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Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

Lindorm Pitblaster (Heavy Support, Power Rating 2)
A cheaper, more accessible variant of the venerable Rapier Laser Destroyer, the Lindorm Excavation Construct is widely known as the "Pitblaster"; a dumb, crawling mechanical automaton loaded up with enough heavy mining equipment to burn a hole through a hive wall. Famously temperamental, the Lindorm's vicious machine spirit has claimed the lives and limbs of countless unwary miners, but the ore-lords of the Imperium regard this as simply another cost of business. Once suitably modified by a Genestealer cult, these excavation platforms can be unleashed on those who truly deserve their wrath, sniffing out the cult's enemies with survey augurs before unleashing a deadly cutting beam or biting down with a mouth of grinding drillbits.
1 Lindorm Pitblaster: M 3", WS 5+, BS 5+, S5, T5, W5, A2, Ld 7, Sv 3+
A Lindorm Pitblaster is equipped with: 1 heavy mining laser; survey augur.

Wargear Options
  • This model's heavy mining laser can be replaced with 1 of the following: 1 clearance incinerator, 1 drilldozer blade, 1 heavy seismic cannon, 1 missile launcher.

  • Abilities
  • Cult Ambush: See Codex: Genestealer Cults.
  • Explodes: See Codex: Genestealer Cults.
  • Survey Augur: See Codex: Genestealer Cults.
  • Excavator Network: If your army is Battle-forged, then for each LINDORM PITBLASTER unit included in a Detachment, a second LINDORM PITBLASTER unit can be included in that Detachment without taking up an additional Battlefield Role slot.
  • Surveying Systems: While this model is within 3" of any friendly <CULT> INFANTRY units (other than ABERRANTS), it has a Weapon Skill and Ballistic Skill characteristic of 4+. In addition, friendly <CULT> INFANTRY units within 3" of this model receive the benefits of its survey augur.
  • Towed Platform: This model can embark within a <CULT> GOLIATH TRUCK as though it were a <CULT> INFANTRY unit, and takes the space of 0 models. It automatically disembarks at the end of any phase in which it embarked, and cannot shoot or declare a charge in the same turn. Only 1 LINDORM PITBLASTER can be embarked on each GOLIATH TRUCK at a time.

  • Keywords

  • Points Costs
  • Lindorm Pitblaster: 30 points
  • Clearance incinerator: 15 points
  • Drilldozer blade: 0 points
  • Heavy mining laser: 5 points
  • Heavy seismic cannon: 5 points
  • Missile launcher: 10 points
  • Survey augur: 0 points

  • New Stratagem: Vicious Automation (1 Command Point)
    Genestealer Cults Stratagem
    The primitive spirit of the cybernetic Lindorm seethes with fire and bile. These Pitblasters are often repurposed by gangs and surly foremen to act as perimeter guards, illegally retooled to emphasize their vicious, territorial machine instincts.
    Use this Stratagem after a <CULT> INFANTRY or BIKER unit from your army is chosen as a target of a charge. Select one friendly LINDORM PITBLASTER that is within 3" of the targeted unit and is not within Engagement Range of any enemy models. Select one of the effects below:
  • That model fires Overwatch at the charging unit as if it were a target of that charge, and when it does so, a hit roll of 4+ scores a hit.
  • Until the end of that turn, that model is eligible to perform a Heroic Intervention as if it were a CHARACTER, and each time it fights, add 2 to its Attacks characteristic.

  • ----------------------------------------
    Did you know the Rapier Laser Destroyer actually had Necromunda rules, back in the day? It was highlighted as a favourite of PDFs around the Imperium, since they didn't care that it was clunky and slow and needed lots of micromanagement. That sounds about right for adaptation by the Genestealer Cults, too, and a tracked crawler with some big mining tools strapped to it fit their aesthetic to a tee. Thus, the Lindorm Pitblaster serves as an automated gun platform for the GSC's heaviest guns (still not that heavy, but you work with what you've got). It's slow as treacle and can't hit a barn door unless it's inside the barn, but it's pretty cheap, reasonably tough, and with the right support from allied infantry and vehicles it can reach the lofty heights of "moving like a normal vehicle if it doesn't shoot" and "hitting on a 4+".

    It might seem odd that it "embarks" on a truck, but that's just to represent it being towed along; it seemed a more elegant solution than the other versions I came up with, which were a conditional Movement boost that forced you to end your move within 1" of the truck, or a remove-and-redeploy... which is functionally just embark-disembark anyway.

    In terms of cost, the Lindorm is a whopping 40 points cheaper than an equivalent Ridgerunner. In exchange, you lose -3 Wounds, -2 Heavy Stubbers, and -11 Movement... unless you're being towed by a truck, in which case you can't shoot anyway. It also has -1 Ballistic Skill, but that can be negated with some spare Neophytes who then get a Survey Augur of their own, so I figure that balances itself out.

    The new Stratagem emphasizes their "companion/support turret/guard dog" role; fire Overwatch on behalf of an ally (with a boost to hit, to ensure the clearance incinerator isn't a no-brainer) or perform a Heroic Intervention for them (with a boost to Attacks, as though you're charging with your drilldozer).

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