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Made in ca
Regular Dakkanaut

Hey all,

Just sorting through various elements of the pile of unpainted judgement, and think I'd like to swap for new piles of unpainted judgement. Here's what I'm after.

Warcaster: ISA, and Wave 2 Aeternus or Empyreans, if you're having KS regret.

Aurora 1, Axis, Lucant, Orion
Reflex, Elimination, Accretion Servitors
Obstructors, Reductors
Inverter, floaty heavies, floaty lights
TEP, Prime Conflux

Caine 3, Blaize, Jakes 2
Hammerfall Siege Crawler
Ace, Gallant
Cormier, Throne, Alexia 3
Lost Souls, Precursors, Vigilants, Resolutes, Thorn Gun Mages

Helga 1, Razor Boars, Battle Boar
Commandos, Valkyries
Warlord, Maximus, Rorsch+Brine

And here's what I'm looking to find new homes for:

Warcaster Aeternus:
Gencon Marauder, Marauder, Grafter
Scourge A, weapons A, 2x weapons B
Witch Hunters, 2x Reavers

Mk3 Starter, 2x Shyeel Heavy kits
Ghost Sniper, Each Assassin, Houseguard Thane, Scyir, 2x Arcanists, Eyriss 4, 2x Lys Healers
Plastic Riflemen, Halbs, Sentinels, Invictors

Kaya 1, Kaya 2, Baldur 1
Shifting Stone, Skinwalkers+UA
2x Warpwolf kits

Crucible Guard: Rocketmen, Rocket Ace, Combat Alchemists

Gorman 1, Gudrun 1
Rhulic Basher, Earthbreaker
Dez, Gubbin, Flubbin

I also have lots from other games; if you're interested I'll get lists:
Infinity: Yu Jing, Ariadna, Nomads, Haqqislam, Aleph
40k: Eldar, Orks, some Primaris Marines
AoS: Ironjaws, Fyreslayers, Kharadron, Stormcast, Seraphon
Blood Bowl: most of the new plastics
Adeptus Titanicus: 1 Warlord, 6 Questoris Knights, rules, and the first two expansion books

Thanks for looking!

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Made in us
Squishy Squig

Michigan, southeast

PM sent

Orks - Old Skool (about 2000 pts)
Space Marines - Unidentified Chapters (about a bazzilion points)
WHFB - High Elves (just started)
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