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Zombicide original set, VIP set 1 trade question  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Krazed Killa Kan

Columbus, Oh


as part of a different site trade, I ended up getting a "half box" of the Zombicide Zombie box 9, VIP #1, for looting some figures.

there are 5 different sculpts, x 4 sets in the box, got half - 2 sets.. and I needed only 1 set.. and since I did not want them for zombicide, I did not end up with the cards for them.

Would there be ANY market for these to Zombicide players or other "modern zombie" games? They are board game plastic, and are fairly decent quality.. but I dont need the duplicates

I could throw them in the swap shop or ebay, but wanted to know from Zombicide players if multiples would be helpful in the game or not

2+2=5 for sufficiently large values of 2.

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Get of Freki (Space Wolves): W-3, L-1, T-1
Hive Fleet Portentosa (Nids/Stealers): W-6, L-4, T-0
Omega Marines (vanilla Space Marine): W-1, L-6, T-2
Waagh Magshak (Orks): W-4, L-0, T-1
A.V.P.D.W.: W-0, L-2, T-0

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