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Made in gb
Slippery Ultramarine Scout Biker

Hello, I have recently made some conversions that I’m still working on but got thinking of some rules to go with them just for fun. But I’m looking for something playable as well. The idea is they run as maximum sized squads of 3 but are extremely tough and hit like a freight train. So these are the rules I have made so far:

Custodian Domitorem

M. Ws. Bs. S. T. W. A. Ld. Sv.
5”. 2+. 2+. 5. 6. 5. 4. 9. 2+/4++

Max Unit size: 3
Aegis of the Emperor

Binding Oaths: ignores lost wounds on a 6+

Without Remorse, or Relenting, for death will be the same: When this model piles in, it can move up to D3+3" and can end the move closer to any enemy model within that distance of this model. When this model consolidates, it can move up to D3+3" and does not have to end the move closer to the nearest enemy model.

Domitorem Shield: 4+ Invulnerable save


Domitorem Spear(melee): Sx2. Ap-3. D. D3+2
Ability: re-roll wound rolls of 1’s against vehicles.

Domitorem Spear(shooting): 18” Assault 2 S6 Ap-1 D2

May only take ONE of the following.

Pyrithite Cannon(+15): 24” heavy 1 S8 -4 D. D6
Ability: when within half range change damage to D6+2

Adrasite Cannon(+10): 30” heavy 3 S6 Ap.-3 D. D3

Las Pulser(+10): 24” Heavy D3 S8 Ap. -2 D2

[Thumb - 299E7DE1-6314-439F-8238-A67A4105C291.jpeg]

[Thumb - B1194658-4B5C-48B3-B9D9-39A4FB5AB572.jpeg]

Made in us
Insect-Infested Nurgle Chaos Lord

In My Lab

Is their 4++ before or after Custode's +1 Invuln?

I wouldn't let them Consolidate OUT of combat. A further range, sure, but being able to jump in, punch, and jump out before retaliation doesn't really seem fitting. Or balanced.

They also need keywords.

How many points are you thinking of making them? Because they look... Really, REALLY STRONG.

Cool kitbash, though!

Clocks for the clockmaker! Cogs for the cog throne! 
Made in gb
Wrathful Warlord Titan Commander


I think the weapon stats are a bit askew, particularly when looking at the existing FW weapons and the standard upgrades a lot of forces got. With that in mind I'd change them to this.

Pyrithite Cannon:

Range 24", S8 Ap-4, Damage D6, Heavy 2, becomes D6+2 Damage in half range. Pyrithite weapons are Meltas in all but their name, makes sense the upgraded one is a Multi Melta.

Adrasite Cannon is just nuts for 10pts and the stats overall conflict a bit with the Las-Pulsar, so I'd suggest swapping it out for the Lastrum Bolters:

Range 36", S6, Ap-2, D2, Heavy 3.

Las Pulsar should just be Heavy 2. The Agamatus version is a Heavy 4 Twin-Las, makes sense this one is Heavy 2.

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Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

Interesting! Do you have lore for what these guys are? Custodians in mini-Dreadnoughts, or extra-large powered armour, or what? What are their keywords - INFANTRY or VEHICLES?

The best comparison point here is probably the Aquilon Custodians with Solerite Power Gauntlets and Twin Adrathic Destructors, who weigh in at 85 points each, PR11 for 3. Compared to them, the Custodian Domitorem has -1M (for some reason; it's got long enough legs), but is much more durable, with +1T, +1W, and +1 Invulnerable save, as well a 6+ FNP.

It also consolidates/piles in further, despite being slower? I'm not sure of the logic here, but I'd recommend against letting it hit-and-run in the Fight phase by consolidating away from the enemy. Remember that you fight, then consolidate; this would allow the unit to just charge, fight, then avoid any return attacks by shuffling away.

Its offensive stats are very similar; in Melee, it trades a single pip of AP for +2D and re-roll wound rolls of 1 against VEHICLES, which really feels like an unnecessary extra. At range, it gains +1S but loses -2AP and -1D.

It can also buy an extra gun - I assume that's one per model, not one per unit? - which is basically an Adrathic Devastator with +1 shot and +12" range, a Multi-melta with half the shots, and half a Twin Las-Pulser (appropriately enough) that's swapped shots and Damage for some reason.

