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Very confused about why Cawl would want the Pharos destroyed  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Prophetic Blood Angel Librarian

Haven't read the book yet (currently working my way through the Primarch books and investing at least 15quid a week into them so I'm definitely supporting Black Library here).

Cawl wants to find/create a Pharos and use its technology to help seal The Great Rift. Yet I read the following: 'After reaching the Pharos, Cawl discovered that a shard of the C'tan Zarhulash the Potentate had provided the power source for the ancient Pharos. He forged a deal with the alien star god, in which Zarhulash agreed to destroy the device by removing its heart, creating a miniature singularity.', this confuses me greatly. Why on earth would Cawl not only agree, but presumably suggest destroying a Pharos? Surely this is the most counter-intuitive move seen in 40K for a while, especially considering it is coming from one of the very, very few characters in the setting that seems to have an ounce of common sense?
He wants a Pharos, he has a Pharos, he suggests destroying said Pharos... Eh?
Now he has to go on yet another quest for a Pharos, because through no outside reason (that I can find online) or outside intervention, he decides to destroy the one the Imperium already has. I mean I get that Black Library are really focussing on everyone who is not Chaos or mindless Nid is on some RPG style never ending quest at the moment (as annoying as that may be), but unless there is something of great significance in the book that is missing from anywhere online, the writing out of the current Pharos is utterly absurd. I mean, just, why? Am I missing something?
Made in gb
Servoarm Flailing Magos

United Kingdom

Read the book :-)

Cawl's tricking the C'tan. It doesn't go to plan, but he does end up with the blueprints for the Pharos.

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Made in us
Prophetic Blood Angel Librarian

Thank you for the reply. It still doesnt seem to make a whole lot of sense to me. I'll put why in a spoiler.

I get that with Blueprints you can make more of them but you need a C'Tan shard and Blackstone, neither of which the Imperium has (granted he now knows where Blackstone deposits are but that doesn't help with the Shard)
Now if I wanted a Bugatti Veyron and then suddenly I had a Bugatti Veyron, it would be the same as me destroying it to see how to make one, just so that I could have a Bugatti Veyron - and even worse not having access to the specific pistons needed to recreate it's engine. I just can't see the logic. Maybe I do need to read the book. You'd recommend it?
Made in us
Lone Wolf Sentinel Pilot

The book itself is quite good and clears up two fairly major lore issues. The two completely distinct origin stories presented for Cawl by the Studio and Black Library, and the absolute incompetence by Chapter Master Thorcyra that led to the destruction of the Scythes of the Emperor. And I would say both are dealt with quite well. Plus, Cawl on his own is a pretty great character.

As for Cawl, he doesn't want a Pharos. He wants the full technological understanding of Blackstone. What he's trying to create aren't just more Pharos, it's a unique system of linked structures designed to pull the Great Rift closed like sutures on a wound. And Blackstone is the key to that, not necessarily a C'Tan power source.

Also, if you've read Dark Imperium, it's implied that Cawl and Cawl Inferior are two completely separate beings with different personalities and goals, regardless of what Cawl Inferior is saying.

Made in us
Prophetic Blood Angel Librarian

Ah interesting, thank you. I've been focussing heavily on M31 literature the past couple of years and have been relying on the internet to keep me updated with M42 literature. I guess I'll have to delve into it since the internet wiki sites are obviously barely scratching the surface then.

Thanks both.

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