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Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Sacramento, CA.

Looking to buy some Bloodreavers for another conversion project, but I'll have roughly 10 left over. Pretty sure I can convert those extra 10 into Chaos Cultists for 40k, but....

I think they're slightly larger, and they come with 32mm bases instead of 25mm bases (Although, Cultist Champ from Blackstone is on a 32mm). Can I run Cultists on 32mm, or should I try to squeeze them onto a 25mm? Some of them look larger than others. Maybe I could use the bigger fellas for my original conversion idea and the smaller guys for Cultists on 25mm?
Made in ca
Enginseer with a Wrench

The difference between 25mm and 32mm is 3.5 mm on all sides, way too small to make a major difference on the game board. Most people I know wouldn't make a big deal over it especially over a conversion.
However this does not apply to tournaments. You should check with the organizers if it is ok any probably shouldn't design your list around them.
Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Sacramento, CA.

Mostly just a "what can I do with these extra bits". Cultists came to mind. Thought it might be fun to convert a few. The bases are more of a "just in case I ever wanted to use these in a game" type question. Because sometimes, you just need some cannon fodder to throw at the other side! Lol
Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

Trying to use the smaller for the cultists may be a good plan.
But for variance using different bodies looks better.
Have you put them on a 25 to see how it looks? And likewise next to other cultist models to see size comparisons yet?
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