Overall, I'd suggest cutting the extra pile-in and the re-roll 1s to wound; I don't really understand why the former is here, and the latter is just an unnecessary extra buff to a weapon that already has horrifying Damage output (I'd be more comfortable with D3+1, honestly). Then you're probably looking at... maybe 125-130 points base, PR8? With the guns weighing in at 10 for the Pyrithite Cannon, 15 for the Adrasite Cannon and 10 for the Las-Pulser.
Made in gb
Slippery Ultramarine Scout Biker

Yeah I was looking at around 120-130 points base for these guys. And I took the captain commander trait ‘unstoppable destroyer’ as the pile in rule above but can be dropped just thought it would be cool. I’d maybe tempted to say can per army only one unit of these (I’m not planning on making more than 3 and I think one unit would be plenty). My thought/lore behind these guys was just to fill a hole I think custodes have which is reliable heavy hitting units. And that as they are custodes they’d have whatever the space marines have but better and this is their version of centurions, big super durable units that can either be defensive or offensive and when deployed just mulch whatever needs mulching. The weapons I had no idea what I was doing but all feedback has been great and I’ll most definitely make changes
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Normally Centaurian armor gives you +1T, +1W, -2"M, and the ability to carry a heavy chest weapon (hurricane bolter or missles) and double heavy shooting on the arms (heavy bolters, grav cannons, lazcannons, or flamers).

It would make sense to put a Warden statline inside one (so 6+++ and +1A and Ld over a guard).

Custodes have hurricane bolters already so keeping that is fine. A second option for the chest (or back weapon in your case) would be a 2 shot version of the Salvo launcher the bike gets, or the laz pulsars the FW bikes get.

As for the hands, we have solorite gauntlets so thats in, and we have the twin-adrathic destructors like aquillons can equip.

So your looking at (over a standard guard):
+1T, +1W, +1A, +1Ld, -1"M (custodes get better tec), hurricane bolter/salvo launcher on the chest/back, twin solarite gauntlets (for another +1 attack in combat), and Quad-adrathic destroyers (so assault 4, str5, AP-3, D3) per guy.

This would probably make the model cost about 100pts apiece for something thats the same durability as a bike, but much slower, that has far more offensive output.

A squad of 3 would absolutely shred stuff however since you could pop Superior fighting patterns to double their hurricane bolters, and Blood Games Veterans for auto wounding on 6's.

Less durable per point than bikes is scary at 25pts per wound, but the offensive output probably makes them worth it and might actually make taking a Coronus Grav Carrier a thing.

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Made in gb
Wrathful Warlord Titan Commander


100pts is almost criminally underpriced for a unit with those stats and ranged output.

I'll be honest, while it's a cool idea, it's something that Custodes don't really need. They're already an expensive force points-wise, and this doesn't really help. IMO, what they need are units along the lines of:

- Some sort of sub-commander HQ choice. Cheap (as in 60-70pts), but doesn't really provide any buffs, just a cheaper HQ.
- Sagittatum Guard with heavier weapon options such as Las Pulsars.

Made in us
Insect-Infested Nurgle Chaos Lord

In My Lab

Yeah-running some basic numbers on them...

3-man squad has 12 attacks.
10 hits.
7.78 wounds against a T7+ Vehicle.
6.48 unsaved if they have a 3+ save.
At an average of 4 damage a pop, these guys can one-round a Knight.

Eihn provided some excellent commentary-I'd listen to them! They seem to know what they're doing.

Clocks for the clockmaker! Cogs for the cog throne! 
Made in gb
Slippery Ultramarine Scout Biker

I definitely agree that 100 points is too cheap and that 120-130 at a minimum is more reasonable.

And a unit of allarus terminators can one round a knight, which with some of the psychic awakening stuff has made even easier to do. But without FW units custodes seriously lack any form of ranged weaponry to deal with high toughness and lots of wound models. But overall I do agree that custodes lack HQ choices, even heavy support and versatile troops.

Ultimately these guys are purely for fun and would love to play with their own rules. And will make the tweaks to reign them in.
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

I would normally aggree that 100pts is too cheap, but considering the pricing on the new stuff it seems about right.

In fact, charging more than 100pts for a 4 wound T6 model with a 2+4++6+++ is getting into rediculousness.

A single smite can take out 100pts?

2 Dark lances on average? 1 MM attack bike?

You cant really charge much more, no matter what they are equiped with.

Instead of jacking up the price point, you need to limit oppertunitys with such a unit.

Mabey make it so that you can only take 1 of such unit for every Vexilla you take (adding a tax unit).

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