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down south

Something that has given me joy during the pandemic is the discovery of this game. I had dismissed it as a cowboy game for years(nothing wrong with that, id play a weird west cowboy game but probably wouldnt spend money on one) but it has a lot more to it. Some of it is a little too weird for my tastes but I think it has something for everyone. For years I've loved civil war soldiers. As a kid my parents took me to Gettysburg and the civil war has had a special place for me ever since. Of course being a geek I loved science fiction but never really crossed the two until I discovered Wild west exodus had a Union faction and a Confederate faction. Now I can have a resurrected General stonewall Jackson lead a force of rebels and zombies against Abraham Lincoln himself leading the forces of the Union! (not resurrected, just faked his assassination so he could work behind the scenes)

So i just wanted to get the word out a little about this game in case anyone is like me and was unaware of it for so long. I cant really comment on the rules as I've just been enjoying the models so far. They also have a really good website for such a niche game.
And when I had a model arrive broken from ebay I let them know and three weeks later a large box from England arived at my door. Inside was a smaller box which had an even smaller box filled with bubble wrap inside. They really wanted to make sure that the tiny arm holding a sword arrived to me intact so kudos to Warcradle. This is starting to sound like a paid endorsement so I'll just say I'm a happy customer
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Yea it is one of thouse skirmish games that has gone under the radar. Not cus it is bad in an ways, but it has not managed to keep a loud voice amongst all the new game releases.
It allso mixes a big amount of wierd settings and historical characters, and it can be a bit wierd for moust avrage gamers.
Want cowbois vs indians, you can do that, want a civil war reenactment, you can do that, want to play cowbois vs ailens, you can do that, want an epic clash between Tesla and Lincon, you can do that, want to "save" humanity from undead, you can do that.

Another thing is game can be quite brutal and quick, there is a chanse that impressive beast of a character never will get to move at all, due to the high amount of damage some characters and units can pull off, so some might be turned a litte off by that. (and that the entire model range is about 80% resin and in 32mm)

Personly i collect Warrior nation.

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