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Enthralled Ambull (0 CP)
Genestealer Cults Stratagem
A vicious tunneling predator found across the Imperium, the Ambull is every miner's nightmare... even those in thrall to far greater monsters. Most Genestealer Cults will fight off an Ambull as they would any subterranean intruder, but some use psychic manipulation and genetic tampering to capture and even tame the beasts.
Use this Stratagem before the battle, when you are mustering your army. Select a Detachment from your army that includes at least 1 <CULT> PSYKER; all AMBULLS and BOREWYRM INFESTATIONS in that Detachment replace the UNALIGNED Faction keyword with the GENESTEALER CULTS and <CULT> Faction keywords, and gain the Cult Ambush ability. You cannot include more AMBULLS in this Detachment than <CULT> PSYKERS, and you cannot include more BOREWYRM INFESTATIONS than AMBULLS, but BOREWYRM INFESTATIONS do not occupy slots in this Detachment.

Luther-Pattern Excavation Automata (0 CP)
Core Stratagem
A cybernetic construct employed in countless Hives, the Luther-Pattern Excavation Automata is better-known as the "Ambot", for it is built around the carefully-harvested nervous system of a dreaded Ambull. The mining machine's predatory instincts are kept in check by strict inhibitor programs, but it is tragically easy to just... turn them off.
Use this Stratagem before the battle, when you are mustering your army. Select an AMBULL from your army. It loses the Rad-Maggot Symbiosis ability, but its Save characteristic becomes 2+ and it gains the AMBOT keyword. In addition, its Ballistic Skill characteristic becomes 5+, and it is equipped with a melta-cutter.
Melta-cutter: Range 8"; Type Pistol 1; S8; AP-4; Dd6; Abilities: Each time an attack made with this weapon targets a unit within half range, that attack has a Damage characteristic of d6+2.

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