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Starting out and got 2 questions.

Can I add Illuminor Szeras into a Destroyer Cult army?

Is the new Sisters codex coming out soon?

Thank you and I apologize if these have been answered somewhere.
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GFuentes wrote:

Can I add Illuminor Szeras into a Destroyer Cult army?


GFuentes wrote:
Is the new Sisters codex coming out soon?

Something is coming soon. THAT we know.
Is it a whole codex? (shrugs) It'd make sense given the multiple new units in-bound + the need to add Crusade rules. And plenty of people assume it is a Codex..... But GW hasn't said yet (nor have they said when - the "soon" is just another assumption). Might be a codex. Might be some kind of supplement/campaign book/etc.
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Whatever sisters are getting odds are very good it comes on may. Models got first shown on february and gw isn't in habit of showing more than 3 months away.

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GFuentes wrote:

Can I add Illuminor Szeras into a Destroyer Cult army?

Szeras has the keyword dynastic agent. That keyword is instead of a <dynasty> keyword. That means he doesn't benefit from your dynasty but also doesn't prevent other models from benefiting from a dynasty trait.

Several other characters, c'tan and praetorians also have the dynastic agent keyword.

You can also freely mix destroyer cult and non destroyer cult models in a detachment without any repercussions.
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Awesome thank you!

Yeah was reading the necron codex and starting figuring some things out.

And may isn't so bad ill hold off and hopefully it is a new codex.
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