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Made in us
Average Orc Boy


So I made a deal with a dude my mtg cards for one of his AOS armies that he had painted and I’ve seen both armies and through some haggling I managed to get some unpainted dudes as well but Idk jack gak about anything here, the last post I learned kinda what to look for and so far this is what I got. Idk points cost or anything but I intend to build a 2-3k points worth of khorne and would like 1-2 bloodthirsters and maybe Archaon the ever chosen I like the model and he seems to kinda fit well into khorne that being said here’s what I have gained from this guy:

Skarr Bloodwrath (no whips)
Lord of chaos
Mighty Lord of Khorne
x3 skullcrushers
x10 bloodletters
x10 Skullreapers
x15 Blood Warriors
Again idk what each thing is worth points wise or even how good this is but it’s seems a bit better then the list I was offered before changing the deal. Any tips of where to go from here would be neat as I got no clue. I’ve looked at some lists and it looks like I need a Lord and a few more characters? And again I plan on like a 1-2k side board to mix and match so feel free to give tips to a total fucken noob here.
Made in gb
Decrepit Dakkanaut


I'd say the FIRST thing you need is the Khorne Battletome so that you can make head and tails of what you've got. That will give you a far better idea than we can impart in posts. You can also head over to the Warhammer Community website and use the free warscroll builder to see the point values and also see the warscrolls (unit stats) on their store pages (under rules/downloads) for each model


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