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Looking to expand my horizon, my thoughts has over the few days drifted towards aircombat, and how little of it i see around.

I know of the following: X-Wing(owns two starter packs), Blood Red Skies, AirWar:C21(very tempted to buy the rulebook), Wings of Glory(owns a fair amount of models and expansions). Dropzone made a companion game for their fighters, but it is just that, a little mini game.

What else is around as a standalone game system? I try to google but my keywords dont hit right as i get mainly computer games or display model kits for results...........

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Here are a few thoughts on some common ones....

Blood Red Skies

Aeronautica Imperialis V1

In addition to the ones you mentioned. I am also familiar with Bag the Hun, Sturmovik Commander and Check Your 6, but do not have reviews on them.

Silent Death is also a very popular sci-fi fighter game. EM4 still makes the fighters and they are cheap.

Finally, I have heard good things about Hind and Seek but have not played it.

Edit: I am assuming you are not looking for Aeronef style games that are air wargames, but very different in nature and scope.

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Longtime Dakkanaut

I use the Aeronautica range with the Horizon Wars rules set. Not sure how it compares to other games but its fun all the same.

Casual gaming, mostly solo-coop these days.

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I had forgotten that Horizon Wars has aircraft combat in it too.

Here is my thoughts on that....

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Have a look at http://jimswargamesworkbench.blogspot.com/

He posts on a few different air games.

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I think there is a Mice and Mystics game where they fly around on sparrows and such called "Tail feathers"? Might be of interest, but I have not played it.

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Fixture of Dakka

That uses a variant of the movement system from X-Wing.

Off the top of my head there's ...
Check Your Six! and Check Your Six! Jet Age. between the two of those you can do everything from World War 2 to the Falklands War.

Bag The Hun - WW2 air combat and an oddity among Too Fat Lardies' rules, as there's not a double entendre in sight.

Birds of Prey from Ad Astra Games - modern jet air combat. I've never played it, and it'll probably be the most complex of the rules mentioned here, but if it's anything like their space combat rules, it won't be as fiendish as it looks at first.

BoardgameGeek links:

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