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How do!

So in the Cursed City thread, I’ve seen posts disappearing. The first was one of mine, but figured it was the Modquisition (and fair enough), but didn’t get a PM to match. Now, one of Lord _Blackfang’s posts has disappeared. There was nowt controversial about it, and it was on-topic, which got my eyebrows raise.

If it is just Mods doing Modding, no worries at all. But figured it was a bit odd.

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There's a common cache issue that causes new posts to not appear and /or messes with page counts in longer threads. The mods can clear this manually when it's brought to our attention.

Otherwise, posts can sometimes be collateral damage when other posts are removed, particularly when they are continuing an off topic or otherwise inappropriate tangent introduced by the post that needed to go initially.

And sometimes it's just that a mod accidentally deleted the wrong post.

I've had a scan through the log, and can't see anything of lord_blackfang's that's been deleted, so the cache issue is the most likely culprit here. Or you've misremembered which thread the post you're thinking of was in...

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