Plasma, Onslaught, Storm bolters, Missile pod

6x Space Marine Bikes w/2x Plasma Guns
1x Attack Bike w/Multi Melta

3x Attack Bikes w/ Multi melta

Plan is to send tiggy/techy/and rowboat out with the redemptors to just dominate 1 front of the table. The bikes and marines do their best to contest /support the big boys on the other side with seal of oath taking out their biggest threat.. Possible attack bike flank bike flank. Entire army is core however so really lots of ways to break it up - Gman can take central position is give 24" D reroll 1's buff as well. Haven't been playing marines since the whining got really heavy. I really just miss playing my blue boys. This seems pretty friggen brutal.

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